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Capricorn Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 22 December – 19 January
  • Element: Earth

Characteristics of a Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn woman is irresistible. She is intellectual and sociable. A Capricorn girl has a good sense of humor and knows how to enjoy life. She is always ready to face any challenge because this lady doesn’t rely on luck. She can plan how to achieve her goals step by step and get what she wants.

This woman can perfectly focus on many tasks at once, that’s why she can build a great career and still be a happy mom. The listing of Capricorn female traits won’t be complete without stubbornness. Your Capricorn bae won’t easily compromise because she knows for sure that her opinion is reasonable and worthy.

Sometimes, it seems that she is not as compassionate and empathetic as a woman should be. Yet, you can always rely on a Capricorn woman. She is ready and willing to share your challenges and responsibility. Her perfectionism can affect your relationship as she will always encourage you to be ahead of her.

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Capricorn Woman in Love

Being so passionate and attractive, Capricorn can’t find her sweetheart easily. The best match for Capricorn women is a safe partner, the one whom she chooses wisely and with a lot of consideration. Capricorn woman traits don’t let her engage in one-night stands. She wants to make the right choice and for her whole life.

A Capricorn woman in love is not always happy. Though she is stunning and wants to be loved, sometimes she feels that she is not good enough for her partner. Her vision of herself is swinging between gorgeous and plain.

Her partner is actually lucky. Capricorn female personality is very supportive. She will stay with her sweetheart for the whole life, motivating him to achieve more and more.

Capricorn Woman in Bed

At a glance, Capricorn woman traits don’t mean passionate and exciting sex. Yet, if you look closely, she is a very playful partner ready to explore new ideas. The key to her passionate nature is the ability to satisfy her emotionally and psychologically. There is no special clue to seduce a Capricorn woman as everything will happen naturally once she falls in love with you. Capricorn women like intellectual men so your intelligence will also influence the sex with her.

Capricorn Woman Sexuality

It takes so much time to get closer to a Capricorn female that she may seem closed for sexual experiences. However, this is not right. Mars gave a Capricorn girl a passionate and loving nature. She interprets her instincts perfectly and wants to follow her desire.

Some Capricorn female characteristics make it hard for her to fully relax in bed. A rational mind encourages this woman to analyze her fears and emotions when it is better to stay in the moment and trust the partner. A Capricorn woman in bed can be very technical, trying to show how good she is at sex.

Capricorn Woman in Relationships

Loyalty and devotion are about Capricorn women in love. They stay trustworthy to their partner because they choose one very carefully. Her logic is simple, if both partners stay together, they believe that their bond makes sense. Why should they cheat? If she feels that you have gone too far and her patience is over, she will suggest parting. There is hardly a chance that she will change her mind. Though a Capricorn woman in love is quite strict and distant at times, she has strong feelings and does everything to support her lover.

Can You Trust Your Capricorn Woman

For now, you already know some of the Capricorn woman traits and can answer yourself that she will always tell the truth. The only thing that can make such a trustworthy person lie is strong fear. Terror elicits the basic instincts and makes her forget about her principles. Another situation, when a Capricorn female can lie is when she intentionally takes revenge on somebody. Though she will feel guilty afterwards, the desire for justice is stronger than her love for the truth.

Dating a Capricorn Woman

This woman is definitely not the one to trouble you. A Capricorn woman is independent, can take care of herself, and is not afraid of loneliness. She often doesn’t expect a lot from a date because of her low self-esteem.

Care and love will melt her heart. Just show her that she is much safer and happier with you as a partner. A Capricorn woman in love doesn’t need great adventures, a romantic dinner in a restaurant or a movie will also be perfect for her. She will also be happy if you create a tradition for your couple. This will help you to strengthen your relationship.

On a date, remember about Capricorn woman characteristics. She is very considerate and needs time to make decisions, even if it regards choosing a restaurant or a dish. She doesn’t want to regret her choice.

How Not to Date a Capricorn Woman

When you go together to any event or a party of your friends, she goes there only with you. Speaking about Capricorn women it is impossible to miss that they are quite possessive. She won’t feel safe if you start smiling or talking to another woman. Only after a long time, when you build a reputation of a very faithful partner, she will finally relax. Before that, just be ready for her ultimate fear to lose you.

Perfect Date for a Capricorn Woman

This is not the woman who likes experimenting on the first date. Capricorn women need a comfortable and safe environment to fully relax and open up to their partners. The best way to plan a date with her is to go to the movies and drink in a place she knows perfectly or stay at home. Keep all your bold ideas for the future, she needs to learn you better first. She will also like horse riding, traveling on bikes, go-karts, and squash. Just remember that you are not competing with each other.

Understanding a Capricorn Woman

She will use all her power to show you that she is strong and can do everything herself. Though she is deeply sensitive inside, a Capricorn woman tries to save everyone as she feels responsible for herself and other people as well. She often thinks about other people more than about her own needs. So, if you want to be the best match for Capricorn women, respect her self-sacrificing nature and be the one to take care of her.

One of the key signs a Capricorn woman has feelings for you is her attention. Such a busy woman won’t lose her time talking with a person she doesn’t like. If you keep running into each other, you can be sure that this is not a coincidence. If she spends time with you, looks relaxed, and cares about you, she definitely has some feelings for you.

Capricorn Woman Likes and Dislikes

A Capricorn woman prefers to control everything. She likes her image of a strong woman able to solve any problem at work and in the family. She likes considering everything thoroughly and avoid possible risks. Being so strong, she still prefers equally independent and brave men. She wants to feel safe with her partner.

Capricorn women hate pessimistic and lazy people. She is such a doer herself that she can’t understand a person who only complains about life. A Capricorn woman is not a fan of surprises. Sudden things don’t give her enough time to understand whether she likes them or not, whether they are safe or dangerous.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Capricorn Woman

It is not easy to find a gift for such a woman. Capricorn female traits are influenced simultaneously by Mars and Venus. Of course, she has wishes but she also remembers her list of the necessary things. So, the best way to make her happy with your gift is to find a useful present that is still nice. It is also helpful to let her choose for herself. Another tip is to remember when she notices something but decides not to buy just because it is impractical. You can return and buy it without her. She will like such a surprise.

Capricorn Woman Compatibility

The best match for Capricorn women is perhaps Taurus. These signs have common values and are equally cautious when it comes to love. They can perfectly complement each other guessing each other’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Though Cancer and Capricorn are very different, they are somehow attracted to each other. In this couple, one partner is usually family-oriented and another one is focused on career. They often overcome all misunderstandings and become a couple for a long time.

If a Capricorn woman decides for some reason to leave aside her desire for safety, she should choose Pisces. In return for the practical outlook that she gives to a Pisces partner, a Capricorn woman will get the optimism, support, and empathy she needs.

Famous Capricorn Females

Duchess of Cambridge, Michelle Obama, Nigella Lawson, Mamata Banerjee, Nina Dobrev, Alison Brie, Yolanda Foster, Joan of Arc, Maggie Smith, Mary Tyler Moore, Eliza Dushku, Vanessa Paradis, Kate Moss.

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