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Aries Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 21 March – 19 April
  • Element: Fire

Characteristics of an Aries Woman

This lady won’t make you feel bored. The Aries female personality is adventurous, explosive, and bright. She has clear goals in life and is heading towards them without hesitation. An Aries woman is not afraid of challenges. She can smash any barrier on her way with her will and optimism. This ambitious person likes to take responsibility.

Though a sparkling Aries woman is so attractive, her temper can also make you suffer. She can lose her temper in a second’s time. Good news, after she calms down, you will be the best friends and lovers again. Aries woman characteristics are not about bearing a grudge.

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Aries Woman in Love

Aries women love with their full heart and soul. They are not that romantic as Pisces or Cancer, instead, they are passionate and active just like fire. It is not about Aries women to make you guess what she feels. She clearly shows her love. She likes flirting and demonstrating affection with sexy clothes and makeup. It is hard to resist her charm. One of the signs Aries woman has feelings for you is her desire to be with and to compete with you. She wants to test your courage and will if she takes you seriously.

If you upset an Aries female, you will also know about it immediately. You’d better enjoy her hot temper because Aries women are not those who accept a dominating role of their partner. She is ready to take the initiative and rule.

Aries Woman in Bed

Though an Aries woman can be quite dominating in everyday life, she prefers strong partners in bed. She likes wild and passionate sex with some tenderness. She doesn’t need a romantic prelude with petals and chatting but attention to the partner is sex is crucial. The best match for Aries women is the partner who can be passionate, open and is ready to experiment. This woman can like sex but the lack of novelty can make her feel bored.

Aries Woman Sexuality

You can find her sexuality quite contradictory at first. On the one hand, persons with Aries woman traits like to attract attention with sexy clothes and behavior. She can easily make you blush within a few words. On the other hand, she prefers to hide her real intimate life from other people. In sex, she is can be a bit unemotional looking for a partner who can completely satisfy her desires. For her, partners can become a family only if they match in sex.

Aries Woman in Relationships

An Aries woman in love is full of energy and initiative. She actively supports her partner, though sometimes her care can be excessive. For this reason, Aries women are looking for dynamic partners who can keep their pace.

Patience is definitely not about Aries women. When she is attracted to someone, she will win his heart shortly. This is not that hard for her actually. An Aries woman is magnetic, optimistic, and never looks back. She enchants so many men, yet, sensitive guys, watch out! Aries is very direct and definitely not the woman you are looking for. An overly sensitive lover can make her feel awkward. If an Aries woman understands that the emotions of her partner limit her freedom somehow, she can easily finish the relationship.

Can You Trust Your Aries Woman

Women with Aries female traits prefer truth and justice. She is quite strong to say directly about her feelings and thoughts. There are only two things that make it hard for her to stay honest. First, it is not an easy thing for a stubborn Aries to admit her failure. Second, she can go on lying to hide her unpleasant past. Aries don’t like it when their past keeps troubling them in the present moment.

Dating an Aries Woman

Aries female characteristics make a woman less feminine when it comes to choosing activities. She can easily go to a sports event or exercise with her bae. You can even prepare for and run a marathon together. An Aries woman in love likes to dominate. She will try to impose her opinion all the time but this doesn’t mean that you should agree to everything. Aries likes stubborn people with a strong position in life. The Fire nature often leads an Aries woman to conflicts with those who she loves. Don’t take it personally. This is just the opposite side of her magnetic personality. This woman will also support any of your initiatives. Do you want to learn the samba together? Do you want to try archery? She will go there with you.

How Not to Date an Aries Woman

Aries women hate boredom and laziness. She will leave you if she understands that dating for you is nothing more than watching TV at home and eating dinner. She is dynamic and needs more than a cozy sofa and safety to be happy. Let her express her free spirit and support all her bold ideas, and your relationship will be doomed for a long life. Another thing to avoid while dating an Aries woman is jealousy. She values her freedom more than emotional bonds with partners.

Perfect Date for an Aries Woman

Remember that Aries women like challenges. Keep her interested in you with new activities, find ways to excite her every time, and avoid routine. You can even try activities where you can compete with her, say, in go-karts or even board games. Treat her fearless soul with a certificate for skydiving or balloon riding. If you are happy to date an Aries female, get ready for her impulsive character. No matter how well you plan your date, everything can change very fast.

Understanding an Aries Woman

Don’t take her direct phrases amiss. An Aries woman can be blunt and straightforward. Sometimes she looks aggressive but in fact this is just the only way she can express herself. Being short-tempered is the opposite side of the magnetic and hot Aries. She quickly loses her patience but there is no need for a conflict every time. Just let your Aries woman take control of her emotions, and soon you will notice how hard she tries to master her feelings.

Aries is independent and strong, yet she is also naive and childish inside. She believes that she will find someone special, however, marriage is not her goal. She prefers a relationship full of fun and laughter.

Aries Woman Likes and Dislikes

An Aries woman likes her freedom. Though she definitely loves her partner, she needs to spend time without him in a circle of her friends or doing one of her numerous hobbies. An Aries girl gets some sort of inspiration by overcoming challenges. So, she won’t be attracted to a man who is too easy to conquer. Instead, she prefers strong personalities who she can respect. Being open about your emotions is also one of her rules. Aries women don’t like it when partners try to hide anything from them. This lady can’t stand disrespect and poor treatment. An Aries woman knows that men and women are equal and won’t agree for less in a relationship. Such an ambitious type as she is, an Aries female likes to be with people who have goals and passion for life.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Aries Woman

Aries women appreciate the practicality of gifts. It is better to forget about all those romantic things. Show your affection with some expensive piece of jewelry, a massage certificate, or sexy lingerie. Be ready for her humble reaction. An Aries girl is often messed up when she receives a gift. The only remedy for that is to give her presents more often! She will appreciate your attention and love. She just doesn’t know how to react right at first.

Aries Woman Compatibility

The best match for Aries women is Sagittarius. These partners can easily adjust to each other’s philosophical outlook and enjoy their differences.

An Aries woman can also be happy with an Aquarius partner. In the beginning, this relationship can lack tenderness and emotion. Aquarius is not used to showing their feelings right away, and Aries can be quite happy if their basic instincts are satisfied. If both signs manage to develop an emotional bond, their relationship can be quite strong.

Aries and Leo are the most passionate combination of signs. Both partners are charming and brilliant. They will fight with and love each other. They will have a very strong sexual connection and profoundly energetic relationship.

Famous Aries Females

Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariah Carey, Reese Witherspoon, Robin Wright, Maisie Williams, Ashley Judd.

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