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Virgo Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 23 August – 22 September
  • Element: Earth

Characteristics of a Virgo Woman

A woman with a Virgo female personality is calm and shy. Her talent to organize life allows her to have everything in order — work, relationships, finances. 

A Virgo woman is often a perfectionist. On the one hand, her attention to detail lets her avoid many life mistakes. On the other hand, it often results in excessive criticism and the inability to stop controlling everything. 

Virgo woman characteristics make her a perfect communicator who can clearly explain her point of view. 

Virgo Woman in Love

The true fact about Virgo women is that they are very hard to conquer. Her perfectionist nature often makes her too picky while choosing a partner. She keeps examining every potential relationship and can look quite distant. Good news, if you are dating a Virgo girl, she is probably serious about you. Virgo hates wasting time in vain and will date only the person she loves. 

Though Virgo likes initiative partners, they often get scared of starting a new relationship. The best match for Virgo women is someone who is stronger both emotionally and physically than she is. She needs a knight in shining armor to protect her and fill her with love. 

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Virgo Woman in Bed

Being a total perfectionist, Virgo woman is doing her best in bed too. When she finally opens up to her partner, Virgo is very attentive to his desires, fantasies, and preferences. Her strong analytical mind allows her to understand what her partner likes and use sex to keep him hooked. She reads a lot to be the best in bed and is always ready to explore and try something new. 


Virgo Woman Sexuality

Virgo women are attractive and beautiful, yet, they are not very sensual. You will have to use all your skills and be ready to wait to help her relax and enjoy the intimate atmosphere. A Virgo woman usually has limited sex experience and never discusses it with other people. She avoids short-term bonds and decides to have sex with a partner only after they develop a strong emotional connection. 

Virgo Woman in Relationships

Such a perfectionist as she is, a Virgo woman lives with the rule “Do it yourself better than others can do it.” She will take all responsibilities about the house, take care of children, cook food, and solve problems — all on her own. Though this scenario seems very convenient for her partners, it is better to stop her. A Virgo woman needs help even when she is silent. Too much pressure will make her overly critical and picky. Your support and assistance can help her to understand that perfectionism is not always needed to be happy.  

Can You Trust Your Virgo Woman

You can absolutely rely on a woman with Virgo female characteristics. She is devoted to her partner and never cheats. She has too high moral standards and chooses her soulmate too carefully to hesitate. However, a truly bad sign is her silence. If she is angry to the point when she hides inside her soul, you can’t be sure what to expect from her. 

Dating a Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman in love can seem shy and feminine at first sight. Yet in fact, she has a strong personality. Virgo likes to control the situation, so you can win some extra points by letting her choose the restaurant and notifying her in advance about your plans. The love for surprises is not about Virgo women. 

She will also appreciate your punctuality and ability to support a smart conversation. Prepare some topics to discuss to avoid awkward silence. Virgo women don’t need particular date ideas or adventures. She is happy to spend an evening with a partner in a restaurant, on a romantic picnic in the park, or in a dance club. Just make sure that you choose clean and cultural places, she won’t have a soft spot for the extravagant atmosphere of an underground bar. 

How Not to Date a Virgo Woman 

Remember that a person with Virgo female characteristics likes control and safety. Don’t make her feel uneasy with an unexpected invitation or a drop-in. Showing your affection in public is also taboo because Virgo is rather shy and will simply feel embarrassed if you start kissing or hugging her. Be gallant, go on winning her heart step by step, and she will give in. 

Perfect Date for a Virgo Woman

Virgo women pay a lot of attention to manners and chivalry. She will notice if you open the door for her, take her coat, and pay the bill. Cultural sites, theatres, concert halls, and galleries are perfect places to please her. If you are choosing a restaurant, pick something exquisite with healthy food and a beautiful ambiance.

Understanding a Virgo Woman

This person is a true fighter with evil, be it as small as a stain in the kitchen or as big as global hunger. Virgo women sometimes act like maniac cleaners. She often underestimates her beauty and wonderful qualities. Virgo has a big heart and is ready to help anyone, including her partner, to live a better life. If her care seems excessive and even insulting, just remember that she is trying to do her best for you. 

The biggest quest for a Virgo woman is to get rid of perfectionism and learn to rely not only on rational thinking but also on her feelings. Though Virgo likes good conversations, she doesn’t rush to share her secrets. So if you need signs Virgo woman has feelings for you, wait till she relaxes and starts trusting you. Her openness, smile, and laughter will hint at her attitude to you.

Virgo Woman Likes and Dislikes

If you want to be the best match for Virgo women, you should know that she likes truthful, reliable, and practical men. Virgo is an Earth sign, so she values stability in her partner. She needs a grounded partner who can set aside sentiments and think rationally. The love for cleanliness and tidiness are also common Virgo woman traits. She is often interested in protecting the environment and keeps to eco-friendly living. On the contrary, Virgo will not like a scruffy guy who is late for the date. She also stays away from too sensitive, aggressive, and arrogant men. 

How to Choose a Gift for Your Virgo Woman

A crucial rule is to remember all the vital dates, birthdays, and anniversaries. She will never forget a missed event. As for gifts, a Virgo woman likes useful things that are helpful in her life. You can buy a certificate for the SPA if she is tired. Kitchen utensils and tools for her home will also be perfect. Though Virgo is not very romantic, she will love it if you add a poem, song, or a painting to your practical present. She loves art and beauty. 

Virgo Woman Compatibility

Taurus can be the best match for Virgo women if… If both partners learn to trust each other and share their feelings. Ideally, Taurus will teach Virgo to love fully and passionately, while Virgo will add rational thinking to the Tarus’ idealized life. The main trouble on their way to happiness is their fear of trusting somebody. 

Cancer and Virgo can be quite happy in sex, yet, the emotional nature of Cancer will irritate a Virgo woman in everyday life. Their relationship will be a long journey when they will learn to accept each other day after day. The prize, true love, is worth a try. 

What about Virgo women and Capricorn partners? Two Earth signs will quickly build mutual trust and respect for each other. Though they will often meet each other’s expectations, this relationship can become quite boring and lacking emotional support. Only time will help partners learn to show their feelings to each other. 

Famous Virgo Females

Pink, Salma Hayek, Blake Lively, Melissa McCarthy, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Michelle Williams, Agatha Christie, Alexis Bledel, Mother Teresa, Sophia Loren.

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