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Taurus Sign in Brief

  • Date range: April 20 – May 20
  • Element: Earth

Characteristics of a Taurus Woman

Elegance, independence, and style are common Taurus woman characteristics. A Taurus girl likes comfort and luxury. She will have a nice flat, an expensive car, and gorgeous clothes. She makes realistic plans instead of dreaming. The Taurus female personality is practical and ambitious. Being a hard-worker, she usually builds a solid career and can afford anything she wants. Taurus prefers long-lasting relationships when she can feel safe and secure.

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Taurus Woman in Love

Though a Taurus woman is looking for love, she is very afraid of getting hurt. She needs passion and care, and at the same time doesn’t want to face betrayal. That is why she is so cautious while choosing a partner. A person with Taurus female characteristics has a very sensual soul but she needs time to get ready to show it to somebody. 

Cheating will make her deeply frustrated. Taurus women never give a second chance. In love, a Taurus woman needs a lot of attention and care. When she finally opens her heart, she is rather dependable and loyal. The true sign Taurus woman has feelings for you is her openness. She starts discussing personal things and is always trying to get closer to you.

Taurus Woman in Bed

The ambiance and moments before sex matter a lot for women with Taurus female characteristics. She needs soft sheets, romantic music, and a nice dinner to relax. You can give a massage or take a bath together. Passionate kissing is also essential. A Taurus woman likes kisses to create emotional intimacy. In bed, she is imaginative and ready to explore new techniques. Taurus is usually quite experienced in sex and will leave you willing for more. 

Taurus Woman Sexuality

As Taurus is influenced by Venus, a person with Taurus female characteristics loves physical connection with her partner. She is sensual and willing to explore different aspects of love, not limiting herself to sex only. At the same time, satisfaction in the sex life is crucial for her as well. Though bad sex won’t make her change a partner, it will affect her feelings. A Taurus woman in bed can be very open and emotional only if she trusts her partner. Show your love and respect, and you will see how she changes just in front of your eyes. 

Taurus Woman in Relationships

A person with Taurus woman traits is eager to make your life comfortable to the maximum. Her meals are so delicious, the flat is tidy, and the sex with her is passionate. You won’t have to guess what she feels and thinks. A Taurus girl is pretty straightforward and open. She doesn’t like mystery and instability. Taurus prefers a secure atmosphere when both partners know what to expect from each other. She will hardly decide to cheat or change her partner. A relationship with Taurus can seem boring, yet, in fact, she can go on an adventure with the one she loves and trusts. 

Can You Trust Your Taurus Woman

For sure, you can trust a Taurus woman if you are in a relationship. However, you should mind that it takes a lot of time to finally earn the trust of a Taurus girl. She opens her heart only after she can be absolutely sure that you are the One. Taurus doesn’t like changes and hence is so afraid of making a mistake. Any sign of betrayal turns a Taurus woman from a loving soul into your worst enemy, so be careful with your words. 

Dating a Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman in love is not very needy. She won’t ask you for special locations, presents, or sophisticated plans. A Taurus girl can feel happy at a romantic dinner in a restaurant close to her home. Flowers, small gifts, compliments, and some common gallantry can be enough to demonstrate your affection and attract her attention. 

Though a Taurus woman is used to solving problems on her own, she prefers partners who take the initiative in a relationship. You don’t have to spend a fortune, the idea is to show your feelings and interest. 

How Not to Date a Taurus Woman 

Taurus is very attentive to promises. So you should never promise something that you can’t or are not going to do. A Taurus woman can lose trust in you, and this will ruin the whole relationship. Being always on time for the date is also crucial. You should also remember that a Taurus girl can easily share a bill with you but, by acting this way too often, you minimize your gallant look in her eyes. Choose wisely. 

Perfect Date for a Taurus Woman

Taurus belongs to the Earth element, so women with Taurus female traits like spending time outdoors. A romantic stroll along the beach or the river bank, a picnic in a picturesque place will let her enjoy time with you to the fullest. Don’t choose too demanding activities. A Taurus woman is usually so tired after a working week that she will not feel like hiking. She will be much happier to dine in an atmospheric restaurant or go to the cinema. You can plan something special but try to surprise your Taurus not very often. Taurus women like comfort and don’t want to constantly adapt to changes. 

Understanding a Taurus Woman

The true thing about Taurus women is that their partners often get used to their caring nature and start expecting some particular behavior from them. Unfortunately, Taurus seldom gets the same level of love in return. 

She is strong, practical, and seems to be too good to need help. A Taurus woman can be closed up trying to show that she can manage everything herself. She often has an unhealthy feeling of guilt, which minimizes all her positive sides. Try to be gentle and protect your Taurus girl, as this is exactly what she wants. Though a person with Taurus female characteristics seems strong and capable of doing everything herself, she needs support and care. 

Taurus Woman Likes and Dislikes

Being such a practical type, a Taurus woman likes generous men who shower their partners with gifts and flowers. Though she likes confident men, she also has a strong position in life and can get angry if your options clash. A Taurus woman prefers nature and a relaxing ambiance to loud parties. She hates loud behavior and hustle. A too active partner will also make her feel uneasy. Persons with Taurus woman traits prefer a calm pace of life. 

How to Choose a Gift for Your Taurus Woman

Both useful and expensive gifts will please a person with Taurus woman traits. These girls are practical and can quickly identify a greedy partner. Pay attention to the feelings that your gift can ignite. Try soft slippers, hand-made soap, or a cozy bathrobe to let her feel comfortable. 

Taurus Woman Compatibility

Cancer is the best match for Taurus women. These gentle signs will find ideal partners in each other. They will share emotional views, feelings, and the love for staying at home. They will overcome any challenges and stay together for a long time. 

Taurus and Virgo is another good match if both partners manage to overcome their fear of love and trust. The heart of Taurus and the mind of Virgo will perfectly complement each other.   

What about Taurus women and Capricorn partners? Their bond can be truly unbreakable. A Taurus woman will encourage and motivate her partner, while Capricorn will be happy to achieve more with such warm support.


Famous Taurus Females

Queen Elizabeth II, Megan Fox, Audrey Hepburn, Gal Gadot, Amber Heard, Ana de Armas, Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Pfeiffer, Uma Thurman, Adele, Penelope Cruz.

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