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It’s hard to imagine how many couples broke up for the same reason! “He or she doesn’t understand me,” they tell friends in the bar over beers or glass of wine. It would be perfect if at the end of relationships man and woman can directly say what was wrong, something like bugs fixing. In a perfect world, partners should talk about their needs and feelings, we are just humans and can’t read minds with each other. How often we concentrate on our feelings and needs and think that our partner needs the same, but it isn’t true. It looks like to offer coffee somebody who likes tea. We should recognize the fact that there is a difference between man and woman in love.

The basic needs of women and men are the same: they want attention from their partner, want to be loved, and feel their importance in relationships. The key difference hides in the way how they meet their needs. Let’s consider them in simple worlds.

How does your partner understand the attention?

All we sometimes have a bad day and go home in a bad mood. If our partner doesn’t pay attention to it, we can feel offended. Lack of attention can be a reason for depression or cheating

So, what a man and woman expect in such a situation from their partner?

As a rule, men don’t like to talk much about their failures, so try to avoid unnecessary questions and don’t insist if your boyfriend doesn’t talk much. The best strategy is to ask a simple “Are you ok?” or “How was your day?” and support him. It allows them to share with their thoughts and just move on. 

Women are more emotional, they need to vent, its a kind of therapy. It will be a rude mistake if a man wouldn’t listen to her or interrupt her. Empathy is important for a woman. She needs to know that she can share everything with her partner and get support and understanding.

How do men and women show love?

All we need to know that our partner loves us, feel his or her care and support. Sometimes we think that the partner doesn’t love us because we expect that he or she will show their feelings as we do. But we don’t expect to find an apple on the pear tree, what’s the matter?

It doesn’t mean that we should change our partners, but sometimes we need to get them what they looking for. 

A lot of men prefer practical actions to words, at that time words are very important for women. So, what we have: the man resents the woman because she doesn’t see his love while the woman doesn’t even know it. So, if know someone who always near when you need help, walks with your dog, buys the coffee, he can be a good-hearted person or just the one who loves you. From the other side, if you are that guy, a coffee from a Starbucks can’t tell her about her feelings, you should be brave and say “I love you”.

What makes men and women feel important in relationships?

In a happy and harmonious relationship, both the man and the woman feel needed. They know that the partner appreciates and respects them. When people don’t know what they can give in relationships they can feel ruined, insignificant even like a burden. 

Normally that one partner is more active, creative, or more financially stable: we a looking for somebody who will complement and make us better.  

Look at your family and think about what you can do for your partner, what he or she needs? It can be providing for a family, keeping the house clean, managing bills, planning vacations, and more. 

We considered the difference between man and woman in love only in general terms, but every person and situation is unique. It is crucial to remember the similarities and respect the difficulties of each other, doing so you will build strong and healthy relationships.

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