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We’ve already figured out how to understand that your partner is in love. If not,  read about 11 Telltale Signs Your Man Fell In Love With You. But what about our own feelings. Sometimes we have no idea how we treat a person before came across an article, which clear things up. So here they are — 10 symptoms that you are in love, read and figure out your real feelings.

Strange and even inappropriate behavior in the presence of your fellow 

This is the first sign. Sometimes you may notice that you constantly smile for no apparent reason, or touch your neck once you see a person. You are lost, you are afraid to say a word not to say something wrong, it’s hard for you to choose a topic for discussion, etc. So you do and say something atypical of you.

Careful preparation for a casual meeting

You have already come up with your outfit for a party, but you change everything drastically after learning that this person will also be there? Your perfect manicure is a global catastrophe, your car is too dirty and so on? If you prepare too hard, you probably have some strong feelings for this person.

Your mood is up

If only a look at this person makes you feel good (no exaggerations), that’s a sure sign. The sound of his/her voice will make you happy when he/she speaks to you. You will want to hug this person and never let him/her go. Moreover, this desire may not necessarily be associated with any sexual motives.

Collecting information

You’ve become a detective since recently. If you are trying to learn all the possible facts from the life of a person, it’s a sign you have a crush on him. At a subconscious level, you can collect all possible information, idealizing it to disgrace. Here, it’s vital to be as objective as possible.


If being objective is not your cup of tea, it may lead to some strange consequences like self-deceptiveness. Thus, you consider each look and sigh of a person as a manifestation of a special attitude and even mutual feelings. That means you will try your best to notice that this person also feels something to you. Be careful, you can misunderstand the person’s feelings. It’s sad, but also true.


Her phone number ends with the same two numbers as yours, his birth date is the same as of your grandad’s best friend, your names start with the same letter and so on. People tend to see sky-signs everywhere if they are in love. Cause it’s fate! What else can it be?

Romance is everywhere

Only romantic dramas and comedies are on your to-watch list, and the music playlist has changed out of all recognition. Your dreams are so romantic now? Congrats, you are in love!

The idealization of a crush

It seems to you that he/she is a divine combination of beauty, intelligence, sense of humor, charm, and sexuality. That’s obvious because you have a good taste in men/women!

Willingness to evolve

In the world, there are only a few things and people who could push us to change for the better. And if there is someone who makes you strive to development and growth, you are in love, my dear.

You can’t describe it

If you can’t describe your feelings, we bet that it’s love for 99%! 

Now you know the truth. It’s time to confess your love and become even closer to your babe!

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