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Aquarius Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 20 January – 18 February
  • Element: Air

Characteristics of an Aquarius Woman

A smart and ambitious Aquarius female is always ready to conquer new heights. She is competitive and enjoys challenges. These qualities let an Aquarian girl solve almost any problem. However, the desire to win often makes her compete even with friends and partners. She is also very stubborn and can’t admit that her point of view can be wrong.

Aquarius female characteristics are influenced by the Air, which makes these women wonderful philosophers, quick thinkers, and strong communicators. She can persuade you to do almost anything if she decides. She is deeply intuitive and can often predict the outcomes of events.

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Aquarius Woman in Love

Aquarius woman traits include a strong desire for independence. It is not that she wants to be alone. She indeed likes being with somebody. Yet, she is so afraid of losing herself that is not quick to settle down. An Aquarius woman is usually the last one among her friends to start a family. If she can see that her personality is safe even in a relationship, she will relax. An Aquarius girl will certainly avoid partners who tell her what to do. She is not jealous and expects the same respect for her personality as she gives.

The best match for Aquarius women is the one who can put up with being friends for a long time. True love grows from friendship for her. So, the less you expect from your relationship, the more you will get.

An individual with Aquarius female personality focuses on their freedom for a long time. After she realizes that she needs to devote some of her time to a partner, family, and children, she will finally accept a marriage proposal.

Aquarius Woman in Bed

This woman keeps you in the friend zone for such a long time, but this long waiting is more than rewarded. The Aquarius woman in bed is explosive. She is full of passion and ready to share it with you. Kissing, cuddling, and good foreplay are all about Aquarius women. She has a dominating nature and prefers a wild and sensual partner. Though she doesn’t necessarily need sex, an Aquarius woman is perhaps the best lover in the zodiac sign. She does everything to make her partner happy. Intellectual stimulation and humor help her to open up.

Aquarius Woman Sexuality

An Aquarius woman is very rational and hence can’t show her affection in public. This is her rational mind that makes her so shy. Yet, by nature, an Aquarius woman is curious and willing to explore her own sexuality. So, don’t be surprised when she finally opens up to you. She might suggest sex in different places, even outdoors.

Aquarius Woman in Relationships

The Aquarius woman characteristics won’t suit you if you are looking for a stable and safe bond. She is unpredictable, thrilling, and not easy to conquer. An Aquarius woman decides to find a partner only when she understands that the biological clock is ticking. She usually chooses a partner among her friends, so being one for a long time you almost guarantee that this happy partner will be you.

Can You Trust Your Aquarius Woman

The answer depends on how safe she feels with you. If she is secure and can freely express her emotions with you, she will always stay sincere. On the other hand, if she has to care about keeping her personality and personal boundaries, she will lie and have no problem about it.

Dating an Aquarius Woman

If you want calm dating, it is better to stay away from an Aquarius woman. She is fond of extreme, be it terrific Skydiving or sex in public. If she was brought up in an environment of strict rules, she is very likely to go to extremes as an adult. An Aquarius woman in love will make dating unforgettable. You will appear in places and situations you’ve never dreamed about.

An Aquarius woman is alive. She wants experiments and excitement. She needs changes and new adventures. This eccentric woman is looking for a very open-minded partner. So be ready for her spontaneous ideas and sometimes strange suggestions. Together, you will explore new destinations and aspects of life.

How Not to Date an Aquarius Woman

A definitely wrong idea is to try to restrict her freedom. She doesn’t want to hear about women’s duties. She would rather part with you than live such a boring life together. An Aquarius woman will also leave if you are too persuasive. The quick development of your relationship will scare her, and she will prefer her freedom to you.

Perfect Date for an Aquarius Woman

The best advice is to be spontaneous. Find ways to excite her, and she will remember your date for a long time. If you invite her out, choose a Chinese, Jamaican, Indian, or any other non-traditional restaurant. An Aquarius woman will like trying new spicy dishes. The latest exhibition in the art gallery or a play of the touring theatre will also suit a first date.

Understanding an Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women have their inner conflict. They are always looking for respect and trying to earn it, without realizing that they deserve respect for granted. Every disappointment in a relationship makes her more rational and less emotional. If you want to become a partner of an Aquarius woman, you should understand that her defensive behavior is caused by her inability to talk about her feelings. Don’t ask too much, and let her get used to you. Only by becoming her close friend, you can fully understand her.

If you are tired of being friends, there are a few signs an Aquarius woman has feelings for you. First, the butterflies in her stomach often result in strange social behavior. So if she is getting more eccentric than usual, this is because she likes you. Another sign is her attention. You will often catch her eye and she will become very talkative in your presence. Your dialog will flow naturally.

Aquarius Woman Likes and Dislikes

The Air makes an Aquarius woman in love very sociable. She likes open partners who can freely discuss different matters with her. She is also interested in passionate people, be this passion for art, life, or love. An Aquarius female is very intelligent and enjoys smart conversations.

The thing she hates most deeply is judgment and the breaking of personal boundaries. She will stay away from egoistic people who like to argue. An Aquarius woman can easily get angry if you try to change her. She has her own principles and doesn’t want to follow other rules.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Aquarius Woman

With the Aquarius female traits in mind, the best present is something romantic, nice, and surprising. You can try something more common than flowers, dinner, or gadgets. Though she will appreciate your attention in any case, she will be amazed by your creativity if you choose a quality astrology reading, a set of crystals, or a personalized cushion or mug.

Aquarius Woman Compatibility

No doubt, the best match for Aquarius women is Sagittarius. They will enjoy being best friends before any romance sparks between them. However, it can take a long time till they let their emotions get the best of them. Their love for rational thinking can become a barrier to intimacy.

Aquarius woman compatibility with a Gemini partner is also good. Aquarius will give Gemini the needed level of freedom, while Gemini will understand all the marvelous and spontaneous ideas of Aquarius. To overcome problems in a relationship, both partners need to understand and control their emotions.

Two Air signs, Aquarius and Libra also usually have a strong connection. They can find difficulty in adjusting to each other’s character, but this will happen naturally with time.

Famous Aquarius Females

Jennifer Aniston, Amal Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Mia Farrow, Chloe Grace Moretz, Isla Fisher, Ellen DeGeneres, Shakira, Laura Dern, Alicia Keys, Rose Leslie.

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