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Aquarius Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 20 January – 18 February
  • Element: Air

Characteristics of an Aquarius Man

If you know an inborn innovator who quickly gets bored with trivial things, this is probably Aquarius. Aquarius men have an original taste. They willingly express their bright ideas and a non-traditional outlook on life. As an Air sign, Aquarius is an intuitive philosopher. You will be surely attracted by his creative thoughts and insights.

This individual is born free and wants to keep this freedom. Limitations and rules are true enemies of an Aquarius man.

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Aquarius Man in Love

Aquarius male traits let them be caring, gentle, and loving partners. However, it takes a lot of time for such men to discover this ability to love within themselves. You will most likely hear from Aquarius that romance is not for them. He is so focused on intellectual games and keeping freedom that any relationship seems too pricey. Aquarius needs time to understand that a relationship is safe and he can trust you.

Dating an Aquarius man is being his friend first of all. He will realize his feelings for you only after spending a couple of years together. Another problem is that Aquarius men are bad at expressing their feelings. So don’t be surprised if he starts showing off too much. He is just trying to attract your attention.

Aquarius Man in Bed

This guy won’t chase you unless you show that you are interested in him. Aquarius men are interested in what kind of person you are. They believe in love, are patient and attentive and hence they like dating even more than sex. Still, when it finally comes to sex, don’t be surprised that your lover knows a lot about physical pleasure. An Aquarius man often reads sex books and wants to try everything from them. These individuals are imaginative and hate boredom.

Aquarius Man Sexuality

An Aquarius male is a bit inconsistent in his sexual life. On the one hand, he likes sex and tends to have many partners throughout life. The desire for experiments makes Aquarius light-hearted and willing to change partners.

On the other hand, he can treat the sexual experience as something mysterious and stay away from it guided by his beliefs. This way, an Aquarius man can ignore a pretty woman if he wants to stay alone. He knows that this woman will wait and become friends with him if her feelings are true.

Aquarius Man in Relationships

Dating an Aquarius male is a hard thing. These men are sensitive and can be easily offended. Watch out for your words and actions, you can hurt Aquarius and lose his desire to share any secrets with you. He needs a caring and understanding partner who can accept his defensive nature. This can be a problem for signs with strong personalities who quickly judge others and can’t compromise.

Can You Trust Your Aquarius Man

Loyalty is one of the key Aquarius men traits. They believe in a lifetime love. Though it may seem that such an individualist and adventurer is prone to cheating, this is not right. An Aquarius male hates lies and will always tell you if there is a problem with your relationship. However, the free spirit of this sign is often misunderstood, and their sweethearts tend to suspect Aquarius of dishonesty.

Dating an Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man in love is still the same outrageous Aquarius as he is in normal life. He will probably be late for your date or forget to confirm his reservation in a restaurant. Everyone around you will notice his clothes and haircut. This man will walk by a posh bar and take you paragliding or bungee jumping. If he invites you for a meal, this will be a sunrise picnic. Dating an Aquarius man is like going out with a weird and adventurous friend. He likes experiments and can spend all the time exploring the unknown.

How Not to Date an Aquarius man

First of all, never tell him that your relationship is serious. Instead, act like a friend. Go to the cinema, a meal, or walk together. Visit an art gallery or the latest play in the theatre. You can go on an adventurous trip but emphasize that you are friends. After your Aquarius lover gets used to you, he will open up.

Don’t be weird out by his choice of clothes or date ideas. He needs to express himself and he is not ready to lose his identity even for the sake of being your partner.

Don’t rush. Talking about love, cuddling, and kissing will only make an Aquarius man consider you as a temporary partner. His feelings won’t be deep if he spends too little time getting to know you.

Don’t try to change him, he is not broken. Dating an Aquarius man is a great adventure, once you understand that he is perfect the way he is. He is not rational, he is intuitive and enthusiastic.

Perfect Date for an Aquarius Man

Dating an Aquarius man can be an exciting experience if you share his desire for adventures. Try a science, avant-garde, or an archeology museum. Both of you will train your brains and get a lot of discoveries on the go. You can also let him lead and teach you something, say, while strolling under the stars. Another safe environment for experiments is the kitchen. For Aquarius, cooking a new dish together is a much more gripping activity than a casual date in a restaurant.

Understanding an Aquarius Man

This person is intuitive and talented. He is full of extraordinary ideas and is ready to protect them if needed. An Aquarius man doesn’t accept prejudices and can easily ruin stereotypes. He is free and full of energy to explore the world. A quick thinker as he is, an Aquarius man can be hard to follow.

It is not a piece of cake to approach Aquarius as he will hide his feelings to you. He can seem distant and unwilling to start any long-term bonds, however, this is true only till he gets to know you better.

Aquarius Man Likes and Dislikes

An energetic and adventurous Aquarius likes having fun and spending time with friends. He is a born truth-seeker who likes exploring new places and unveiling mysteries. An Aquarius man is not jealous. He usually has a lot of experience himself and has nothing against the past of his partner.

As for the things that drive him mad, these are all the attempts to restrict his freedom. He doesn’t like narrow-minded people and bias. Arguing with a person who can’t understand a different point of view is a nightmare for him.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Aquarius Man

Though he doesn’t care a lot about his birthday presents, an Aquarius man will appreciate a valuable gift that can train his brain. This can be a sophisticated gadget, a subscription to a masterclass, or a science fiction book. Remember that your gift should satisfy his desire to explore, and he will definitely like it.

Aquarius Man Compatibility

The best possible partner for an Aquarius male is Sagittarius and Aquarius. Sagittarius and Aquarius will enjoy their friendship before going any further. However, their non-stop thinking and desire to slow down can make it hard for them to reach real intimacy. Aquarius will perfectly understand another Aquarius, which can be a strong foundation for a long-term relationship. Libra will also have a lot in common with Aquarius. If the spontaneity of Aquarius doesn’t ruin this bond, this couple has everything to survive hard times.

Famous Aquarius Males

Cristiano Ronaldo, Damien Lewis, Bob Marley, John Travolta, Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Ashton Kutcher, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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