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Leo Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 23 July – 22 August
  • Element: Fire

Characteristics of a Leo Woman

The Leo female personality is charming and optimistic. She likes to take responsibility and overcome challenges. This woman is not used to giving up easily. Leo women are wonderful friends who are always there to help you. Leo severely needs attention and appreciation. For this reason, she can seem too egoistic at first sight. A Leo woman is a born leader who gets furious if you try to take away her superior position. She is a true extrovert who attracts the attention of people.

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Leo Woman in Love

Though Leo is usually a self-centered person, a Leo woman is extremely focused on making her partner the king. She is a passionate lover ready to give everything to her soulmate. You will not have a lot of calm days with a Leo girl. She wants action. She likes to fight and make up with good sex. The bright and confident Leo woman attracts many men. Yet, she doesn’t rush into a serious relationship. A person with Leo woman characteristics knows that she has a great choice of options.

One of the signs Leo woman has feelings for you is her attention. She likes to chase a partner and will not be afraid of telling you about her feelings. You are likely to learn about her love even from her friends because she will tell everyone how wonderful you are. Another sign of love is that a Leo woman will get much more loyal to you than to other people.

Leo Woman in Bed

A person with Leo woman traits is passionate and eager to explore all the aspects of sex. She also needs a safe and often luxurious ambiance to feel relaxed and turned on. In bed, she often expects her partner to do everything the way she desires. Yet, if you are more experienced, she is also ready to learn new techniques.

Leo Woman Sexuality

What is true about Leo women is that they are quite confident and imaginative when it comes to sex. She is never ashamed to try something new or discuss her sex life because this is just a part of her life. A Leo woman enjoys her body and wants to be showered with compliments. She wants her partner to please her and fulfill all her desires before they go to bed.

Leo Woman in Relationships

Though a Leo woman is ready to give her partner a lot in the relationship, she is not as devoted as other signs, say, Pisces. Leo is waiting for the same level of energy and love in return for all her efforts. Sometimes, women with Leo female characteristics can seem too focused on themselves. They need appreciation and often invest their power into their careers. However, deep feelings can change her behavior dramatically. A Leo woman can turn into a warm and sympathetic person, looking after her partner and children. In a relationship, a Leo woman needs certain freedom. She is not ready to accept rigid rules that can damage her personality.

Can You Trust Your Leo Woman

Leo in general prefers truth to lies. And Leo women in particular treat their soulmates in a very special way. She will never cheat or let down her partner. So, if she loves you with all her heart, you can be absolutely sure in her words and actions.

Dating a Leo Woman

Remember that the love for fame is one of the Leo woman traits. Introduce your awesome bae to your friends and relatives, compliment her, and she will appreciate your love. Let your Leo girl feel special as this is exactly what she needs.

A  Leo woman in love is optimistic and joyful. She wants to simply be happy while dating. Leo women like active dating, dancing, traveling, singing. They are energetic and expect the same level of dynamics from their partners. Discussing work is definitely not about her.

If you want to find a way to a Leo woman’s heart, try romantic gifts. Show that you remember her favorite bands and authors, buy her a book or toy for her cat. She will like your attention to detail.

How Not to Date a Leo Woman

Though Leo women are fond of being the center of attention, it doesn’t mean that you should fade away. She wants to have an equally bright person by her side, so turn on all your strength, pride, and charm. Let the Leo woman see that you are the one destined to be her partner.

For sure, Leo is not easy to date. One of the Leo woman traits is the desire to do everything her way. She gets extremely angry if your point of view doesn’t match hers. However, don’t give up too quickly and don’t try to shout. You should calm down and explain your position without hurting her pride.

Perfect Date for a Leo Woman

Leo women like spending time outdoors. So you can go on a picnic or ride a bicycle in the park. She will like watching the stars in a romantic ambiance. To plan an indeed perfect date, search for picturesque places where you can stay alone. Your Leo bae will also appreciate it if you arrange something classy and dress up. Reserve a table in a posh restaurant, buy tickets to the theatre, or enjoy dancing in a club.

Understanding a Leo Woman

The Fire sign makes a person with Leo woman traits quite hard to understand. She prefers to say clearly about her feelings and impressions. Sometimes her blunt words seem rude and too direct. However, she mostly makes people face the truth about themselves. Though a Leo woman is open and loud with other people, she is like a real lioness who wants to roar only with strangers and purr with those who she loves. Friends and family can see how generous this person is with her close people. An extroverted Leo woman can easily get along with any person. She is ready to give advice, no matter whether it is needed or not. If you are in love with a Leo girl, be ready for her bossy character. This part of her will never change.

Leo Woman Likes and Dislikes

Leo woman likes confidence and sex appeal in men. She is happy to see how her partner is showing off in public because she knows how other girls envy her. A woman with a brave heart, Leo prefers courageous partners who are not afraid of challenges. A light-hearted man who doesn’t take life too seriously is the best match for her.

An ambitious and dominating woman as she is, Leo doesn’t like it when somebody hurts her pride. Rude comments and shouting are unacceptable. A partner trying to control a Leo woman only makes her think that this relationship is not worth the effort. She also needs constant attention and can get extremely jealous if she sees you flirting with another woman.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Leo Woman

Every Leo woman wants to feel that she is the only star in your Universe. Let her feel that she is special with occasional gifts and activities. Ask her to dress up and organize an evening in the theatre, luxurious restaurant or even with a red carpet. You can also buy clothes, jewelry, or cosmetics. Yet, pay attention to her preferences while choosing the gift. There are two types of Leo women. One of them prefers all-natural make-up and the other one picks well-known brands. You can also amaze her with a certificate for skydiving or bungee jumping. Leo women like challenges and will eagerly try new activities.

Leo Woman Compatibility

The best match for Leo women is Aries. Strong, passionate, and devoted, they will find a dear soul in each other. Aries and Leo will have a great connection on the level of emotions and sex. This relationship won’t be calm, instead, it will be filled with fights and sensual reunions.

Leo and Libra can also be a perfect couple if they learn respect without trying to defeat each other. In the beginning, they will compete a lot, trying to show who is more intelligent and stronger. When they calm down their desire to win, both signs will be happy in this relationship.

Another good match for a Leo woman is Gemini. This couple will make people envious of their happiness. Yet, both signs have to learn to compromise and change if they want to have a long-lasting relationship.

Famous Leo Females

Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Charlize Theron, Amy Adams, Mila Kunis, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lawrence, Lisa Kudrow, Hayden Panettiere.

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