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Pisces Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 19 February – 20 March
  • Element: Water

Characteristics of a Pisces Woman

The Pisces female personality is kind and caring. She is the one to make sure that everybody is content and safe. A Pisces woman is nice, sympathetic, and generous. She is often surrounded by friends because she radiates love and kindness.

Belonging to a Water sign, a Pisces girl has wonderful intuition and perfect organizational skills. Everything in her life happens at the right time and in the right place. She never forgets about birthdays and anniversaries. Pisces woman characteristics are about giving and supporting others. She will never criticize you, instead, she will try to understand a different point of view.

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Pisces Woman in Love

What is true about Pisces women is that they are very sincere. Every time they fall in love, they believe that this is the only partner they were looking for for so long. Love inspires and excites a Pisces woman. She can no longer pay attention to anything other than her loved one.

The signs Pisces woman has feelings for you are her ultimate attention and extra care. She will stare at you trying to memorize every tiny detail. A Pisces woman in love will understand you better than anyone else. She will never disturb you when you are busy. You will find a careful listener and sympathetic soul in her. A Pisces woman can sacrifice her own desires because she gets energy from the emotions that love brings. She will easily forget about her own plans and plunge into a deep love when she finds the right partner.

Pisces Woman in Bed

Being a dreamer, a Pisces woman has sexual fantasies as well. She is used to guessing what people feel and how to please them. At the same time, seducing a Pisces woman is not easy at all. A Pisces woman needs a reliable partner and won’t agree to one-night stands. She likes foreplay, flirting, and after-sex chatting. As a very attentive partner, a Pisces woman will easily notice and remember the things that you like and hate. So, if she can trust you, you are certainly gifted with an outstanding partner.

Pisces Woman Sexuality

A lady with Pisces woman characteristics is sensitive and timid. She can try to act like a lighthearted temptress but will feel awkward while trying to open her heart to you. In fact, only after she understands that she can trust you fully, a Pisces woman will relax and enjoy sex. She is ready to experiment when she feels emotional connection and safety.

Pisces Woman in Relationships

A relationship can last forever if it inspires and fulfills her. Ladies with Pisces woman traits often believe in platonic love and are ready to wait for a long time pursuing their dream partner.

Her desire to keep distant relationships is often explained by the fear of intimacy. Such a sympathetic person can make a relationship comfortable for any partner. However, if you try to disrespect or abuse her, she will quickly understand that you are not the One and leave you. The only way to keep a Pisces woman is to be as tender and open as she is. Don’t rush and let an emotional bond develop between you.

Can You Trust Your Pisces Woman

She is definitely not a liar. However, women with Pisces female characteristics can feel uneasy with some people and prefer to hide the truth just to avoid the aggression and anger of others. So, you can’t be totally sure of her sincerity if she feels the need to protect herself. Give her enough reasons to trust you, avoid judgment, and she will feel safe with you.

Dating a Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman in love is very romantic. She likes first dates with all those flowers and candies. In fact, she is a fan of romantic stories, so the more you act like a hero in these stories, the happier she will feel. If you desire to win her heart, use all your gallantry.

Pisces women remember all anniversaries. Surprise her with gifts on special dates, and she will appreciate your attention. You can also freely share your story with her. A Pisces woman is a very sympathetic listener who will help you feel better and remember all the important details for you.

How Not to Date a Pisces Woman

As a Pisces woman is ready to sacrifice everything for the honor of love, it can be quite tempting to take advantage of her kindness. Watch out! Make sure you contribute to your relationship equally and don’t let her be the only one to support your bond. Accept that she can be clumsy and dreamy sometimes. If you let her be herself, you will find a caring and sympathetic partner who you can trust.

Perfect Date for a Pisces Woman

Plan something truly romantic, like a stroll under the stars or dinner with candles. Walking around blooming gardens or having a picnic outdoors will also be a perfect date for her. You should establish a sense of connection and love, and she will be yours. If there is a seaside nearby, go there. As a Water sign, Pisces is fond of the sea, waves, and romantic strolls along the coast.  Dating a Pisces woman is a unique experience full of fun and love, so open your heart and enjoy.

Understanding a Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman often lacks the attention of her father in her childhood. She is likely to have an ideal image of a partner as a result of this lack of attention. Alternatively, she will want to find someone similar to the perfect image of her father. In both cases, finding a partner is not an easy thing for her.

Girls with Pisces woman characteristics are dreamers who can’t stand the pressure. Sometimes she needs time for self-reflection and her partner should be ready for that. Pisces women are creative, intuitive, and idealistic, which allows them to find non-trivial solutions to problems. An empathetic soul of a Pisces woman can accept any differences and faults in people.

Pisces Woman Likes and Dislikes

A true dreamer, Pisces woman likes art, spirituality, and passion. She is fond of exploring the unknown and learning about the “other worlds”. This girl can spend hours discussing interesting things and hence is looking for an intelligent partner. Compassionate actions also attract her attention. She likes people who take into account more than their self-interest.

As for the top hates of a Pisces woman, these are irresponsible behavior, selfishness, and mood swings. She needs a strong partner who can help her strike a balance between her dreams and reality. For this reason, a Pisces girl prefers ambitious and grounded men. She is looking for harmony in a relationship and will avoid any bonds that create confusion.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Pisces Woman

Creativity is your best assistant in choosing a present for your Pisces bae. What are the characteristics of a Pisces girl? Right, she is romantic and sensitive. So, she will appreciate any present related to art and beauty. You can draw a picture yourself or write a poem. No matter how good it is, she will appreciate your feelings and effort. Something mysterious will also be a good choice. Surprise her with a Tarot deck and spark her intuition.

Pisces Woman Compatibility

The best match for Pisces women is Taurus. This will be a relationship full of love and emotions. While Pisces can teach their partner their softness, Taurus will help a Pisces girl to become less a dreamer and more a doer. This couple can stay together for their whole life.

Cancer and Pisces is also a nice combination. Both partners can easily connect on the emotional and intellectual levels. Problems can appear if Cancer gets too focused on stability, and Pisces won’t have a chance to realize their dreams and introduce some magic to their lives.

Another tandem of Water signs, Pisces and Scorpio, will reach true intimacy and understanding on an emotional basis. If Pisces learn to speak clearly about their wishes and Scorpio doesn’t press their partner too much, this couple can have a happy future.

Famous Pisces Females

Cindy Crawford, Drew Barrymore, Emily Blunt, Kristin Davis, Tea Leoni, Elizabeth Taylor, Bernadette Peters, Carrie Underwood, Eva Longoria, Lauren Graham, Millie Bobby Brown, Rihanna, Dakota Fanning, Lily Collins.

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