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Cancer Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 22 June – 22 July
  • Element: Water

Characteristics of a Cancer Woman

Cancer female personality is deeply intuitive. Belonging to a water sign, a Cancer woman stays attentive to her feelings and instincts. Yet, this sensitivity is also a drawback, because there is nothing easier than to offend this lady. She likes being helpful and tries to avoid conflicts.

Cancer female characteristics make her a perfect partner and mom. She is deeply attached to her family and would rather spend time at home with those who she loves than explore a new place.

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Cancer Woman in Love

Love can be a very tricky business for these women. Though Cancer woman traits are ideal for maternity, she can mix love with motherly instincts while dating. A Cancer woman tends to act with care and support as if she is the mom of her partner. She can easily forget about her own desires trying to make her soulmate happy. Yer, not every person will be satisfied with such a relationship. Mind that any attempt to explain a different view of the relationship can hurt the sensitive nature of this zodiac sign.

Cancer Woman in Bed

Emotional connection is a prerequisite for good sex with a Cancer girl. Without feeling your emotional support, she won’t open her heart to you. A Cancer woman in love prefers to leave the leading role to her partner. She responds to the movements and initiatives of her lover. In sex, she is emotional and open to new fantasies and pleasures. A comfortable atmosphere is another must-have for a Cancer woman to express her sexuality. The more she feels at home the more relaxed she gets.

Cancer Woman Sexuality

If you need a passionate sex life, you are probably not the best match for Cancer women. Cancer is in Mars’ fall, and hence all the owners of this sign prefer emotional and sympathetic love to wild sex. A Cancer woman in bed can be quite awkward, feeling difficult to show her sexuality. The best partner for her is the one who can understand her feelings and be equally compassionate and tender as she is. Though it is hard for her to find an ideal partner, a Cancer female will stay honest and devoted to the person she loves.

Cancer Woman in Relationships

One of the first signs a Cancer woman has feelings for you is her ultimate support and care. She will get upset if something worries you. She will give all her kindness and support. A Cancer woman often cooks for her loved partner. Being a family-oriented type, she will introduce you to her parents and will be very interested in getting to know yours.

A Cancer woman in love can become over-protective acting like your mom. Yet, if you are ready to put up with some annoying care, you will find a faithful and sympathetic partner in this woman.

Can You Trust Your Cancer Woman

Family and peaceful relationships are very important for Cancer women. That is why they don’t cheat or lie. Unless you hurt them badly, they try to save a relationship no matter what. Being so devoted to other people, a Cancer woman can sacrifice her own interests without even letting you know about it.

Dating a Cancer Woman

You don’t have to invent sophisticated plans to date a Cancer woman. She usually prefers an intimate, romantic atmosphere, so you can invite her to dinner in a lovely restaurant or go on a romantic stroll in the park. Noisy parties and risky adventures are not the things that she is passionate about. Though she can enjoy the company of close friends, normally she doesn’t like crowds and prefers a homely environment.

Intelligence and good intuition are common Cancer woman traits, so feel free to share your views and show your erudition. Yet, be careful. Cancer is perhaps the most sensitive sign. One careless comment or phrase can strongly upset her and even ruin your bond. What is true about Cancer women is that they appreciate attention more than anyone. If you remember her preferences and keep pleasing her with small gifts, say, her favorite books or pastry, she will give you twice as much love in return.

How Not to Date a Cancer Woman

The first thing to remember about if you are dating a Cancer girl is her brilliant memory and sensitive nature. Even if she keeps complaining about her annoying relatives, you should stay calm and never start criticizing her family yourself. She can easily get hurt and remember your words as a personal insult. Another bad idea is to give her advice. Cancer women often interpret them as criticism and start trying too hard to become better for you.

Perfect Date for a Cancer Woman

Cancer woman characteristics make them lovers of home comfort. Plan a romantic date in a cozy atmosphere. Prepare some food together and watch a movie. If you know a lovely place outdoors, you can go on a picnic or take a boat ride. She will also like a crafting masterclass, be it pottery or drawing. The piece of art you made together will be a perfect memory for her.

Understanding a Cancer Woman

Though you can think that a sensitive Cancer woman is weak, this is not true. She is strong emotionally and mentally. A Cancer woman is brave and ready to sacrifice her life to save those who she loves, her children or her partner. If she feels your ignorance or lack of respect, she can stay silent just to save your relationship. Yet, she will never forget her offense.

Cancer women like genuine and friendly people, so there is no rocket science in trying to win her heart. Just be honest and show your love with emotions and support. Empathize with her feelings and pay attention to her sentiments. Cancer woman is a good listener and will make you feel comfortable with her. If you want to make her equally happy, give her the same level of attention and support. She needs it, though she will never ask for it aloud.

Cancer Woman Likes and Dislikes

Cancer women often value stability and don’t want to change. She doesn’t like refurnishing her house because everything is already so neat and cozy. She chooses partners who keep their promises and show that they can support and take responsibility. Cancer women like learning about the past and reading history books. Children also have a particular place in the heart of these women.

The top hates of a Cancer woman are lies, betrayal, indecisiveness, aggressiveness, and change. She won’t choose a partner who can show cruelty or seeks public attention. This woman needs genuine feelings and can easily sort out who is really suffering and who just loves pleasing his ego. Cancer is also not the one to keep complaining about health or relationships. She avoids negative thinking because she knows how dangerous it is for her.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Cancer Woman

The easiest way to find a present for your Cancer woman is to listen carefully to what she says. Show that you care by buying her the things she loves even without special occasions. For a special day, choose something practical and romantic at the same time. A lovely cushion, a luxe blanket, or decor for her house will be fine. Emotions matter more than price. If your gift comes from the heart, she will love it no matter what it is.

Cancer Woman Compatibility

Taurus is the best match for Cancer women. Both signs are very gentle and sympathetic. They will equally see family values, love, and relationships. Taurus and Cancer will learn together how to forgive and understand each other.

Another perfect example of compatibility is Cancer and Virgo. An emotional Cancer woman will sometimes get upset with the reasonable views of Virgo. However, if partners manage to accept each other’s way of thinking, they will find a perfect balance of rational thinking and intuitive perception.

Cancer woman compatibility with a Scorpio partner can be quite good if Scorpio manages to accept their emotions and develop a connection on a very deep level. This is the case when partners understand each other without words and finish each other’s sentences. Cancer is an ideal person to sympathize with a defensive Scorpio. In this relationship, Scorpio will find the eternal love they are looking for, and Cancer will get a trustworthy partner.

Famous Cancer Females

Princess Diana, Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie, Meryl Streep, Sofia Vergara, Jennette McCurdy, Pamela Anderson, Frida Kahlo, Nicole Scherzinger, Kristen Bell, Linda Cardellini, Liv Tyler, Eva Green, Michelle Rodriguez.

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