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Virgo Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 23 August – 22 September
  • Element: Earth

Characteristics of a Virgo Man

A Virgo man is practical and attentive to detail. He sets clear goals and creates plans to attain them. Though perfectionism allows Virgo to achieve a lot, he can become too obsessed with this idea. A Virgo male is often neat and attractive. His bright appearance will definitely attract your attention. 

Common Virgo men traits are the desire to help people and the ability to solve challenges. These guys have sound logic to find the reasons for any problem. 

A thoughtful Virgo male finds it hard to tell his partner about his feelings. So don’t think that his distant behavior is a bad sign. Perhaps, he just doesn’t have the right words.

Virgo Man in Love

The Earth characteristics and the mutable nature of this zodiac sign together form very specific Virgo men traits. This guy is a difficult partner. A Virgo man has a particular vision of his perfect soulmate and is quite stubborn trying to reach his expectations. Even in a relationship, the Virgo man will keep hesitating whether his feelings are true. If he decides that he has made a mistake, a Virgo male can easily part and go searching for the love of his life. 

Dating a Virgo man is not easy. He wants to be the leader and finds it hard to admit mistakes. Though he won’t accept his guilt, Virgo will analyze any criticism and return to your quarrel in his mind.

Virgo Man in Bed

This guy won’t start kissing in public on the first date. He is also not the one to expect quick sex. A Virgo man in love is never vulgar or fast. He will take care of all the details to please you. Virgo usually has some inner methodology that he follows to satisfy his partner. He tries to make everything ideally and sometimes it looks as if he is more interested in how you both look than in the passion and senses between partners. A Virgo man is often cold in bed and sometimes avoids sex after getting married. 

Virgo Man Sexuality

This man is probably not the best lover. The insecurity and desire to be the best one in everything often make a Virgo man in love quite critical. He will try to hide his own fear by showing boredom or picking on his partner. Still, this man likes to serve and get approval, so he is eager to please his partner with his knowledge of the body and ways of giving pleasure. Dating a Virgo male, be very confident in your appearance so that you could ignore his negative comments. 

Virgo Man in Relationships

Virgo man traits are influenced by Mercury and hence are quite controversial. On the one hand, Virgo is not a master of showing love, compassion, and intimacy. He is very basic and superficial when it comes to personal matters. On the other hand, a strong intellect of a Virgo male allows him to keep his relationship and revive the love if needed. Virgo men like traditions and are often looking for a person who can take care of them while they are busy with more important matters. In general, Virgo is looking for long-term relationships and avoids quick bonds. 

Can You Trust Your Virgo Man

A Virgo man is looking for fairness in everything. He is obsessed with being honest and dealing with honest people. If he somehow decides that you are not trustworthy, he will find another person. He can lie to you if he fails to notice that he is lying to himself as well. 

Dating a Virgo Man

Dating a Virgo male takes preparation. He will be always smartly dressed for your date and will expect a similar attitude from you. So, your hair, make-up, and outfit should be elegant and stylish. 

If he calls you home, you should still avoid being too laid back. Show him that you care and hint at your feelings, otherwise, he will leave first trying to run away from your rejection. 

Though the changeable nature of a Virgo man can annoy some people, he definitely has everything to keep your dating exciting and free of routine. Virgo likes luxurious places and prefers high quality restaurants if he asks you out. Sometimes he is caring and tender, and the other day he is way too pragmatic. He hates boredom and prefers choosing different places for dating every time. 

How Not to Date a Virgo Man

Though a Virgo male is ready to help you, he is not the man you can use to achieve your personal goals. Virgo men respect traditions and see a man as a breadwinner. However, he doesn’t like partners who can’t earn enough for their wants. He also hates moody partners and can’t put up with people who complain or quarrel a lot. 

Perfect Date for a Virgo Man

Dating a Virgo man is dating a perfectionist. If you are planning your weekend, it should be just ideal. Check your tickets and bookings, be prepared and calm. If you manage to foresee every possible issue and still show that it is easy for you, your Virgo male will be in seventh heaven. A Virgo man doesn’t like wasting money, so you can win some points by showing your practicality.

Understanding a Virgo Man

It is important to know that there are two common Virgo man traits, a strong analytical mind and the desire to do something big. Unless he finds a way to apply these qualities at work, he will start being too attentive to his partner, remembering every word and intonation you use. Your relationship will be safe if your Virgo man always has something to do about the house, fixing it and bringing it to perfection.

In all, a Virgo man is ready to sacrifice himself for the better of those who he loves, so he can search for a better job to earn for the family and relocate just to make you happy. Unfortunately, the love of a Virgo man is not eternal and he can not be as reliable as you want him to be. 

Virgo Man Likes and Dislikes

A Virgo man in love needs a caring partner. These men choose women who can be gentle and supportive, however difficult the matters are. He likes emotional connection and prefers calm and tolerant women who are ready to listen and empathize. He needs understanding and patience. Dating a Virgo man, you can notice that this smart guy is fond of reading and discussing intellectual things. He is also interested in sports and a healthy lifestyle. 

Virgo men dislike a lack of balance, be it noise, dirt, or hassle. Uncertainty is another thing that makes them stressed. 

How to Choose a Gift for Your Virgo Man

Though family traditions and anniversaries are important for a Virgo man, he is not very interested in presents. In general, Virgo men like practical things and will appreciate any tools or labor-saving devices. This hardworking person will also be happy to get something that makes him more effective, be it a simple pen and notebook or a laptop. His analytical and smart mind will also appreciate a book on illustration, technology, the latest inventions, or scientific discoveries. 

Virgo Man Compatibility

A Virgo man can find his happiness with a Taurus partner. While Taurus will give him the passion and kindness he needs, Virgo will pay back with a fair and smart understanding of the things which a Taurus usually treats very idealistically. If both signs manage to leave their distrust aside, they will live in peace and balance. Another match is Virgo and Cancer. Though they may quarrel because of a very emotional state of Cancer and a too rational one of a Virgo man, they can perfectly complement each other. What about Virgo and Scorpio? A changeable soul of Virgo can find his inner balance living with a fixed Scorpio. The key challenge of this couple is to develop mutual gratitude and stop controlling each other’s lives. If they manage to do this, this couple will live together happily. 

Famous Virgo Males

Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Prince Harry, Michael Keaton, Michael Jackson, Keanu Reeves, Jack Black, Warren Buffett, Sean Connery, Chris Pine, Stephen King.

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