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There is such a fuss made about introvert and extrovert relations. As if they were no introverts before! Now nobody knows how to deal with them. 

Introverts are not aliens and not asocial types. They just draw energy from the inside, not the outside. Therefore, they sometimes need to shut down from society to reboot the system, and their behavior seems strange. Here are some points you should know dating an introverted man.

  1. Nature does not like a vacuum, and the introvert does not like empty talk

Their social energy is limited, so it makes no sense to spend on something that does not matter. Deep conversations attract them much more, while “how are you” dialogue seems insincere. They love face-to-face communication and do not tolerate the didactic tone of voice.

  1. Introvert hates phone

Dates have a rule – to call in 2−3 days. Call, not write, because it is more personal and pleasant. And introverts are fighting to call and answer. The calls interrupt their internal work, break through the protective barrier, and … yes, they often carry uninformative conversations. So if you call an introvert, speak quickly and closer to home. And if you do not get through, leave a voice message: surely he is hypnotizing the phone, which should already stop ringing.

  1. Don’t be fond of chatting

If instead of calls you have chosen messages, do not write them round the clock and do not wait for an answer to everything. Introverts are already annoyed by the very fact of the appearance of a message, let alone respond … Moreover, meaningless conversations are also an integral part of it. So texting is not a long term option.

  1. He needs to be convinced of your sincerity

Showing real interest in the words and deeds of the introvert, attention to detail in the conversation – this is what he really appreciates. Keep your wits about you!

  1. Do not force him to change plans

“What are you doing in the evening?” you write to him. And he has already planned to lye on the couch pretending to be a plant watching his favorite movie with pizza and lemonade on his chest. And it is difficult for him to change everything to hang out with you a little. Warn him.

  1. Introverts need time and space for themselves

If you do not need that, that’s fine. Go where you want and do not force him to accompany you or feel guilty for not going. Yes, he can spend the weekend at home, leave in the middle of a party or in the process of a conversation, but this does not mean that you are bound to him, you can freely do what you want.

  1. He will always listen and support you

He really wants you to be happy! If you need a companion for all the madness, the introvert is unlikely to fit. But if you agree to waffle on less and give your partner space and time for loneliness, everything will be fine for a long time.

  1. Do not worry if your relationship develops too slowly

The introvert’s comfort zone is an impenetrable wall that is extremely hard to overcome. But according to statistics, this relationship is stronger and more durable than any other.

  1. If the introvert has started telling you more than usual, then know that you have reached a new level of relationships! 

Trust is the main indicator that he appreciates you. Therefore, do not frighten him with eternal criticism or misunderstanding. Just support him and stay close. And, by the way, at this very moment, you will learn to estimate human relations.

  1. Do not think that the introvert treats you the same way as others 

Remember that for him, you are a whole world, which is different from all others around. Appreciate it! 

So what is the bottom line? Introversion is not a defect you should try to avoid. If you are dating an introverted guy, you are a lucky woman. He will cosset you and try to do everything for you. So treasure it!

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