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In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 124.6 million Americans (16+) were single. This is 50.2 percent of the population. Millions use online dating platforms. If this description suits you too, you may have wondered: “How to design a profile on a dating site?” We’ve put together a few ideas for you that can help you optimize your profile.

1. Hobbies

As numerous polls show, people believe that common interests are vital. Our first advice would be: replace vague words like music or sports with 3-5 things you do. Surfing, rock and reading – this is what helps your profile to appear in the SERP. Be careful about mentioning religion or politics – it can scare people away.

2. Put it simple

The most attractive profiles are those in which there are no grammatical or punctuation mistakes. However, don’t get carried away. Simple words attract people and they perceive information about you better.

3. Photo

In the online dating world, photos are the most important thing. There is even nothing to add here.

  • Choose a photo that reflects your personality.
  • Smile. So you automatically become friendly and supportive.
  • Choose a photo you like.

4. Expectations

In the profile description, tell people about yourself and who you are looking for. So you will immediately find your circle of friends with the same goals.

5. Sociability

Don’t be afraid to write first or ask questions. Starting a dialogue with “What’s up” may be quite dull, but we have an idea. For example, find out which Star Wars hero the person likes the most (think of something based on his/her hobbies). So you have it both ways: friendly conversation and a person with similar interests.

Now you have ideas about your online dating profile improvement. Good luck and stay tuned for our new posts!

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