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Decided to find your love on the Internet? Then it is time to create a profile on a dating site. Now you have probably noticed that there is room for a “headline” in the profile, much like in a news article. This works like a clickbait heading on Instagram or YouTube.

The profile heading is what people read first when they stumble upon you. Your headline is a reflection of you and your goals. This (except for the photo) is the determining factor, whether they will write to you or not. We have put together some heading ideas for you.

“You will never believe why I ___”

Add an intriguing or funny fact about yourself and boom — the profile header is ready. People will want to know more about you, as this creates some mystery.

“I am looking for someone to <activity>”

Such a headline will immediately let people know what you expect from them and who you are looking for. If you need only friendship, you can write “I am looking for a friend to drink coffee”. By mentioning what you like, you increase the chance of finding someone you like.

“I have an MBA, I love food from McDonald’s, and I am looking for a partner for video games”

One successful option may be a combination of your description and expectations. Using this headline, you will attract “a person of interest”.

“Looking for my Netflix&Chill”

Such a headline is both funny and cocky. If you do not need a long-term relationship, then this option is just right. This phrase is rooted in colloquial speech and has become part of the culture. Who knows, maybe watching TV over time will turn into something more.

“I am ambitious, smart, and beautiful”

If you want your profile to appear more often in search results, then you should mention the most popular characteristics. For girls, this is sweet, ambitious, and thoughtful. For the male profile, choose physically fit, ambitious, and faithful.

We hope you got ideas on what to write in the dating profile headlines. Stay tuned for updates!

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