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If you and your best friend are single, your romantic relationships don’t add up, sooner or later you will think about your dating. How that goes at movies, two friends realize that they always loved each other, they overcome obstacles together and the film ends happily. Yes, dating your best friend is a risky solution, you can ruin your friendship as well as find something special, but no pain, no gain, they say. We gathered several tips that will help you make this step into the unknown.

#1. Your best friend has more chances to be the one

Your best friend is the closest person in your life except for family members, so it can be the main reason to try to create romantic relationships with him or her. You already have a connection, you take care of each other, so you can try to change your point of view. 

It sounds simpler than meeting online and dating strangers. You shouldn’t forget about romantic courtship if you want to try dating your best friend. Doing so you can find something new in your friend and you both deserve a beautiful romantic story with flowers, small surprises, and sensual revelations. 

#2. You both are interested in a future relationship

When you meet with a stranger, you can’t be sure that he or she likes you and is interested in your common future and it wasn’t your last dinner together. It’s so simple to delete the phone number and stop chatting without explanation. It doesn’t happen when you will date your best friend. You both spent a lot of time together and appreciate each other. If you decide to date, you both take these risks and don’t want to lose your good relations. Your friend will be honest with you, you have a lot in common, he or she shares your interests and life values, so he or she wouldn’t hurt you.   

#3. Your best friend knows what you need to be happy

Everybody loves good dinner, spontaneous flowers, and pleasant messages at bedtime. But it is needed time to know what exactly makes a person happy. Your best friend already knows it and can give it to you, he can make you smile and happy just like he or she did it before. It can be that you fought or annoyed each other but you know how to make up. Remember that there is a fine line between love and hate and you both have what to lose.

You both had already a good time together: you had gone to the movies, to the stadium or spent a perfect time at home with board games and big portions of hot chocolate. Now you can do the same and call it “dating”. 

#4. Your best friend remember your past relationships

It can be hard to start a new relationship if your previous love story wasn’t happy. You can be afraid that it will happen again: pain, misunderstanding, etc. You should decide whether to tell your partner about your past or not. His or her reaction also can be different. But you shouldn’t think about it when you date with your best friend: you discussed it a lot of times and he or she is aware of all errors that previous partners made. He or she was near in your bad times and these obstacles help you feel safe and secure. But you shouldn’t depend on your high expectations: he or she can forget some details or even don’t know it. Be patient and thankful for all that your best friend did for you, now you are together and it is magic.

#5. Your best friend already loves you

You and your best friend know all the bad habits of each other and accept it. He or she saw you in a gorgeous outfit and in a stretched leisure coat, they resigned themselves to your eternal tardiness, your crazy collection of pillows, and more. He or she cried and laughed with you, cooked soup when you were ill, and celebrated your promotion: they already love you. But it doesn’t mean that you can forget about self-care and self-development: all relationships require hard work from both partners, so show your best for a happy future with your more than the best friend.

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