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Sometimes, relationships end. It’s Ok, we can get over it. Read how to do that. But still, every second woman asks only one question — what went wrong?

After all, everything was perfect, you both more than invested in a relationship, but suddenly — bang! And it all crashed. Why is love over? We have 5 answers.

You stopped taking care of yourself

This is not only about going to the gym but also the habit of looking at a home, even if your man is not next to you. At the beginning of the relationship, everyone is trying to look like they are walking the red carpet for an award. 

“I’m at home, so I can put on an old T-shirt” thoughts come to you more often. It seems that your man does not notice this because he is silent. But subconsciously, every time he looks at ‘such’ you, he sees in front of him not the one he once fell in love with. A man feels differently, sometimes deceived.

You do not need your man as before

You can bring three heavy bags from the store, return home late at night, independently resolve all issues, and stuff. If you start to do everything that your baby once helped you in, that’s a problem.

You stopped to be feminine, tender and sensitive. You cope with everything yourself and leave no room for a man to be a man and to help you.

You take everything for granted

If you do not thank your man anymore, over time he starts feeling underappreciated. A man can do great things for a woman. He may not think about it at the moment of action, but he does not want to enjoy the final result alone. 

Even if these are little things, the lack of gratitude from a woman is summarized in the overall picture, as a result of which the man no longer wants to please his woman. Yes, men also want to see your admiring gaze.

You are obsessed with him

A man becomes the center of your universe, you devote every second of your life to him. You forget about your hobbies, as well as about the fact that everyone needs personal space. 

The obsession is directly related to the fears and lack of a woman’s life. As a result of this, the man not only does not feel freedom, but his woman loses attractiveness in his eyes. And over time, he moves farther and farther, because the woman comes closer and closer. 

Your hobbies and interests… do you have them?

A woman who is fond of something is interesting to a man. And when a woman makes sacrifices for the sake of a relationship, over time it turns into a tragedy in which she herself suffers most. This mistake is made by so many women.

For some reason, it seems to girls that the peak of personal self-development has been reached – she is married, or she is dating. Very often women are afraid that they will not be able to keep up with everything and abandon their business/hobbies for the sake of family and relationship. That’s wrong approach.

A work that brings pleasure is always inspiring and internally energizing. This makes a woman even more attractive. She always has something to tell, she has many friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Her life is incredibly interesting.

A man admires such a woman, because every day she develops, changes, becomes better. Such a woman will never think that her man can leave. And he won’t want to.

Try to avoid these 5 points and safe your beautiful relationship!


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