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When you love someone so much, it is bad, both for you and the one you love. It’s time to figure out why it is really dangerous to love too much.

What does it mean to love too much?

If love for us means suffering, we love too much.

When most of our conversations with close friends are devoted to this person – their problems, thoughts and feelings – and almost all of our sentences begin with “He/she…”, we love too much.

When we do not like many of the basic traits of their character, their values, or ways of behavior, but we put up with it, thinking that if we become gentle and attractive enough, then they will want to change for us, we love them too much.

When our relationships threaten our emotional well-being and perhaps even our safety and health, we definitely love too much.

Loving someone so much… it hurts. Try not to do that. Focus on yourself instead – that’s the only thing you should really do for yourself. We’ve already talked about reasons for smothering and ways to avoid it.

Why is too much love dangerous for you?

When you love too much, you are very dependent. And this results in the following 6 points.

1. You are obsessed with one person and stop communicating with others

It‘s harmful to you. Building connections and communication is much harder than losing them. Often people plunge into their relationships so deeply that they simply forget about those with whom they were friends before.

After a while, it will be very difficult to restore contacts. It is unlikely that you will be satisfied having lost all the friends. One day you may want to bring these people back again.

2. As a rule, the vital interests of a person who loves too much are limited to the world of a loved one

That is, a lover stops doing what they love and forget about their own hobbies.

Of course, they use the opportunity to learn something new in order to get closer to their soulmate, but it sounds more like living someone else’s life. It will destroy you eventually.

3. The fear of breaking up is stronger than anything else

A person can’t control himself and becomes easily irritable. This is not surprising — they sit on a powder keg, expecting that their happiness is about to end all the time, even if, in general, everything is okay.

4. A person who loves too much takes everything that concerns his lover very much to heart

They are ready to pull their hair out and fight in tantrums if a loved one caught the flu. And, as a rule, there are not many benefits in having such people nearby.

They won’t be of much help. It’s more likely that they will take another alprazolam pill and cry out. The fear of losing a loved one is so strong in them that they panic, and they can not do anything, even if they can actually help.

5. Hypersensitivity is dangerous, especially if you two dream about a child

In this case, the newborn is perceived not only as a love child but also as a kind of “competitor” for the attention of a bae. Therefore, loving husbands are often jealous of their own child, blaming wives for being completely immersed in maternal concerns, forgetting about them.

A woman who has very strong feelings for the child’s father will be subconsciously angry with the baby: caring for young children, especially breastfeeding, is a very time-consuming process. To some extent, the woman will be offended that she does not have the time and energy left for her beloved one.

6. The very person who is loved too much won’t be your sweet bunny

People like hyper care and hyper love only in the first stages of the relationships. And then they will literally put pressure on a person because they want to break free and spread their wings again.

Tune2Love final word

We hope we managed to convey a message that love is great. But you should never forget that you are a person, an individual and you don’t need anybody to feel complete!

Love yourself more,

Your Tune2Love ❤️

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