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These 10 things between you and your mate will make her get busy with another man. 

Do not think that all girls are angels. The bitter truth is that about 20% of women cheat on their mates. However, they do not jump into bed with strangers accidentally. In most cases, a woman has a sound reason to give it to another man. If you know them, you can quickly spot the first signs of her cheating and react. 

So, take a look at these top 10 motivators that encourage her to sleep with someone else and make sure you know how to prevent such scenarios. 

1. Revenge

However trite it may sound, male adultery is the most common cause of female cheating. In this case, unfaithfulness becomes a remedy for her broken heart. After cheating back, her pain is getting less severe and her self-esteem is returning back. 

As you sow, so shall you reap. Don’t second-guess your marriage and she won’t get busy with another man.

2. Your indifference

The point is about your indifference. You won her heart, brought flowers and gifts, showered her with compliments—and then it all gradually faded away. 

You conquered her and lost your interest, but she didn’t lose her emotions. Now you take her for granted. It’s comfortable to be with her and you don’t even think about other things. This is the main mistake of many men.

If you want to build strong and long-term relationships, you should win your girlfriend every day, again and again. Be attentive. Create unique moments. Let her feel special and know that you love her. 

3. Sexual dissatisfaction

People used to believe that sex was only for men. Can you imagine that? In fact, female orgasm helps women combat depression, boost their self-esteem, and even decrease the risk of gynecological diseases. If she can’t get all these perks with you, sooner or later, she will find them somewhere else.

4. Low self-esteem

Of course, for her, the easiest way to increase her self-esteem is to realize that other men want her. Often this desire arises with age. Once again, a woman wants to be loved and feel unique. This makes her desire to find herself in a hot embrace and feel the fresh breath of love. 

Do you remember the last time you complimented your girlfriend? When did you tell her she was beautiful? How long is it since you had sex with her not at home in your bed? If you don’t know the answers, do not be surprised that your girlfriend will start looking for these things in other men.

5. Ordinariness

You have been living together for several years. For her, you are an open book to which she is rapidly losing interest. Relationships require hard daily work. A woman always needs actions and signs of attention. Try to shake up your “being together.” 

6. Constant quarrels 

All couples face quarrels, conflicts, and scandals. That’s OK. But if this is the only way for your relationship to exist, then do not expect much. Once the girl gets tired of the nervous atmosphere at home, she will go to where she can feel calm and comfortable.

7. Your jealousy

Yes, it sounds paradoxical, but your baseless jealousy will eventually make her want to get busy with another man. If you control her like crazy, she will get tired of it. No matter how faithful she is, not a single girl can stand such a thing. Learn to control your jealousy and don’t let it ruin your relationship.

8. Need to act like a man

At some point, you just became sunk in sloth and let her wear the trousers. You do not help her in everyday routine. You believe that she can manage all her problems and don’t even try to help her. A moment when she realizes that she wants to be weak and fragile will catch you up. Soon she will choose the man with whom she can feel like a girl. 

9. Few emotions

Women are very emotional creatures. They constantly need some kind of emotional nourishment. Otherwise, girls become bored at some point. 

Try to surprise her as often as possible. Be attentive to her desires and create memorable and special moments to dilute the dull and all-too-familiar life. If you just come from work with flowers, it will please her in a mindless way.

Travel together. It will give you a very cool emotional charge, which will last for a long time. Be creative and react to her unspoken hints.

10. Loneliness 

If you have a million things to do every day, such as calls, work, meetings with friends, and business trips, the game is over. Say goodbye to your girlfriend and wish her all the best.

She needs to feel your presence so that she can rely on you. And if you are always absent, she will start to feel like she is alone.

Try to devote as much time as possible to your girlfriend. You don’t need to be with her 24/7, but at least several times a week set aside some time for her. Even if you are physically far from your mate, let her know that you are still together. 

It looks pretty hard, right? Keep your head up! The matter is that though girls have around 10 different reasons to cheat on you, it doesn’t mean that they will. By their very nature, women strive for faithfulness and devotion. Thus, nourish and cherish your girl, and she will never ever think about other men!

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