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I dedicate this article to those who are single and tries to find some pluses in it and to those who are fed up with ill relationships! Guys, no panic!

Relationships are great. There is always someone next to you. Someone you love and who loves you. Someone who will support you. Someone you can rely on. But, there is always BUT. Some things are annoying. I’m sure you’ll agree with me! So, why dating sucks? Let’s dog into the question!

  1. You have to talk to him/her constantly. You can’t just ignore the person you’re dating because it is not what you are supposed to do. But sometimes you want to turn off the phone for the whole day.
  2. They sometimes forget the previous point! Especially if you are lucky to meet with a keen person who has a hobby.
  3. It is expensive! Dinner in a cafe is an obligatory item but figures in the cheque can spoil this wonderful night. There is no doubt that dating is not for poor people. Relationships are a money-drawing concept — all these gifts for Valentine’s Day. And for Christmas! So do the math. If you have problems with finances, then you need to hope that your crush will appreciate all those pigs and whistles that you do to make her/his life better.
  4. When he/she is in a bad mood, you also become ‘infected’ with it. This is Love. But it is so annoying …
  5. Or worse, when he/she is in a bad mood, he/she behaves like a real moron. Cool … Mmm … Let’s calm down first, and then we’ll talk.
  6. You can’t play about with your appearance. No, this does not mean that you can not experiment with your appearance or clothing, being in a relationship. But when you are not in a relationship, it can help you to wake up a little. Loneliness is a good time for self-discovery and gaining a sense of identity. The way you look is an expression of your self-perception.
  7. You forget about your personality. There is no doubt that when you are in a relationship, you experienced personal growth. If you constantly feel that you are developing as an individual, then the relationship you are in can be called healthy. The time that you have after breaking up, you can spend on to learn to love yourself. When you are in a relationship, it’s very easy to lose your identity. However, having begun to rebuild it anew, you may notice that you have become much stronger than you were before. 
  8. You argue on the most idiotic reasons. It’s unavoidable.
  9. Even if you do not like his/her friends, you have to communicate with them. And you can’t do anything about it.
  10. You have to do a bunch of ridiculous things you don’t want to do. And you can’t tell him/her how much you hate these idiotic hobbies. When you do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you can do everything you want. It gives a feeling of freedom and independence. You can’t focus on your desires.

    why dating sucks
    why dating sucks

  11. You can’t work on your hobbies. Many people sacrifice their hobbies and interests for the sake of relationships, especially if they already last long enough because there is not enough time for everything. When you do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you can spend your free time to expand your interests. After parting, there is nothing worse than staying at home and doing nothing. You should not stand still. Continue to develop as a person.
  12. You have to take him into account in your plans. You can’t just decide to do something without your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  13. You can’t focus on your work and other commitments. When you are passionate about your soulmate, different areas of your life can slip away. If you want to build a career or devote more time to any other time-consuming activities, lack of a relationship can be an excellent opportunity to carry out your plans.
  14. Sometimes you want to be alone, but you can’t admit it.
  15. You can’t give somebody some play. Forget about dating! This is too hard! Sometimes sitting alone with a glass of wine, flipping through Tinder, is much more pleasant. If you recently broke up with a partner, then at first you will not feel as confident as you once were. One way to handle this is to flirt left and right.
  16. He/she finds ridiculous, idiotic jokes are funny. And you feel like “Mmm … are you serious ??? !!! Come on?!”
  17. You spend less time with friends. And this is a fact. When you are in a relationship, you spend most of your time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. For this reason, after breaking up, you may be in a state of shock for some time. You have a lot of free time that you most likely want to spend with old friends because when you were in a relationship, you probably saw them very rarely.
  18. You feel comfortable. This is not bad. But that can quickly lead to a routine and boredom.

Wow, 18, lucky number! I hope you managed to see the benefits you get being single as a dollar bill and feel much better now. Develop yourself, enjoy your life. All the best to you!

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