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Truth or Dare is a classic party game, which allows you to get to know your friends, crushes, and acquaintances better. Get ready for the unforgettable experience full of awkward questions and dares!

The time has come, you have to kiss someone as a dare. And what to do if that’s your first kiss, and what if you see the guy for the first time? Take the following steps, and this truth or dare kiss will become the best in your life!

Start with build-up!

  1. Make sure it’s not a joke. It would be great if you clarify whether the person is serious about the dare. Otherwise, it would be a little awkward for you.  But hold yourself up, don’t ask “Are you sure?” ten times in a row – you will look like a scaredy-cat.
  2. If you DO have to kiss someone, take it easy. Just do it; do not think about any consequences.
  3. Take a nice deep breath to start to think clearly and get its act together. If it doesn’t help, it won’t harm you anyway.
  4. Relax, remember, that it’s just a game, nobody will think of you as a fool. The more you wait and play for time, so much the worse for you. Wait for 20 sec and then act!
  5. Don’t forget to make use of chewing gum and spray to make your breath fresh as if you were bathing in a mint infusion. Anyway, you don’t really want the person you have to kiss to complain about the unpleasant breath odor afterward.
  6. Apply hygienic lipstick to your lips to moisturize and soften. Do not overdo. Wipe lips to remove residual unabated lipstick. You do not need to put tons of bright lipstick on your lips. Otherwise, it will make them sticky, and you will look silly. Good hygienic lipstick smells good and can cheer you up a little!
  7. Most likely, you and the person whom you need to kiss will not be alone, because you need someone who will make sure that you really accepted the dare. This fact may make you worry, but keep yourself well in hand! Breathe deeply and remember that you’ve given yourself only 20 seconds to pluck up courage.

It’s time to play rough!

  1. Get closer to this person. Try not to look into his eyes because it can only increase your fear and anxiety. For a moment, look at the lips of this person, so that you do not accidentally get lost and ‘make a poor shot.’
  2. If you feel that you cannot lift your eyes and look at the lips of the one you need to kiss, just skip this step.
  3. After you convinced yourself that you are able to do this, gather your courage, approach the lucky and kiss. Then come off as calmly as you can and without a single word. 
  4. Do not push! If everything goes well, that’s fine, but if not, do not push. No need to try to “persuade” someone, otherwise you will offend a person, and your reputation will obviously suffer.
  5. Do not try to show your French kissing skills. Regardless of how well you kiss, it is better to leave this venture. Otherwise, you risk making a qualified fool of yourself.

Straight after

  1. Immediately pat yourself on the back. You used your twenty seconds, gathered your courage, and completed the work – this is a great achievement for you, and besides, you withstood the dare.
  2. After you have praised yourself, do not reflect on how beautiful or terrible the kiss was. The more you share your impressions, the brighter will be the rumors around you.
  3. Behave as nothing has happened. If someone starts asking questions, tell them: “I did it as a dare. That’s all”. Keep calm. If you do this and behave calmly, most likely there will be no rumors and crawl, and your reputation may even grow.
  4. Do not share with anyone any details, so as not to cause a stir. The less you remember about it, the sooner others will forget about it.

I hope you are proud of yourself now. xoxo

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