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Online Dating and Relationship Advices

Online dating has long ceased to be something shameful or frightening. More and more people are getting acquainted online. Let’s figure it out whether it’s good or not.


#1. Service Popularity

If you are afraid to seem like a black sheep, then in vain. Half of the Americans at least once used dating apps.

#2. Search based on compatibility

One of the key reasons why people love dating sites is convenience. You can immediately minimize the awkwardness of the first meeting by finding someone with similar hobbies or musical tastes.

#3. 1 of 5 pairs starts online

There are many success stories when people built happy relationships when they met on the Internet. So there is a chance that your fate awaits you there.

#4. Many options

Social networks provide a lot of opportunities. You can communicate not only with people with whom you go to work or study in college. You can find a person based on your preferences, whether external or internal characteristics.


#1. Lots of profiles

At first glance, the choice seems very large, but to find someone suitable, you just need to look through a few dozens of profiles. Do not use many dating apps at once. Select one that is most suitable for you and swipe there.

#2. False information in profiles

This is no secret to anyone. Men more often lie about age, height and income. Women mislead about weight, height and age.

#3. Hard to trust a stranger

Online dating can be a scam, so you need to be careful. Also, online communication without physical interaction leads to misinterpretation of words or intonations.

#4. Offline dating is still the leader

Despite the popularity of online dating, according to statistics, more than 60% of couples met their partners in the company of mutual friends.

Like dating in the real world, online dating can be difficult, and there will always be pros and cons to any dating scenario. Whatever you decide, good luck and happy dating!

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