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Aries Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 21 March – 19 April
  • Element: Fire

Characteristics of an Aries Man

It is quite easy to identify Aries men in the crowd. This is a passionate, handsome guy with an athletic body and a brave character. Aries is always in the center of women’s attention. His smile makes it hard to resist his charm. Yet, a hot temper often adds spice to his relationships.

An optimistic and motivated Aries male is ready to face challenges and sometimes can be too impatient, willing to show his strengths. People can treat his optimism as childish behavior and irresponsibility.

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Aries Man in Love

Dating an Aries man sometimes resembles a battlefield. An Aries man likes challenges and wants to conquer your heart. Don’t be turned off by his bravery and stubbornness, this man can be caring and kind when he wins the competition for your attention. If you hate dull discussions and dates, then you will definitely like falling in love with this guy. Aries men traits make these guys innovators and doers. Your relationship will never become a routine unless you want it. Just keep pace with his thoughts and ideas and you will never get bored.

An Aries man in love is nothing close to the mystery. He will either chase you like a wanted treasure or suddenly become distant and unable to talk to you. Anyway, Aries will start acting differently the moment he realizes that you are more than a friend or a stranger to him. In most cases, Aries men are very persistent. They make multiple attempts to show you that you are destined for each other. He will fight for your love.

Aries Man in Bed

An Aries male is not a romantic dreamer. Instead, he is a hunter who knows how to seduce women. He is interested in sex and can freely initiate it. An Aries man in love is hot and passionate. He is ready to experiment; however, he is too self-centered. Aries thinks about their own pleasure more than about the feelings of their partners. He is also not the one to continue cuddling after sex, so if you need more manifestation of affection, it is better to look for another partner.

Aries Man Sexuality

Aries men know about their sexuality and like to show their body and desire. Dating an Aries man, you will soon notice that he prefers open communication. He doesn’t like shyness and shame. A confident woman who enjoys her body is much more attractive for an Aries male than a romantic lady. Aries reacts to sexual signs, such as red lips, a sexy walk, or a smile. If you want to attract his attention, let him chase you. Hint at your interest but keep all your secrets to yourself. An Aries man will like to discover your mystery.

Aries Man in Relationships

Aries men traits are not about empathy and understanding. Aries is a hot-blooded conqueror who simply has little time to study the psychology of his partner. He wants to lead and considers that a man should be superior in a relationship. Aries also has his life rules and wants everybody to follow them. However, his bonds and love can be strong for a long time only if he finds an equally independent partner. Aries will soon get tired of a needy woman.

Can You Trust Your Aries Man

Aries is handsome, courageous, and really hard to resist. He is a lady’s man who knows for sure how to be gallant and attractive to women. Unfortunately, you can’t be totally sure of his emotions. He can act equally perfectly trying to seduce one more woman and chasing the love of his whole life. Let him experience deep emotions while attempting to win your heart. If he chooses you, he will find the needed sincerity,  bravery, and loyalty deep in his soul.

Dating an Aries Man

For all lovers of romance, an Aries male is not the guy to fulfill dreams. He will do everything his way, whether you like it or not. He is likely to choose the restaurant and dateы himself. Aries will not waste time on long online chatting and texting. He will ask you out, order food for you, and buy tickets to the movie he likes. Dating an Aries male, be sure that he wants sex every time you meet. It will be hard to wait for him even on the first date.

Sometimes you will get annoyed at how he tries to control everyone and everything. However, this doesn’t mean that an Aries man expects you to be passive. He likes strong, smart, and independent women. So, you can show your temper and express your personality, he will like it.

How Not to Date an Aries Man

Self-esteem is crucial for an Aries man, so don’t try to make fun of him in the company of his friends or relatives. Respect his ambitious and strong personality, and he will be with you. Remember about his hot temper and love for independence. Use all your patience and understanding to avoid escalating conflicts.

Perfect Date for an Aries Man

If you are already dating an Aries male, you probably know that an ideal date is long and full of action. He likes to do some crazy stuff together with his soulmate, so feel free to choose a spontaneous drive to the seaside, go-karts, or rock climbing. He will like everything that lets him compete and laugh.

Understanding an Aries Man

At a glance, this guy is strong, stubborn, and even aggressive. Aries male traits contribute to a rough image however smart or intelligent he is. Yet, everything changes when he finds his ideal partner. An Aries man in love is caring and supportive. He likes to help and sometimes turns into a personal guard protecting you from every small evil of this world. Aries men need respect and love more than other zodiac signs. Even though it can be hard for Aries to show his soft nature, your constant tenderness and care will help you melt his heart.

Aries Man Likes and Dislikes

Aries is brave and confident. This initiative person likes to lead, compete, and win. Aries men are looking for challenges, even when it comes to love. This active man will not spend days in front of the screen. He needs to live his life to the fullest.

This desire for domination and self-centered position sometimes make Aries men impulsive and rude. They easily get annoyed when they have to wait or compromise with any limitations. An Aries male will hardly admit his failure as this is a real disaster for his personality.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Aries Man

Dating an Aries male, you will think about buying an appropriate present for him sooner or later. Aries men would be happy to get everything that highlights their masculinity, say, a Swiss knife, practical tools, or something relating to their hobby or favorite sport.

Aries Man Compatibility

Aries men often choose Sagittarius as a partner because these signs have a lot in common. They have to learn to respect the views of each other and enjoy their differences. Sagittarius and Aries will have an exciting time together without any worries about other people’s opinions.

The relationship with Leo will be filled with passion and fights. This will not be a bond based on peace. Yet, these signs will enjoy their fight and laugh together. Aquarius and Aries are a less happy couple that still can survive. Aquarius won’t give the needed emotional support. However, enough physical tenderness will compensate for their emotional distance.

Famous Aries Males

Ewan McGregor, Graham Norton, Eddie Murphy, Heath Ledger, Robert Downey Jr., Piers Morgan, Leonardo da Vinci, Charlie Chaplin, Vincent van Gogh, Jackie Chan, James Franco.

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