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Cancer Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 22 June – 22 July
  • Element: Water

Characteristics of a Cancer Man

Cancer men are very emotional and don’t rush into a relationship. In fact, this guy won’t take the initiative in your relationship, because he is afraid of abandonment. He is sensitive, caring, and devoted. Don’t be surprised if your Cancer still has best friends from the school desk. He values his bonds and makes people feel comfortable with him. A Cancer male is a wonderful husband and a good parent. So, if you don’t want to become a parent right now, you should at least let your Cancerian have a puppy or a kitten. Cancer is also prone to mood swings because of his relation to the Moon.

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Cancer Man in Love

Unlike Sagittarius, Cancer men are not quick to fall in love. Yet, when you get to know each other better, you will discover a truly different Cancer male. He will know exactly what you feel and how to make you happy. However, Cancer requires as much attention as he gives to you. And watch out for your words. A Cancer man gets offended way too easily.

A Cancer man in love tends to stick to rules. If he has a tried and tested way of dating, he will follow his internal guide just to avoid insecurity. This empathetic sign is a good listener and knows how to encourage his partner.

Cancer Man in Bed

A Cancer male is romantic. It is likely that he already has a utopian image of you. So, don’t rush or be vulgar as this will ruin his dreams. Being so sensitive and caring, Cancer men know foreplay. He thinks about his partner and knows how to please you. Remember that Cancer needs care. If you offend him unintentionally, he will hide in his shell and leave you.

Cancer Man Sexuality

Cancer men lack initiative and sex drive. Though their sensuality lets them be perfect lovers, they can have problems with sex because of their shyness. For a Cancer man, sex can’t happen without love and true emotions. Only a caring partner can make him feel ready for the next step. Cancer needs those romantic evenings and looks into each other’s eyes.

Cancer Man in Relationships

Cancer is looking for deep feelings. If he trusts a person, he does it absolutely. One betrayal or negative experience in childhood can make it hard for Cancer to open his heart to another partner.

Dating a Cancer male, you will never see him angry. He can hide his annoyance and mitigate any conflict by giving in. Unfortunately, if his partner is very quarrelsome, this trait can soon cause chronic disease. Arguing is a part of a relationship. Being aware of the Cancer men traits, you can create a safe atmosphere and encourage him to express his opinion. Both partners will win if they can listen to each other and calmly discuss the matter.

Cancer has a good memory and won’t forget about valuable dates in your relationship. He will give you the care and attention you need.

Can You Trust Your Cancer Man

Yes, sure, a Cancer man is one of the most loyal partners in the world. Cancer can keep secrets from you, but only because he is afraid of letting people close to his heart. When he finally feels that he can trust you, a Cancer male will have nothing to hide from you. Cancer men usually don’t lie. They can tell a small lie to protect your feelings or create a special moment for you. Say, he can keep in secret a savings account or planning a tour for your anniversary. Key Cancer male traits, empathy and loyalty, don’t let them cheat on their partners no matter what.

Dating a Cancer Man

To approach a Cancer man, remember about his emotional nature. He likes hugs and embraces. Be kind and caring; an occasional soft touch, a friendly hug — and he will be captured by your warmth and gentleness. Don’t worry, he will respond to you.

Dating a Cancer male, you should also be attentive to your relationship with his family, especially, all the women. Cancer minds the attitude of his mom to his partners and hence it is better to be on good terms with her. Get his mom’s approval, and she will be your best mate in winning the heart of your Cancer man.

Cancer men don’t like noisy bars and risky adventures. They prefer a family atmosphere in a cozy restaurant or a homemade romantic dinner. You can also go for a walk to watch the stars. Dating a Cancer man can be a bit boring for adrenaline-lovers but it is a true treasure for those who like romance.

How Not to Date a Cancer Man

The first and main rule to remember while dating a Cancer man is to be careful about his feelings. Cancer hates embarrassing situations and quarrels. So, stay calm even if the waitress is rude or the driver is wrong. Your Cancer man will have no idea how to make peace between you and your offender. This will make him insecure and set a negative tone for your date.

You should also mind his shyness while asking him out. Send him a message or email, or approach him when he is alone. A Cancer man will get very nervous if you ask him on a date when he is with his friends or colleagues.

Perfect Date for a Cancer Man

A Cancer man will eagerly stay at home for your date. Watching a good emotional movie with his lover is the best calm date ever.

If you are not about staying at home, a drive to the seaside or the river bank will also be a perfect choice. Kayaking, boat riding, or paddleboarding will be funny, adventurous enough, and romantic. Cancer likes water sports and just sitting on the coast and watching the waves. Why not do these things together?

Understanding a Cancer Man

Cancer men traits can be read as weaknesses by their partners. It is not that easy for a man to have such a loving and caring heart. Cancerians usually have difficult situations in their childhood, which they should review and let go. When a Cancer man accepts everything in his past, it is much easier for them to build a relationship with a partner.

Dating a Cancer male, you should wonder whether he gets on with his mother. If his relationships in the family are good enough, this is probably the type of family he wants to have in the future. If he had problems, you can avoid hurting him just by knowing what makes him feel pain.

Cancer Man Likes and Dislikes

An empathetic Cancer man likes helping his friends and lovers, so don’t hesitate to ask for advice or assistance. He will like to feel needed. As a Water sign, Cancer also has some mysterious bond with Water and prefers spending time doing water sports or just walking along the beach. You will also find him a romantic homebody who can enjoy a cup of tea reading a book or watching a movie.

A Cancer male dislikes everything that can make him feel insecure. He will avoid strangers, quarrels, and cruelty. He will stay away from personal topics while talking to an unfamiliar person. Being so much oriented on family happiness, a Cancer man doesn’t like flirting and casual dating.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Cancer Man

His birthday is coming. What present would he like? Cancer men appreciate emotional and practical presents. They want to feel your personality in the gift, so a casual and pricey thing won’t work. You can even buy a regular thing, such as a tie, a wallet, or perfume paying attention to what he likes. This way, you can show that you are attentive and care for him. You can also choose some decor items for his house, say, a lamp or a plant. He will like that you think about his comfort. An emotional book or a photo album, featuring your common story, are perfect ideas as well.

Cancer Man Compatibility

The Cancer men traits resemble romantic and compassionate Pisces. These sensitive signs will have a lot in common, except for the Pisces being more active. With time, Pisces can start asking for more activity than a Cancer man can provide.

Perhaps, the best possible combination is Cancer and Taurus. Dating a Cancer man, Taurus will find a unique person with the same understanding of love, care, and family values. This couple is deemed for long and happy life.

On the contrary, Cancer is rarely joyful in a relationship with Fire signs, Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries. Another Cancer as a partner is also a failure. Two Cancerians will always stay at home, in their worries and problems.

Famous Cancer Males

Benedict Cumberbatch, Elon Musk, Ernest Hemingway, Lionel Messi, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Nelson Mandela, Mike Tyson, Nikola Tesla, Alan Turing, Daniel Radcliffe.

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