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Capricorn Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 22 December – 19 January
  • Element: Earth

Characteristics of a Capricorn Man

Typical Capricorn men traits are hard-working, motivated, and responsible. They have clear goals and do what it takes to realize them. Capricorns tend to feel accountable for everything, even for the things that are beyond their control. They often blame themselves for problems that are not their fault.

A Capricorn man is shy and reserved. At the party, you won’t see him in the center of a noisy company. He will stand nearby listening to others.

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Capricorn Man in Love

Capricorn men are handsome, strong, romantic, and trustworthy. Like a fairytale knight, he is always ready to support and protect you. Being so attractive, he stays loyal to his lover. Yet, to get this dream partner, you have to build trust first. Capricorn is not very fast to open to a new relationship.

Capricorn male traits flourish in a relationship after he understands how to act properly to win someone’s heart. Capricorn is not an expert in emotions. He is often stubborn and doesn’t want to understand a different point of view. This man is very loyal, so he wants to stay with the same partner once he lets someone close. Dating a Capricorn male, you can be sure of his intentions because these guys always take things seriously.

Capricorn Man in Bed

Dating a Capricorn, you will think about how he is in sex sooner or later. He likes sex but needs it only to feel wanted. A Capricorn is a bit shy in the beginning, so you will have to lead to help him relax. When he feels comfortable with you, he is ready to explore. Be open about what you like and listen to him. He will appreciate your patience and sincerity.

Capricorn Man Sexuality

A Capricorn male has a bit confusing attitude to sex. A b bond with Mars makes these people passionate, active, and able to enjoy sexual life. At the same time, Saturn doesn’t let Capricorn men engage in one-night stands. These thoughtful individuals want to experience deep feelings and true love before having sex.

Capricorn Man in Relationships

Dating a Capricorn man is not an easy thing. He can be too rigid and unwilling to accept a different opinion. It may seem that he is hard to please and has too high expectations. Yet, once he falls in love, Capricorn becomes much softer and is ready to do almost anything to please his lover. Though it is difficult to attract a Capricorn man, watching his transformation is a real treasure. And for sure, you won’t have to doubt his loyalty. Capricorn chooses once and stays loyal forever.

Can You Trust Your Capricorn Man

If a Capricorn man promised to be faithful, you can be sure that he will keep this promise. There’s nothing worse for him than to act inappropriately, lie, or be dishonest. He can control his emotions and avoid mistakes. However, if he wows only in your imagination, a Capricorn man can understand your relationship in a different way and act as he likes.

Dating a Capricorn Man

Capricorn male traits make them tempting partners. This man does everything the way you dream. He is punctual, respectful, and gallant. A Capricorn man will find the best places in the area for your date, give you a drive, or pay the cab fee. You will feel safe and comfy with this mature individual. Women always like Capricorn for their determination, desire to achieve, and some hidden mystery. Though he loves your attention, he will not let you come too close to notice it at once.

How Not to Date a Capricorn man

A Capricorn man in love shows his feelings with actions. So, don’t ask him to talk about his affection, he will be embarrassed and run off. Capricorn is also not a fan of unfamiliar companies, so he will hate being an alien at the party with your friends where everyone knows each other.

Perfect Date for a Capricorn Man

Dating a Capricorn man, be calm and careful. Don’t rush into the relationship, because he needs time to understand what he feels and accept the fact that he is no longer single. Though this man likes to be the leader, he will not drive the relationship in the beginning. Be creative and keep occasionally appearing close to him. You can ask for advice, offer a spare ticket, or just go to the same gym as he does. These lucky moments will let you catch his attention.

The Capricorn male wants to show his masculinity and strength. So, planning a date where he can act like a man is a perfect way to win his heart. You can have a romantic ride on a boat or watch a horror movie. While he can manifest his power and bravery, you will have a fine excuse to cuddle up. Whatever activity you choose, remember to make your date as private as possible. Avoid crowded places and parties unfamiliar to your lover. For example, instead of visiting your regular dance class together, plan a private masterclass for just the two of you.

Understanding a Capricorn Man

You can find a Capricorn male a tough person to understand. He is distant and down-to-earth, he is analytical and even calculating. However, this overly rational approach to love is actually the result of his fear of making a mistake. A Capricorn man is responsible and knows the consequences of his words and actions. He is trying to control everything and hence is very reserved. By being so focused on achieving personal goals, a Capricorn man just tries to hide from the things that are beyond his control. Behind those walls and barriers, there is a kind and soft person. Take your time to discover a real Capricorn man and you will not regret it.

Capricorn Man Likes and Dislikes

Capricorn men traits, such as confidence, practical outlook on life, and strength, are his b and weak points simultaneously. He likes to control the situation and hence can be too cold and unsympathetic. He dislikes failure and idle talking and can seem too demanding.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Capricorn Man

Even if your Capricorn man can buy strange things from time to time, he would like to receive a practical gift. Think about educational and useful presents that can last for a long time. Your present should make sense and bring value. You can choose some artwork if it is detailed and of high quality.

Capricorn Man Compatibility

What is a perfect match for a Capricorn man? This is someone who doesn’t want to rush, needs time to get used to a person, and wants to find a loving and trustworthy partner. Taurus can be an ideal candidate for this role. Cancer is also a great match. Cancer and Capricorn often build lifetime relationships. Virgo and Capricorn will also be happy together. They will willingly give each other time to create mutual trust and love and analyze how much they have in common. On the contrary, Libra who needs attention and wants to be chased will only irritate Capricorn however hard he or she tries.

Famous Capricorn Males

Elvis Presley, Stephen Hawking, Michael Schumacher, Kevin Costner, JRR Tolkien, Tiger Woods, Eddie Redmayn, Haruki Murakami, Jim Carrey, Isaac Asimov, Mel Gibson.

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