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Capricorn Characteristics

  • Element: Earth
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Color: Brown, black
  • Day: Saturday
  • Ruler: Saturn
  • Best Compatibility with: Taurus, Cancer
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 22
  • Date range: December 22 – January 19

Capricorn Traits

  • Capricorn’s strengths: down-to-earth, Responsible, disciplined, good managers, self-control, cautious.
  • Capricorn’s weaknesses: stubborn, too practical, unforgiving, unadaptable, unoptimistic.
  • Capricorn’s likes: professionalism, family values, solid relationships, traditions, personalized gifts.
  • Capricorn’s dislikes: familiarity, loneliness, surprises, untidiness, low-quality things.
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Capricorn Description

What is a Capricorn? Men and women born from December 22 to January 19 belong to this zodiac sign. Such people are good at self-control and possess managerial skills. The Capricorn personality lets them plan accurately and achieve what they want. Such people can get insights from their mistakes and use their expertise to achieve great results.

Like Taurus and Virgo, Capricorn in astrology belongs to Earth, which makes it so practical and rational. Close connection with the Earth lets Capricorn be a success in everything material. The drawback of this relation is that Capricorns are often stiff, stubborn, and find it hard to accept a different point of view. If the difference is too large, they can get angry.

Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn, is the symbol of diverse restrictions. Saturn’s influence on the Capricorn personality makes such people pragmatic. They keep promises and honor commitments; however, they can also seem cold and distant to others. Capricorns are inclined to feel guilt and think about past events over and over again. Actually, the key to their happiness is to learn to forgive and enjoy life.

Capricorns can bravely face any problems of the world, they never run away.

Capricorn Sign Love and Sex

Capricorns are cautious and don’t like feeling emotional dependence. The Capricorn personality makes it quite hard for people to win their hearts. Dating a Capricorn can seem like a race for their inner world. You will have to become close friends before this friendship turns into romance. Yet, once they fall in love, you can be sure of their feelings and devotion.

What about romance?

Well, a Capricorn on dates is used to hide their emotions. They act more than speak. So don’t expect that you will lie under the stars and talk with your bae. This doesn’t mean that Capricorns don’t feel anything. In fact, they are quite sentimental, but they treat love as responsibility and family. They can control their basic feelings and want to show their love by being a good spouse and parent. You can always rely on a Capricorn in a relationship.

What are Capricorn like in sex?

Many Capricorns are perfectionists and want to be good at whatever they do. This is true for their behavior in bed as well. However, they can be too mechanical, and think about sex and love as a competition that takes ceratin skills rather than a way of showing your feelings.

Capricorn Friends and Family


The Capricorn personality traits make them great friends. Such people don’t have many friends in their life, but their friendship is strong and long-lasting. Capricorns make friends with people who respect their personal boundaries and don’t annoy them with too much chatter. They like people with whom they can feel smart, leading, and honest. From a Capricorn as a friend, you can expect a loyal and reliable person who will not show deep emotions to you but will always help a friend in need.


As you can guess from the Capricorn traits, they are family-oriented persons who understand and value traditions. They love remembering moments from their childhood. The Capricorn zodiac sign wants to dominate in their relationship, which can lead to conflict with the spouse. As a parent, they are quite rigid, strict, but very responsible and fair when it comes to duties.

Capricorn Career and Money

The Capricorn personality makes them perfect employees and managers. In particular, they are very good at finance, programming, calculations, analytics, and all jobs that require accuracy and attention. Capricorns are loyal and hard-working. They can stay after work to finish their tasks. Documents and workspace are always in ideal order.

Capricorns value money. They work hard and try to avoid loans. Capricorns usually don’t have financial trouble and can earn and save for everything they want to get.

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How to Attract the Capricorn Man

Who is a Capricorn man in a relationship? Capricorn traits in combo with male personality make them resolute and ambitious. They want to achieve as much as possible and enjoy the results. Capricorns are not dreamers, they find ways to turn their dreams into plans and realize them. However, this focus on accomplishment makes a Capricorn man too judgmental and controlling. They tend to value achievement more than romance and love.

So, in relationships, Capricorn men want to feel that they control the situation from the beginning. Though they want to find an equally down-to-earth second half, they often choose emotional partners guided by feelings. Capricorn men still want their sweethearts to be happy. They like it when the partner is self-sufficient and shares their values, and allows them to lead.

How to Attract the Capricorn Woman

Capricorn women are determined, progressive, responsible, and faithful. Yet, unlike Capricorn men, women want to find a strong person with whom they can smile, be sensitive, and caring. Capricorn women are very cautious at the start of the relationship, but they show their true feelings and become reliable partners when they see that they can trust you.

A woman with a Capricorn birthday wants to find a responsible and hard-working partner. She needs to know that she is safe and can rely on her partner. It takes time for her to understand what she wants from this or that relationship. Once she fingers it out and trusts you, she is a passionate and caring partner.

Compatible Signs Capricorn Should Consider

Capricorn birth dates make them perfectly compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces.

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