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Cancer Characteristics

  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Color: White
  • Day: Monday, Thursday
  • Ruler: Moon
  • Best Overall Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus
  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20
  • Date range: June 21 – July 22

Cancer Traits

  • Cancer strengths: great memory and imagination, dedicated, faithful, emotional, sympathetic, and convincing.
  • Cancer weaknesses: temperamental, pessimistic, suspicious, and timid.
  • Cancer likes: art, staying at home, water, history, appreciation, collecting things, helping their friends and partners.
  • Cancer dislikes: strangers, cruelty, personal discussions, and loneliness.
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Cancer Description

Cancer dates last from June 21 till July 22. People born under the Cancer zodiac sign are very emotional and sensitive; they understand and feel the pain of other people and do everything to help those who they love. They are very attached to their family and home.

Cancer is a water sign and hence is guided by emotions and feelings. Another tough thing is that Cancer in astrology is related to the Moon, which also contributes to a very changeable mood of the people born under this sign. In childhood, Cancer should be treated with understanding and sympathy as they don’t know how to respond to the world and protect themselves. Otherwise, an unhappy Cancer can grow up quite selfish and manipulative.

The Cancer personality is about avoiding conflict as they can’t respond equally and easily hurt other people if they decide to combat. Cancer likes to help others; they feel happy when everything is fine at home and with their family.

The Cancer sign is deeply intuitive and sentimental. The key lesson they have to learn is to rely only on themselves.

Cancer Sign Love and Sex

What is Cancer like in a relationship? The emotional nature of Cancer leads to the high importance of feelings in a relationship. They are soft-hearted and sensitive and willing to express their emotions with no fear of getting hurt. In a relationship, Cancer is gentle and passionate, trying to please their partner.

Cancer personality traits motivate these people to look for empathetic partners who will be faithful, understand their souls, and share their interests. They want to feel secure and calm with their partner. Yet, the introverted nature of the Cancer zodiac sign makes it hard for them to be initiative and find an appropriate person. That is why they often compromise with a partner who is quite abusive and manipulative.

Cancer Friends and Family

What is Cancer as a friend? These people look at their friends from an emotional point of view. They like spending time at home in a peaceful and familiar atmosphere. They are good listeners and know when their friends need support. For Cancer, a friend is as close to them as a family member. Sometimes, it can be hard to understand a Cancer-born from a rational point of view.

What about family? Cancer by birthday, individuals possess strong family values. They are caring parents who think about their children and loved ones. Cancer is supportive and can sacrifice their interests to make their family happy.

Cancer Career and Money

Cancer characteristics make them perfect employees. They finish their tasks whatever it takes. They don’t need supervision, focus well on their job, and work on their own better than in a team. Taking into account their deep emotional nature, Cancer-born can be a success as social workers, realtors, nurses, architects, gardeners, therapists, and decorators.

People born under the Cancer zodiac sign are very careful with money. They usually know how to earn it and don’t spend it at once. They like to invest and grow their capital. Cancer likes to control family finances.

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How to Attract the Cancer Man

A Cancer in dating is definitely not the one who takes the initiative. Though he knows that a man should make the first move, he usually waits for some signal from his partner. He is searching for a woman who can become a good wife and mother for his children.

In a relationship, men born in the Cancer month are sensitive, caring, and careful. He needs a lot of attention and wants to be helpful. Though his mood changes can drive somebody crazy, Cancer man is the partner to choose for those looking for sympathy, devotion, and safety.

To attract an individual born under the Cancer zodiac sign, make the first steps, become friends with him, invite him to dinner, and let him feel at home. Don’t forget to use your empathy as this is exactly what he is looking for.

How to Attract the Cancer Woman

How to date a Cancer woman? Remember that she is very sensitive, vulnerable, and will never tolerate betrayal. A Cancer woman is not interested in short-term or one-night relationships. She is looking for a partner who can be passionate and faithful, share her feelings, and spend romantic days together. Yet, this deep sensitivity and shyness transform into passion and sexuality once the Cancer woman feels safe.

Dating a woman born under the Cancer sign, be careful with your words, avoid criticism, and let her feel safe and protected with you. You will have to earn her trust and show that you respect her and have deep feelings before going any further.

Compatible Signs Cancer Should Consider

Cancer birth dates make them perfectly compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn.

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