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Leo Characteristics

  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Color: gold, yellow, orange
  • Day: Sunday
  • Ruler: Sun
  • Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aquarius, Gemini
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 10, 19
  • Date range: July 23 – August 22

Leo Traits

  • Leo strengths: imaginative, passionate, open-handed, kind, light-hearted, original.
  • Leo weaknesses: opinionated, strong-willed, stubborn, independent, selfish, lazy, inflexible.
  • Leo likes: theater, holidays, appreciation, luxury, bright things, spending time with friends, entertainment.
  • Leo dislikes: ignorance, challenges, being dominated.
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Leo Description

Leo dates last from July 23 to August 22. The Leo personality has strong leadership skills. These people are confident and like to dominate. They know their goals and move towards them. Being so determined, the Leo sign can hardly compromise. Individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign can gather people and lead the group to a common goal.

Leo is a fire sign, which makes these people cheerful and optimistic. Their wonderful sense of humor and ability to solve even difficult problems unites people around them. The Leo sign won’t give up in trouble, they will accept responsibility and find a way to overcome any hardship.

Leo traits are formed by the Sun, the ruling planet of Leo in astrology. For this reason, these people need to support their self-esteem. They know what they want and how to get it. However, being too focused on themselves, Leo-born can forget about the needs of the people close to them. Leo can sometimes be too aggressive and angry trying to show that they are those who lead. It is very hard for Leo to accept mistakes and personal weaknesses.

People born on Leo dates are very generous. They eagerly give out their love, time, money, and things they have.

Leo Sign Love and Sex

What is Leo like in relationships? The Leo personality traits influence the way they find and interact with partners. These individuals lead in communication and value the independence of both partners in a couple. The tough thing about Leo is that they can be too pushy while protecting their right way of doing things. So, being a Leo partner, get ready to explain and protect your individuality, otherwise, Leo will make you lose it.

Leo by birthday, an individual is a very faithful partner. They will support and encourage you. And you can be sure in their honesty. Leo is just too noble to lie. Leo in dating needs to feel appreciation and attention. So, praise your Leo partner from time to time, they will like it.

If you don’t like arguing, Leo can not be your best partner. The combo of passion and confidence make the Leo personality a real debater. Be patient and give them time to cool off if your Leo partner gets mad.

In sex, Leo is adventurous and full of energy.

Leo Friends and Family

People born in the Leo month are loyal, reliable, and generous friends. They use their strength to support and protect their buddies. Leo can’t be seen alone. They organize parties for their friends and find ways to spend time with friends doing something funny and engaging. Yet, being a friend of Leo is not an easy thing. You have to keep up with their energy and let them lead. Leo by birthday, these individuals are open and easily make friends. However, they will show their real feelings only when you become very close.

Leo personality traits make them less interested in creating a family. Leo is too self-focused and independent to start thinking about family early. However, when they find love, they are loyal and ready to protect their lovers and children. Leos are very caring parents, they shower their kids with presents. Yet, if the kindness is not appreciated, Leo will get very angry. Deep inside, Leo knows that their family loves them and calms down quickly.

Leo Career and Money

Leo needs to express their passion and leadership at work. Whatever career they choose, Leo won’t work well under pressure. They need to decide and take responsibility. A confident and artistic Leo will perfectly fit acting, managerial, and educational positions. Leo is optimistic and supportive and hence can be a good leader of a team or department.

Leo is perfect at earning money and spends them perfectly well too. People born under the Leo sign love posh and pricey things. Leo also never rejects a friend in financial trouble. Sometimes their generosity is irrational but so pleasing.

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How to Attract the Leo Man

Men born under the Leo zodiac sign are kings at heart. They need to surround themselves with people who respect and admire them. Dating a Leo, be ready for his ambitious plans and desire for appreciation. Leo is a generous man who will give his partner many pricey gifts to show their feelings.

Though Leo is confident, he needs appraisal from society. That is why he is likely to choose an alluring and beautiful woman to show everyone that they are an awesome couple. Leo also needs compliments and approval. Leo traits require always being in the center of attention. So, be ready to compete with several admirers if you want to attract a Leo man. These men value good manners, honesty, and loyalty. When you get closer, you will find out that deep at heart Leo is also vulnerable but he can show his weaknesses only to a person he can trust. In sex, a Leo man is playful and spontaneous. Dating a Leo man, never try to take away his crown, he needs it to be happy.

How to Attract the Leo Woman

The Leo zodiac sign makes a woman kind and bright. She is attractive and likes being in the center of attention. Leo women wear branded clothes and know that they deserve luxury. She loves romantic men who admire her. Leo women like compliments, flowers, and presents. So show your feelings by being generous, attentive, and loving.

A definitely bad idea is to try to make her jealous. A woman born under the Leo sign doesn’t compete. She is a queen. She doesn’t have to compete. Betrayal is unforgivable for her, so once a Leo woman thinks that you are cheating, your relationship will be over. Leo is an alpha female, so she likes to lead and wants her partner to accept this.

Trying to win her heart, don’t get too serious; instead, show that you enjoy your life and take things easily. She will like this positive attitude.

Compatible Signs Leo Should Consider

Leo birth dates make them perfectly compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius.

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