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Taurus Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 20 April – 20 May
  • Element: Earth

Characteristics of a Taurus Man

Taurus men are practical and stable. This sign is influenced by the Earth and inherits many traits of the planet. A Taurus man is, perhaps, the most stress-resistant person you know. He has a strong rational mind and knows how to get value from the efforts he makes.

Taurus is a faithful partner who sees his duty in earning for the family. He likes being the father of the family and making sure that everyone is satisfied and has what they need.

The inner power of a Taurus male makes him the very man that all women want to be with in crisis. However, he is also a stubborn person who can hardly compromise.

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Taurus Man in Love

Taurus finds it hard to change his life. Falling in love is a great stress for him because he has to get used to so many new things. You have to understand that a Taurus male needs time to analyze your behavior and become sure of your feelings. He won’t take the initiative at once. As a partner, this guy is loyal and caring. He chooses one partner for his whole life.

Being so focused on keeping stability, a Taurus man in love can be quite possessive. He can get nervous if you spend too much time with other people, especially men. It is also hard for Taurus to survive a break. His love is absolute, so even if you part, he will still love you to some extent. He will try to ignite your feelings as long as possible.

Taurus Man in Bed

Dating a Taurus male, you can notice that he seems prepared for sex beforehand. He prefers the techniques in which he is a master. Though he can accept new ideas, you should suggest them slightly to adjust to his Earth nature. A Taurus male is also a fan of comfort, so he prefers creating a special romantic atmosphere with delicious food, good wine, and a great aroma.

Taurus Man Sexuality

If you want diversity and experiment, a Taurus male is probably not the perfect partner for you. He is not very creative in sex and prefers tried and tested techniques. Still, a Taurus man is a passionate lover who likes prelude and needs emotions in sex. This guy can be a perfect lover if he lets go of his desire for stability and encourages his creative soul.

Taurus Man in Relationships

Every Taurus man likes comfort and predictability. For this reason, a Taurus man in love has a strange tendency to turn into a couch potato when his relationship gets more or less strong. In the beginning, he has enough energy and desire to explore and hence can plan some creative dates. Yet, when he knows his partner well enough, a Taurus male wants to stay at home and relax. To avoid boredom in a relationship, these guys should motivate themselves to leave their homes every day and organize something for their partners. Otherwise, they will finally get tired of their own stability.

Can You Trust Your Taurus Man

It is hard for a Taurus man to let a new person close to him. Yet, after he finally introduces you to his circle of friends and relatives, you can be sure that he treats you as one of his close people. Taurus is very loyal to those he loves. He opens his heart to a few special people, and if you are one of them, you can be sure that he is faithful to you. This is the most reliable zodiac sign.

Dating a Taurus Man

The typical Taurus men traits are strong willpower and obstinacy. If he decides to win your heart, he will do everything to make it happen. Taurus is usually perfectly dressed for every date. He creates an easy and romantic atmosphere everywhere the date happens, be it his home or a spontaneous drive to the seaside. Yet, spontaneity is not the strong point of a Taurus male. He will not like a date filled with too adventurous actions.

If you set your eyes on a Taurus man, be ready to wait a lot. Taurus likes moving steadily and slowly. He has to get used to being together with you before advancing to the next step. So, be patient and let him understand and show you his feelings. You should also let him control the situation as this makes him feel valued. Don’t be too pushy trying to impose your views.

How Not to Date a Taurus Man

As this sign is so stubborn, it is definitely a bad idea to argue with him. Dating a Taurus male means playing his game. You can suggest your rules very cautiously because he doesn’t want to lose control. You should also remember about his dislike of changes. If you plan an exciting date with lots of activities, it is better to prepare your partner in advance.

Perfect Date for a Taurus Man

Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, gives these men a particular love for art. He will be excited to have a date at a music concert or play, or in an art gallery. You can also plan a date at home, cooking a tasty dinner together. Taurus men often like to cook and eat, especially the dishes prepared with love and care.

Understanding a Taurus Man

The key thing you should know while dating a Taurus man is that he does all his best to keep the stable and happy life he has. He can easily overwork to make sure that his family is financially secure. Though this man is stubborn, he tries hard to understand the feelings of his partner and avoid any quarrels. As loyalty is one of the common Taurus men traits, he usually tries to save his relationship with the partner. You can easily find out that he has one or two friends from his childhood.

Taurus is also not the person to freely speak about his problems. He’d rather hide his feelings even from close people.

Taurus Man Likes and Dislikes

Though Taurus has a tendency to self-reflection, this is definitely the thing he should avoid. For this, he can go for any physical activity he likes. A Taurus man is often good at cooking, playing musical instruments, and crafting. This guy also likes wealth and knows how to earn enough money for all his wants. Being so good at managing personal finances, a Taurus male is still very generous and ready to share.

The top hates of a Taurus male are changes, problems, and all kinds of insecurity. He doesn’t like challenges and deadlines. He prefers stable and consistent growth to the revolution in his own life.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Taurus Man

If your partner is a Taurus man, he will like a practical present. So, you can buy a personalized T-shirt, hoody, or blanket. The love for luxury is also about Taurus men, that’s why you can consider handmade or branded belts, wallets, and briefcases. Surprise your honey with a home-cooked meal or buy him gourmet cheese or chocolate. Taurus men have good taste and like quality food. You can also plan a weekend in the country to appeal to his love for nature and Earth.

Taurus Man Compatibility

A Taurus man will be very happy with a Cancer partner. This is a couple of two emotional signs. They will equally understand love, family and home. There is hardly anything to separate them. The couple of Virgo and Taurus can seem to be made in heaven if both partners learn to overcome their sensitivity and distrust. They will be a wonderful combination of heart and mind. Taurus and Capricorn are perhaps the most boring couple from the outside and the strongest one from the inside. Both signs will be happy together getting material wealth, raising children, and loving each other to the fullest.

Famous Taurus Males

David Attenborough, Richard E. Grant, David Beckham, George Clooney, Al Pacino, Pierce Brosnan, Dwayne Johnson, Henry Cavill, William Shakespeare, Andre the Giant, Robert Pattinson, James McAvoy.

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