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Gemini Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 21 May – 21 June
  • Element: Air

Characteristics of a Gemini Man

Do you know a Gemini man? This bright guy is a genius in everything. He can discuss neuroscience and the lives of celebrities. He can answer almost any question in a very amusing way. You will never see a Gemini male procrastinating. He finds new challenges the moment he solves the previous one. Gemini men are never dull or depressed. These optimistic guys are so curious that sometimes it seems that they know a bit about everything. However, this inspiring personality can also suddenly get serious and thoughtful.

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Gemini Man in Love

Dating a Gemini male is an exciting experience. He falls in love fully and doesn’t doubt his feelings if he gets a constant flow of emotions. However, if things are getting boring, a lack of change can encourage him to look for fresh emotions somewhere else.

A Gemini man in love lives in the present. Unwillingness to think about the future usually annoys his partners. Gemini needs spontaneity and freedom, which can be hard to understand for hid lovers. What are the things that attract women in Gemini? Well, he is caring, unpredictable, and has a great sense of humor. Charming, isn’t it?

Gemini male traits make him think before acting. He is smart and likes witty things. Don’t hesitate to show your intellect by asking tricky questions or sharing your point of view. Gemini has nothing against long online chatting before going on an actual date. The Air characteristics make Gemini men good orators, so don’t be afraid of your first date — this man will find a topic to avoid long pauses.

Gemini Man in Bed

Gemini men are curious, passionate, and narcissistic. They know how to please women and are fans of preludes. A Gemini man in love is not shy at all, he can have sex with the lights on and prefers to learn and try something new every time. Gemini is interested in his sex technique. It would be a lie to tell that a Gemini man is faithful. He likes experiments and seducing women. His feelings change too quickly to let him stay with one woman for a long time.

Gemini Man Sexuality

Gemini is dynamic and always changing. They like changing partners, positions, techniques, and locations. Routine will quickly ruin a relationship with a Gemini male. He will not live a boring sexual life for a long time.

Gemini men have an ideal partner in mind. She should be a smart and passionate person who says and does the right things and is ready for experiments. Gemini can seem a pervert for some people. They like sex outdoors and have nothing against adding some challenges to increase the excitement.

Gemini Man in Relationships

If you need a stable and reliable partner, then a Gemini male is not for you. He is not unfaithful, he just can’t be sure of his own feelings. You know, a Gemini man in love is changing like the seasons of the year. He has his inspiring spring and passionate summer, but you will also find out his distant autumn and winter. Only an independent partner can tolerate and accept the changeable character of Gemini. You need to notice his season and act with this understanding.

Can You Trust Your Gemini Man

In a word, no. The Gemini men traits don’t let them predict their own feelings. So you can hardly know what is on his mind and who is in his heart today. Only if he trusts you so fully to share very emotional aspects of his life, this won’t change quickly.

Dating a Gemini Man

Gemini men like initiative women and happily accept their invitations. When he is in love with you, you will never get bored. Gemini man has numerous ideas on how to make every date special. He will find creative presents and amuse you with non-trivial ways of spending time together.

How to be the best partner for a Gemini man? Don’t let him get bored. Be spontaneous and even a bit careless. Give a go to his weird ideas, try bungee jumping and paragliding if he wants to spend your date like this.

Relax and enjoy your time together. Gemini men are amazing conversationalists. You will laugh and talk non-stop, so be ready for funny and exciting days if Gemini is your bae.

How Not to Date a Gemini Man

Dating a Gemini male, be ready to respect his freedom. He doesn’t like it when somebody tries to change his way of living. If he loves you and trusts you, the autumn and winter in his heart will not last for a long time. He will come back as long as you don’t make him feel limited. Gemini loves those people who make them curious and who don’t want to restrict their freedom.

If you also like keeping your relationship fresh and exciting; if you don’t mind living in a changeable world, dating a Gemini man will be a real treasure for you.

Perfect Date for a Gemini Man

Dating a Gemini man is not hard at all. Just plan as many funny and adventurous things that come to your mind. Do you know about a party — go there! Is there a concert or a stand-up show — that’s a good idea. The best date for a Gemini man will include two parts — one for his calm part, and another one for his internal explorer. Mix go-karts or ice-skating with dinner in an atmospheric restaurant.

Understanding a Gemini Man

Gemini men traits can seem evident for some people. He likes experimenting and trying everything. Hoverer, don’t be deceived by his superficial simplicity. In fact, Gemini can fail to understand his inner soul himself. Especially tough events in childhood can make a Gemini distant and emotionally detached. They don’t want to understand their own feelings and are unable to share their true emotions. It takes effort to notice a genuine Gemini under all his shields.

Gemini Man Likes and Dislikes

Gemini men are problem-solvers. They are optimistic and adventurous. These guys like challenges and willingly accept them if needed. Gemini is fond of exploring something new. They never stay in the same place.  He likes humor and good books. A sincere Gemini man in love reminds a child who gives away his pure heart.

At the same time, a Gemini male hates limitations. Jealousy and complaints will drive him mad. Dating such a person, you will have to change as fast as he does, otherwise, he will fly away searching for new experiences.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Gemini Man

Gemini likes practical presents and things that can challenge his mind. Choose a book, a practical guide, or a nifty gadget to treat his cautious nature. You can also plan a spontaneous trip for the two of you. As Gemini is fond of learning something new, you can go for a DIY kit. Perhaps, he is already thinking about some project. Otherwise, you can encourage his interest yourself and give him the tools needed to realize it. Whatever you choose, remember about staying positive and he will like it.

Gemini Man Compatibility

Gemini has a lot in common with Aries. A shared love of experiments will unite this couple for a long time. Problems can happen only if Aries gets too dependent on Gemini and tries to limit their freedom. Another great match is Gemini and Aquarius. The latter will willingly share their non-conventional outlook on life. The former will always be interested in these stories. Only the lack of emotions and understanding can ruin this couple. Yet, most of the time, these couples survive hard times. Leo and Gemini are also a bright couple. They will laugh and enjoy life. If both signs have enough mutual respect, the outcomes will be positive.

Famous Gemini Males

Jamie Oliver, Johnny Depp, Clint Eastwood, Aidan Turner, Daniel Casey, Hugh Laurie, Colin Farrell, Peter Dinklage, Bob Dylan.

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