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Libra Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 23 September – 22 October
  • Element: Air

Characteristics of a Libra Man

If you know a person who is exceptionally friendly and generous, this is probably a Libra man. The Air sign gives these guys perfect communicative skills and a philosophical outlook on life. They are sociable and like being in a circle of friends. Libra is not as ambitious as Leo or Aries, they just want to live a happy and peaceful life. And they do everything for that. A Libra male is a perfect host. His home is beautiful and comfy. You can also easily notice that one of the Libra men traits is their love for justice and fairness.

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Libra Man in Love

Libra men have very strong family values. They like feeling love but they treat every relationship seriously and start thinking about marriage quite early. Dating a Libra man, you can feel that he is too quick to advance. Don’t be scared by his speed. In fact, he is serious when he starts talking about your possible wedding even on the first date. This is a sign of his strong feelings. Libra men don’t want to lose time on superficial bonds. They focus on their future and can’t waste time in vain. A Libra male is in search of a perfect partner, so if he is with you, you are probably the right person for him.

Libra Man in Bed

Libra doesn’t like quick superficial sex. Instead, a Libra man in love understands sex as something deeply emotional and fulfilling. The prelude, exploring the body of the partner, relaxation, and enjoying the foreplay is all about a Libra male. Libra is not afraid of experiments and will support any brave idea.

Libra Man Sexuality

In most cases, a Libra male is a perfect lover who thinks about the pleasure of his partner and does everything to make both of you satisfied. However, sometimes he is too influenced by Saturn. This planet makes Libra cool and prudent, which results in problems with expressing his sexuality. Libra doesn’t like the rush when it comes to sex. He needs time to enjoy the moment and each other.

Libra Man in Relationships

Libra men are very defensive and sensitive. They often treat occasional words and phrases as personal insults. Though Libra has to deal with his soft character, this doesn’t mean that he will lose his relationship. A Libra male is very consistent if he chooses a partner. He can swallow his emotions and stay calm to overcome a difficulty in the relationship. Dating a Libra male, you can soon notice that the more time passes, the more he is focused on supporting you. It is not a rare case for Libra to forget about personal needs and wants trying to save the love of his life.

Can You Trust Your Libra Man

The question of loyalty remains open for a Libra male until he finds his true love. Before he is totally sure of his choice, a Libra man will have several partners, some of them at the same time. In addition, low self-esteem and dependence on the opinion of other people can also encourage him to chase one more woman just to prove that he is worthy and handsome. Good news, when Libra finally finds his perfect lover, he will stay faithful.

Dating a Libra Man

If you don’t like creating an image of a happy couple, you will get annoyed with a Libra man. These guys need to show that everything is perfect with their relationship. He will ask you out to art galleries, theatres, and events where you will have to follow some dress code. He can even tell you what to wear and what to tell in certain situations.

Actually, a Libra man himself is perfect at being gallant, stylish, elegant, and noble, so he knows what he is talking about. To remain yourself while dating a Libra man, just remind him about your boundaries from time to time and accept his nature. He needs your appreciation, he wants to be adored in public. So, your understanding will make him the happiest man in the world.

One more small tip, pay attention to the details in his outfit. Libra men often think about how to suit a situation. Say, he is likely to wear something Italian to an Italian restaurant. Notice these small changes, and he will appreciate your attention.

How Not to Date a Libra Man

Ruled by Venus, Libra has a particular bond with beauty and harmony. He will not like noisy places or too energetic and sporty activities. Libra is sometimes called a lazy sign because they prefer to stay away from challenges if they can. Cultural evenings and one-on-one dinners in luxurious restaurants will be perfect for a Libra male. Yet, any confrontation or competition will make him feel unsafe.

Perfect Date for a Libra Man

Though these guys indeed like luxury, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on every date. You can choose a calm and romantic place with reasonable prices as long as you create an intimate atmosphere and support a vivid conversation.

Remember that your Libra man is an inborn philosopher? Ask his opinion on some spiritual matter or discuss an interesting book you’ve recently finished reading.

You can also enjoy SPA together. This will help you relax and feel comfy — Libra likes this stuff.

Understanding a Libra Man

Libra, man or woman, is searching for balance in every aspect of life, which is a really hard task. Libra men feel responsible for every person they know. They try to understand every point of view and the possible consequences of every action. For this reason, Libra can sometimes be hesitant and very slow in acting.

Trying to be on good terms with everyone, Libra does a lot to please others. The only way he can feel inner peace is by letting go of all his dependencies on people. He has to understand that opinions vary and are not always right. If a Libra man learns to be alone, he will find his true self.

Libra Man Likes and Dislikes

Libra men are seekers of harmony and balance in everything they do. Their desire and ability to understand different aspects of the situation help them a lot in conversations with other people. The home of a Libra male is always in order. Libra also likes arguments and thoughtful conversations. They use natural logic in disputes and prefer relying on facts rather than on emotions.

Dating a Libra male, you can easily notice that he doesn’t like to rush. These guys need time to consider all possible consequences and make the right choice. They hate irrational judgments and cruelty. Being so obsessed with the idea of doing everything right, Libra often can’t admit his mistakes.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Libra Man

A Libra man would appreciate something minimalistic, with simple lines and shapes. These men often prefer calming colors, shades of beige, green, or grey. You can choose a gift for his mind, say, a good book, which you can discuss. A perfect present should give Libra energy and inspiration. A beautiful but impractical thing will also do. A Libra male likes expensive presents as well. By showing your generosity, you prove for Libra that you value him.

Libra Man Compatibility

Libra and Sagittarius are a happy couple, in which both partners can explore and develop their inner worlds. If they don’t start struggling for superiority, they will live a long and exciting life together. A Libra man will have to learn a lot from a Leo partner. If they manage to stop competing with each other, their couple can be very strong and happy. All their friends will be envious of their strong bond. Aquarius, another Air sign, will perfectly understand Libra men. These partners will spend plenty of exciting moments with vivid discussions, they will love it.

Famous Libra Males

Simon Cowell, Declan Donnelly, Harry Hill, Bob Geldof, Mahatma Gandhi, Ryan Reynolds, Eminem, John Lennon, Will Smith, Michael Douglas, Maurizio Gucci, Hugh Jackman.

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