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Scorpio Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 23 October – 21 November
  • Element: Water

Characteristics of a Scorpio Woman

If you want to understand the Scorpio female personality, imagine a calm and shy person who prefers to stay away from quarrels and gossip. She won’t talk a lot about herself and will always keep a veil of mystery. 

A Scorpio woman is a leader, she is courageous, likes being in the know of everything and making crucial decisions. The energetic Scorpio girl attracts people and often has many friends. She is very devoted to her close people. 

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Scorpio Woman in Love

A shy Scorpio woman is well aware of what she needs and wants. She is looking for a perfect man able to meet all her physical, emotional, and cognitive needs. 

This lady is very confident and doesn’t admit the thought that someone can turn her down. The signs a Scorpio woman has feelings for you are her attention and smile. Scorpio women are usually quite reserved and don’t like shallow talks. She will listen carefully to you and will even share some of her secrets. This is a real deed for such a shy person. 

A person with Scorpio woman traits is very feminine. She can be emotional, passionate, and protective. A Scorpio girl will not flirt with someone who she doesn’t consider a potential partner. Her actions are precise and accurate. A deeply emotional person as she is, Scorpio very easily gets hurt. Her love is deep, and her anger is strong and devastating. 

Scorpio Woman in Bed

A sensational nature and strong intuition make a Scorpio woman a virtuoso in sex. She understands her partner without words. She will guess your desires without cues. Being so experienced in sex, a Scorpio woman likes her privacy and prefers to keep her personal life in secret. She chooses partners carefully and never agrees on friends with benefits.

Scorpio Woman Sexuality

Her sexuality depends on trust. When a Scorpio woman opens up to a partner, she wants a very deep connection on all levels. The fear of betrayal and her desire to be with one person often makes a Scorpio woman jealous. She is passionate and willing to try something new. The Scorpio female personality is so magnetic that you will hardly resist her charm if she decides to chase you. Her libido is very strong, and that is why sex with Scorpio can be both routine and spontaneous—she will accept any option if it is passionate and emotional. 

Scorpio Woman in Relationships

A Scorpio woman can seem possessive. She wants you to understand her without words. Though she demands a lot from her partner, she also adheres to these high standards. A person with Scorpio woman traits gives a lot more to her partner than she receives. She stays devoted over the years because she never questions her choice unless you betray her. Yet, be careful. Scorpio has a good memory. And even when she is silent in a quarrel, she remembers every word. One day, her cup will be filled. 

Can You Trust Your Scorpio Woman

Don’t hurt her, and a Scorpio woman will stay loyal. Scorpio tends to hold a grudge. Betrayal is always so unexpected for her, so she can’t find a correct reaction. Some Scorpio women get vengeful trying to cope with their inner pain. Others believe in karma and the Universe’s laws, so they don’t sink to the level of the offender. They wait till some higher power makes him suffer. 

Dating a Scorpio Woman

Drive and constant adventures are about Scorpio women. They can’t stand stability. Learning new things, exploring new places, and struggling with routine combined together makes Scorpio alive. She wants your care and support. The best match for Scorpio women is the one who can share their love for excitement and approach their sensitive souls with caution. 

You can walk along the river bank or escape out of the city for the weekend—she will like it. Though she can tell you to save on flowers and all the pretty little things, she will be very happy to get a present in front of her friends. Their envy will make her feelings for you even stronger. 

How Not to Date a Scorpio Woman

Stay calm and be prepared for her tests on your fidelity. A Scorpio woman is often suspicious because she is so afraid of pain and betrayal. Don’t leave her texts and calls unanswered. A Scorpio woman has enough creativity to imagine who you spend time with and how. 

Just keep one step ahead of her and support your impeccable image. You will make her unarmed with your gallantry and she will have no other choice than to start acting normally again. 

Perfect Date for a Scorpio Woman

A Scorpio woman is watching the trends. Choose popular restaurants and find new events if you want to please her. She will know about every traveling band or artist coming to your city. Avoid boring places, chain restaurants, and triviality. Think about the excitement that you can bring to her on a date.

Understanding a Scorpio Woman

The true fact about Scorpio women is their special attitude to the body. The body is a kind of a temple for her. So, a Scorpio girl finds physical satisfaction very important in her life. However, a practical mind often encourages her to think about her career and goals first. Sacrificing her happiness in favor of practical goals, a Scorpio woman becomes frustrated and often quite hard to be with. 

When she finally finds a balance between her practical nature and the will to live happily, a Scorpio woman can find a person she would love. Her love is complete, close to sacrificing herself for the sake of her soulmate. This total devotion makes a person with Scorpio woman characteristics fragile. She is afraid of betrayal and hence is always jealous and suspicious.

Scorpio Woman Likes and Dislikes

This lady is smart and intelligent. She will listen carefully to your words. She will be interested in getting as much info about you as she can. You don’t have to be very cautious about telling her secrets, because a Scorpio woman will keep them and accept any truth about a person. She won’t judge and try to change you. 

Her love for challenges and competitions is hard to copy. Don’t be surprised by her desire to compete with you in anything you do. 

As for dislikes, Scorpio women loath lies. They trust people too fully to forgive lies and cheating. A Scorpio girl prefers openness in a relationship and will get angry if you try to hide the truth from her. She doesn’t like guessing what is on the mind of her partner. Jealousy can easily make her finish a relationship in a day, so be careful if you want to add spice to your bond. 

How to Choose a Gift for Your Scorpio Woman

Women with Scorpio female characteristics like presents as a way of showing affection. Don’t be afraid to surprise her, she will appreciate your attention and care. Particular dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries, are not exceptions. She would like to have something that shows that you are attentive to her needs. Listen to what she says. Perhaps, she is dreaming of a new picture for her room or wants to travel somewhere. The more attentive you are, the more chances you have to please her with your present. 

Scorpio Woman Compatibility

The relationship between Scorpio and Cancer can be quite unstable in the beginning. A Scorpio woman tends to ignore her emotions and will find it hard to create an emotional link with a Cancer partner. Yet, a caring Cancer can finally melt down her heart and help her get rid of her self-destructing motives. Then their love will be deep and strong. 

Pisces is the best match for Scorpio women. Two Water signs together will quickly understand the emotions of each other. They will believe in the magical power of love and stay truthful to one another. The pushy personality of a Scorpio woman can suppress Pisces unless the latter learn to protect themselves. 

Virgo and Scorpio can be happy together if both partners learn to respect the privacy of each other and cope with jealousy. Both signs have a tendency to control their partners, yet, they can develop a very deep connection if they overcome their personal pains.


Famous Scorpio Females

Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, Shailene Woodley, Rachel McAdams, Katy Perry, Grace Kelly, Britanny Murphy, Demi Moore, Anne Hathaway, Jodie Foster, Winona Ryder, Marie Curie, Tilda Swinton, Whoopi Goldberg.

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