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Gemini Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 21 May – 21 June
  • Element: Air

Characteristics of a Gemini Woman

Gemini women are lively, outgoing persons who have numerous hobbies. With her booming creativity, a Gemini girl is excellent in many arts, painting, singing, writing, pottery, floristics, and cooking. Sociability and openness are common Gemini woman traits. You can often see her surrounded by friends. She can be a member of a band or a drama group. A Gemini girl is not the one to keep silence on a date. She likes chatting and having fun.

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Gemini Woman in Love

The Gemini female personality is not easy. She unites two opposite views in one body. On the one hand, a Gemini woman is light-hearted, wants fun and easiness in life. On the other hand, she is serious and looking for stability. An ideal relationship that suits Gemini female characteristics should be full of excitement and new experience. Yet, she should feel safe with a reliable partner.

For Gemini women, partners explore the world together, yet have time just for themselves as well. She wants to keep her freedom. And she needs time for all her interests that make her so special.

Gemini Woman in Bed

One of the Gemini woman traits is awesome communicative skills. A Gemini girl is so good at dirty chatting that she can even talk to her partner till orgasm. She is a talented kisser and is looking for a partner who is better than average. A Gemini woman in bed is energetic, creative, and willing to experiment. This is not the partner who can put up with boredom. A Gemini woman is striving to satisfy her curiosity and wants to try every aspect of love.

Gemini Woman Sexuality

The Gemini female characteristics are a unique combination of openness and desire to lead. She is willing to show her sexuality and is ready to take the initiative. A Gemini woman is seeking new emotions and is eager to experiment. She loves wild partners in sex who are open to new ways of entertainment. Seducing a Gemini woman means being unexpected. She will like it if you suddenly kiss her in a public place. Yet, don’t think only about sex. Intelligent and smart partners are also very sexy for a Gemini female.

Gemini Woman in Relationships

Being spontaneous and unpredictable is definitely about Gemini women. She will never be happy with an overprotective or jealous partner. A Gemini woman needs to travel and explore. A possessive partner will make her frustrated and suffering.

As an Air sign, Gemini pays a lot of attention to words and intellect. She loves interesting conversations with smart people. She is a master of flirting who will make you forget about time just with a good conversation. Anyone who is dating a Gemini woman should be aware that her nature has two sides. On the one hand, this enthusiastic explorer wants to live her life to the fullest. On the other hand, she wants safety and stability from her relationship.

Can You Trust Your Gemini Woman

You can understand whether to believe her or not only after analyzing the Gemini woman traits. She is honest unless you limit her in any way. If you try to limit her inner adventurer, she will use lies to protect her freedom. You also can’t be 100 percent sure about the potential length of your relationship. Though spontaneity makes a Gemini woman so enchanting, this is also the reason why she can change your relationship for something new and more exciting.

Dating a Gemini Woman

There are some signs a Gemini woman has feelings for you. First, this active person will find time for you in her schedule. She will eagerly communicate and chat on any matter. You won’t even have to invent a topic because you will be inundated with all sorts of questions. She will share her secrets and show with her body language that she likes you.

Once there is real chemistry between you, dating is simple. A Gemini woman will like any new experience, so a new play, movie, or art exhibition will be as great as trying something bold, like bungee jumping. The key to her heart is in “novelty”. Even the craziest things can be boring if you do them often.

Remember that a Gemini woman in love is still a Gemini woman. Value her freedom and give her time to stay alone and enjoy her personal time.

How Not to Date a Gemini Woman

No matter how well you know Gemini woman characteristics, you can’t be totally prepared for your date. A Gemini girl can be lighthearted one day, and totally serious the next day. You shouldn’t try to fix her, she is not broken. Accept both her parts and she will love you.

Gemini women are dreamers, so don’t try to take it from her. Instead, help her realize some of her childish dreams, and she will feel that you need her. Don’t let her get bored, choose different places for dating, and be ready to try something extreme. Boredom makes Gemini look for something elsewhere, so try to avoid it.

Perfect Date for a Gemini Woman

If you want to be the best match for Gemini women, learn to appeal to both of her sides. Please her inner child with something funny and amusing. You can even go to the amusement park, interactive museum, or planetarium. After that choose something to satisfy her exquisite inner woman, say, a concert or a play. She will also be amazed by a sudden weekend trip, especially if you visit a carnival or an event on the go.

Understanding a Gemini Woman

As Gemini is an Air sign, she is so good at communication and needs a good listener. Though she is very adaptable and can easily adjust to changes, a Gemini woman needs a good reason to justify these changes. She needs to be always on the move, living her life actively. Her ideal partner should be intelligent enough to support an interesting conversation and be as active as she is. She doesn’t need a hero who will protect her from any evil. Instead, she needs an adventurer who understands her soul. Deep inside, Gemini believes in ideal friendship and love and is looking for a perfect partner.

Gemini Woman Likes and Dislikes

This woman is very sociable. She likes using her imagination and conversational skills. She also likes having fun and chooses people with a good sense of humor. Being a quick thinker, a Gemini woman has nothing against solving problems. She is ready for challenges because she is anticipating the excitement that she can get after overcoming them.

What are the characteristics of a Gemini woman? Right, flexibility and adaptability. Gemini can’t grow up in the full sense of the word. It is quite logical that this girl won’t like too stubborn and fixed people. She won’t accept rigid rules, because they stop evolution. Likewise, she hates boredom. Doing nothing is torture for a Gemini woman. Luckily, she has a good imagination to find what to do even in a very stable environment.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Gemini Woman

There is no great trouble with choosing a gift for a Gemini woman. She will appreciate it if you please her with small gifts from time to time. So, don’t wait for a birthday or Christmas. You can give her small gifts, like her favorite book or a tasty pastry before she goes to work. If you are looking for a present for her birthday, you can choose a camera to let her take photos of her active life. A colorful phone charger will also be both useful and interesting for her.

Gemini Woman Compatibility

In general, Aries can be the partner a Gemini girl is looking for. Both signs will share the love for adventures, chatting, and good sex. Things can get bad if Aries gets too possessive trying to restrict the freedom of Gemini.

Bright and happy, Leo and Gemini can spend numerous funny days together. However, their relationship will be only a friendship if Leo can’t accept the changeable nature of his Gemini partner.

Sagittarius is perhaps the best match for Gemini women. They can develop a deep emotional connection based on their intellectual similarity. They will understand each other’s love for changes and exploring new things. Gemini and Sagittarius will easily invent something they can do together.

Famous Gemini Females

Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Courteney Cox, Helena Bonham Carter, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Zoe Saldana, Lana Del Rey, Heidi Klum.

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