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Have you met your love finally? Want to be the perfect man for her but don’t know where to start?

We talked with a dozen women and are ready to give you answers to all your questions. Be ready to learn, cowboy:)

Your actions say what words never can…

Your feelings should be expressed through your actions. Showing that you are a couple in the public eye is the number one way to make her happy.

Hold her hand, kiss her in public (modestly.) It will be very important and noticeable to her. Compliment her appearance, character and achievements. Speak directly and often that she is your chosen one and your beloved. But be honest, there is nothing worse than lies.

Make tactile contact during a conversation. Touch on her shoulder, on her hands, this will give her a sense of security and reliability.

Remember what she likes. She will appreciate it when you mention her favorite color when choosing a dress. Or prepare her favorite dish, even if she did not ask.

Do not let her doubt that you are the best man on Earth, the strongest and most caring. 

Dignity is your middle name

Treat her like you would like her to treat you.

If your goal is to make her happy, watch out for your faults. Do not say rudeness; try not to swear, do not laugh at her failures.

Support her in everything that is important to her — help and prompt. A real man will succeed.

Do not quarrel in public. And in general, publicly kept silent even about what you did not like. Discuss in private when no one will hear you.

Answer her calls and SMS. If you haven’t noticed, answer later, but don’t ignore them. She will feel necessary and important, seeing that you are glad of her call.

Communicate with her friends, try to get to know them closer. They are important people in her life. Even that eternally giggling lanky girl, yes. The opinions of these people can influence her decisions. Try to communicate closely with them.

Be an ideal and an example for her. Let her admire and be proud of you.

Remember she is a girl

Treat her like a princess. Or as a child, if it’s easier for you.

Little joys, romantic gestures, surprises – all these points are necessary for girls to be happy. At any stage of the relationship, this is the most important thing!

Be gallant, offer your hand, hold the door and so on. Make sure she is warmly dressed and takes medicine if she is sick. It’s not difficult for you but will evoke a gamut of warm feelings for you. But remember that you need to take care of each other every day, not only when you are in the mood.

Solve her problems. Or help solve them. Protect her. You are a MAN. 

Listen to her and open yourself

If you manage to become the closest person to her, she will open up herself to you. Listen to her and hear. Ask additional questions and specify details. She will feel important and interesting. Give advice, express your opinion. Chat. She will be happier if she understands that you really care. 

At the same time, tell her about your life, don’t hide anything. Honesty is vital in a relationship. And be sure she will appreciate if you open yourself up for her. 

Be faithful

I do not think that you will have problems with this if you truly love her and care for her happiness.

Give her personal space

It is necessary for all of us. Do not limit it. Let her do what she likes. Allow her spending time with those with whom she has fun. Do not control. Trust.

She should feel freedom next to you and your support. Encourage her and praise. Follow her successes and participate in that part of life that she spends without you. You see, she will do the same for you.

Do not impose your beliefs and tastes. She is another person, a person who has her own opinion. Better listen to it and discuss it. Thus, you only get closer to each other.

Gift her emotions

Yes, yes, women need emotions like fresh air, a lot of and different ones. Be spontaneous and fun. Forget about constancy. Surprise her! In all different ways. You will see how she blooms.

Routine will destroy you; monotony will take away all the colors of life. The more bright events you give her, the happier and more content your girlfriend will be. We know for sure that in order for her to fall madly in love, you have to make her laugh. And every time she laughs, you will fell in love even more. Emotions will make you both happy.

Are those seven steps are back-breaking toil? Don’t think so! Girls are flowers which bloom when you, guys, look at them gently. 


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