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Oh, it’s easy! You don’t have to try much, believe us — you deserve to be loved just being yourself. However, take a look at 10 points to make a girl fall for you faster!

#1 No matter how trite it sounds – be yourself

Remember who you like best: people who show off and pretend to be cool or those who behave naturally.

#2 Be sincere and simple

But this does not mean that you need to verbalize every thought that comes to your mind. Be straightforward, but not too much, otherwise, you can offend a girl who doesn’t know you well yet. 

Tell her what you like about her, slight exaggeration about her unreal beauty is welcomed. And do not focus on the shortcomings.

#3 Be positive

You do not need to enlighten your girl about your numerous problems. Find the positive side in any situation and will attract her even more.

#4 Be energetic

Girls love sportspeople – this is an axiom. Be is good shape and she will try her best to do the same.

#5 Learn to listen, and most importantly, hear

There are even special techniques like empathic listening. It is necessary to listen to 80%, and only 20% to speak. Thus, she will feel that you are genuinely interested in her.

#6 Try to get to know her better

Find out what she really wants, what she likes, what is important to her, what pleases and worries her? Who does she love? What is her family like? Open-ended questions will help — those to which there is no definite answer – yes or no. But do not ask too complex questions. You should show your real interest, not an interrogation by an investigator. It is possible that after receiving the answers, you will not want to further “fall in love” with her.

#7 Find something in common

Hobbies and interests. In fact, we are all alike. After you get to know her better, you can ask her to teach you what she can do. Who knows, maybe you’ll love salsa. Don’t be afraid to look weak and incompetent, here your vulnerable position will play into your hands. And there will be a reason to meet each other once again!

#8 Speak about your plans for the future

This does not mean you should tell her what you want to do with her (not at the very beginning at least), but about your goals in life. Yes, of course! You must have goals! Note: girls like men who know what they want and are confident about it. 

#9 Express your feelings

But be careful! Not all girls are ready for passionate confessions! Let her know that you like her. Speak about the pleasant feelings and emotions you experience when you are with her. You can say that you like to spend time with her, that you are interested in and enjoy her company very much. 

Also, do not bestow gifts and flowers on her. It will frighten her, she may think you have some dark intentions. Gifts should be in the form of gratitude.

#10 Make friends with her

Yes Yes. After all, do you want to live a long and happy life with her? This means that initially relations should be built on trust and respect. You should be friends, best friends. Only then, this beautiful creature will be yours. But better read One-way Ticket to Friend Zone: 9 Things You Do Wrong not to get into a friend zone.

Now you are ready to win her heart.  Good luck! 


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