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“She said she likes me! What should I do?” is an age-old question guys ask themselves, their friends, pickup coaches and psychiatrists. We decided to puzzle out the topic for you. So get ready to learn how to respond when a girl says she likes you.

What does it mean when a girl says she likes me?

So, congratulations, a girl said she liked you. But what does she REALLY mean by saying so?

  • She thinks you are a nice guy and a good friend of hers. She doesn’t imply any romantic feelings. She doesn’t see you as her man. Maybe she is grateful for something you have done for her.
  • She is flirting with you. She wants to get to know you. She wants to spend time with you. She likes the way you communicate and how you make her feel. It doesn’t mean she loves you, wants sex with you or marries you.  And it doesn’t mean she will behave like a lovesick or intrude. She is just saying she doesn’t mind learning more about you, offering you to take the next step.

So the way you should act depends on your feelings. Do you like her? If not, just don’t do anything.

If you do like her and want to become close to her, you need to act in a certain way. Even if her words were motivated by friendly feelings, it doesn’t mean you can’t attract her in a romantic way.

So learn what to do when a girl says she likes you not to push her off.

What do you do when a girl likes you?

There are four golden rules to follow if you want make everything right.

1. Make her feel attracted to you with your confidence

Confidence is the most attractive feature of yours. Not your abs, and not your money at all, but your masculine confidence. And maybe a sense of humor.

Yeah, confidence is sexy.

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Your belief in your own power and charisma will make her feel like a little girl and maybe fall for you even harder. But it will work only if it’s genuine confidence. False confidence won’t work.

Genuine confidence presupposes that you don’t even doubt your success as a man, your own strength and attractiveness. Do you have one? If not, work on it.

If your reaction to her words is to act nervously, show your insecure and self-doubting side, she will lose her sympathy for you really quickly.

You need to have that confidence to move your conversations to a kiss, to sex and to a relationship.

2. Seem not so excited


  • look at her with those big puppy dog eyes
  • start calling her every hour
  • give her any gifts in the first stages.

If your girl is attractive, she is receiving enough attention and will immediately realize that you are just like other men who want sex or marriage with her.

It doesn’t mean you should be cold and indifferent. It means that you should follow her: if she is flirting with you, do the same. If she is reserved and calm, be like her.

Then she will understand you are on the same wavelength.

3. Don’t be her friend

That’s a frequent mistake of all good boys. They think, “If I become her friend first, she will trust me more and eventually will fall for me”. Girls don’t work like that.

No, you don’t have to put pressure on her and push her for a sexual relationship. Just don’t be slow. She will perceive it as a sign that you are not interested in her. And her own interest in you will just fade.

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4. Don’t wait, act

She has already made her first move. Isn’t she cool and bold?

Now it’s your turn to make a move. If her feelings are mutual, don’t hesitate to kiss her when she says she likes you. Don’t hesitate to show her that you think she’s adorable and that you are attracted to her too.

Don’t be her friend, but don’t be too pushy as well. As a rule, girls don’t like when things move too fast. Savor this moment – confessing your feelings and first kiss are enough for one date.


So, what do you do if a girl likes you? Don’t think too much. If you like her too, just make your move. Be confident, don’t doubt – she has already shown that she is interested in you. We believe in your success!

Good luck,

Your Tune2Love ❤️

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