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Are you not sure how to get a girl’s attention? We have prepared 15 ideas for you on how to ask a girl out!

1. Note

Remember your school days and send a note to a pretty friend: “Will you go on a date with me?”

2. Phone Call

If you have a girl’s number, call and invite her on a date. Simplicity is the secret.

3. Concert ticket

If you are aware of her musical preferences, then buy 2 tickets for the next concert. Show her the tickets and offer to go together.

4. Flowers

Let it be a slightly old-fashioned approach, but a very romantic one. Send her a bouquet with a note.

5. Pizza

If you are a proponent of the modern approach, then replace the flowers with her favorite pizza. Do not forget the note.

6. Coffee

If you notice that she has a lot of work, bring her coffee. Say that you would like to go somewhere with her when she passes the project.

7. Song

Did you end up in one company at karaoke? Dedicate her a song!

8. Plan

Invite to a specific event, as vague offers are easier to decline.

9. Plan B

If the girl says she is too busy tomorrow, offer another day.

10. Letter

You can write a whole letter, which is very romantic. Do not forget to put a signature.

11. Lottery ticket

Offer her a condition: if she wins, she will invite you to coffee; if she loses, you will invite her to a cafe.

12. Joint project

If you work together, then volunteer to work on a project with her. The common cause brings you together, and in the end, you will note success together.

13. Just invite her

Do it in person. Let her know how glad you are to meet her if she says yes and thank her for being honest if she says no.

Good luck!

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