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You’ve met a wonderful girl who is significantly shorter than you, and now you are frustrated? How on Earth will it be possible to kiss her without any barriers and stumbling blocks as stiff neck? 

No need to go to a plastic surgeon! With this article, you will find out how to kiss a short girl or boy, whoever.

  1. Let your girl lift up on her tiptoes. That’s so cute and gives you a chance to feel real manly. 
  2. Lean down. Yeah, your neck will ache badly after, but she worths it, right?
  3. All together. If the disparity between you are more than 10 centimeters, both of you should make an effort.
  4. Use the surroundings. If there is a stare, put you girl on it!
  5. Pick her up on your arms. Just like you imagine. This sensual pose of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams from The Notebook.
  6. Sit down, that’s the most obvious tip but at the same time hard to accomplish. Find a chair somewhere and use it according to its intended purpose.

    how to kiss a short girl
    how to kiss a short girl

  7. Slowly bend your knees to become of the same height. Looks more funny than romantic, but still has the right to use.
  8. Ask a girl to wear some heels. I know that’s impossible, but you can try.
  9. Kiss being seated. When both of you are sitting, in the cafe, movie, anywhere, that’s much more comfortable.
  10. Another sexy pose, stand to the wall, a slide a little bit down, let your girl stand between your legs.
  11. Lie down. That’s genius! 
  12. More aggressive option: grasp her tight, put her head back slightly and hold it, for it not to ache after a long passionate kiss.
  13.  Do not lean heavily with your body on your girl. You can break her. Be careful.

Actually guys, no need to worry, just be attentive, remember that you are not alone. There is nothing hard in kissing a girl who is shorter. Remember Shakira and Gerard Pique? And Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth? Beautiful couples!

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