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You probably know that kissing is not only pleasant, but also very beneficial. Now imagine that for many couples in love, kisses can be even more exciting than sex – especially if you know some tricks that make touching each other’s lips in an incredibly erotic process.

According to many popular books on psychology,  men and women are extremely, there are issues in which we are unanimous – for example, we adore kissing, but often devote insufficient attention to this process, touching each other with our lips at parting or during foreplay. How to make a kiss excited, cause goosebumps, and fire sexual fantasies?

In short, I decided that the universe literally forces me to write about how to give the best kiss ever. Briefly. Only the most essential points. Let’s sink into the issue! 

Eyes – certainly closed. Only psychos and other Bits maniacs kiss with bug eyes.

Hands – complement the image. They can stroke girl’s face, shoulders and back (then it will turn a passionate and sexy kiss); run your fingers into her hair and lightly grab them on the back of her head; and next in the rundown.

The mouth is open too wide – a sure sign that does that for the first, maximum for the second time.

The tongue, no matter how agile and long it is, has no right to contact either the girl’s lag-teeth or, especially, her glands. Even lovers of aggressive kisses will surely find it too much.

Rhythm is important. An exciting kiss is more like jazz than hardcore.

Breathing – should, simply must be speeded up, if you kiss for more than a minute. Otherwise, the partner may decide that you are impotent, and she is a fat non-sexual wild sow.

Sounds – less is better than more. If you overdo with all sorts of moans and yelps, you risk being captured in the memory of the girl as such impatient Cocker Spaniel, which will definitely not work for your romantic image.

Lovebites are the sign of t that you are 14 years old, not of your passionate temperament.

The girl’s edges of lips – require special attention. Kissing this area, as a rule, is more sensual than any French kiss. The next destination point is her neck.

Drooling is evil! Pick your saliva up.

Foul breath is Evil with a capital letter “E.” Cine gesture – the character breathes onto his palm to find out if he doesn’t smell like something inappropriate – worth of taking mental note of.

Caries – while you have it, it is presumptuous to think that women are crazy about your kisses (since it is the problems with the teeth that are the most popular reason for the bad breath).

Passing food/liquids/ objects in the process of a kiss is an acquired taste. If you tried, but the idea did not win support from your partner, it is better to refrain from such attempts for some time.

Biting is good when in moderation. If you are going to bite something lightly, let it be your partner’s lower lip. But please, be gentle, you are not a vampire.

“The tongues battle” –  is liked by a much smaller number of girls than is commonly believed. In contrast, by the way, from the games with hands wringing.

Tricks — such as your partner’s lip sucking experiments — are appropriate when you already have experience kissing with each other. If your lips ‘docked’ for the first time, it is better to act according to the classical program.

The bodies contact  – the closer it is, the more likely you are doing everything right.

Tense lips –  will show how much you worry more eloquently than sweaty palms and trembling knees.

The moment – you need to feel and catch it because this is the most critical element of a kiss. Equally bad as a hurry and tighten. So be on the lookout.

But what is more important, make a kiss a ‘separate dish.’ Many couples perceive kissing as just foreplay. However, this is a powerful, enjoyable way of communication. 

I believe, with this advice, you can become such a good kisser that this planet has never seen.

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