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If you wonder what the best age for the first kiss is, probably your lips remain untouched. Well, this article is for you, so keep reading!

For different people, the first kiss is “played” according to different scenarios. And age is one of the criteria which differs. Your kissing premiere is an exciting event that will be remembered for a long time. According to various surveys, a vast number of people remember throughout life with whom, when, and under what circumstances their first romantic contact took place.

That’s why many of you are interested in at what age you can kiss, to feel the full scope of feelings. Let’s find out!

According to statistics, the average age of first kiss is around 14. It is at this time when many of us hit(ed) puberty. Consequently, kisses become one of the main opportunities to get physical pleasure from contact with the opposite (and not so opposite) sex. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to rush to kiss the first who comes along once you turn 14 … or vice versa to keep yourself from it if you are 12, for instance. It is impossible to say precisely at what age you should kiss because real feelings do not tolerate any restrictions and rules. That is why it is impossible to determine a universal “first-kiss age.”

What stirs our minds more than hot kissing scenes from movies? Real stories, for sure! For you to understand how different all the first kisses are, I’ve asked all my friends about their first kisses and here what I discovered.


A couple of real first kiss stories to keep morale up!

Helen. We both were 16, my boyfriend and I were hanging around for more than two weeks holding hands and all the lovey-dovey but without any kisses. Actually, I thought it was strange, and I asked him “hey, why don’t you kiss me, are you gay?”, and then it happened. Later he told me that he liked me so much that was too afraid even to look at my lips. 

Kate. Hmm … When this guy and I first kissed, we met each other’s eyes. And the first thing I said to him was: “If my mother finds out, I am dead,” I was 13 and my family was strict and, on top of all, religious. 

Emilia. My boyfriend gave me a MAC lipstick (that was our month-anniversary.) When I painted my lips, he said that I looked beautiful and suddenly kissed me. I was 18. 

Sam. And I am still a little embarrassed for my first kiss. At the age of 17, I decided that I should finally kiss someone, and I went to the club with my friends and just kissed with some stranger, pretty risky. A week later, I met my sweetie. He is still offended that I did not manage to wait for him. 

Andrew. It was my first kiss, and therefore, I did not know what to do. But I liked this girl, so I let her lead. This kiss was not so beautiful – our inexperience and braces did their job, I felt a taste of blood in my mouth and ran to the bathroom. I was 14, and she’s 15.

Angelina. This kiss was the first both for my friend and for me. We did not know who should take the first step, so we played at the Stone-Scissors-Paper to decide. I lost. And I had to kiss him first. But it was so embarrassing that we laughed insanely. And then he suddenly kissed me. We were silent for a second and then laughed again. What a sweet memory.

Anastacia (not Still.) My first kiss happened when I was 22. Yeah, I know, kinda late. He invited his friends to the party, of course, I was there too. But I was the only who had to come back home. He decided to go see me off. We walked around the city, then he asked if he could kiss me. I was so scared, I thought I was going to faint but said Yes. And he smacked my cheek and wished sweet dreams. OmG. The next evening we had our first date. It was a beautiful night, he just kissed me without warning. The most wonderful kiss of all! By the way, for some reason, he could not believe that this was my first kiss.

Adam. It was her birthday, we were sitting in her room talking about some crazy stuff. All the time I thought ‘how should I kiss her, whether my breath is fresh, where should I put my hands’ and so on. Probably, I got a pensive look as she asked me what I was thinking of. She smiled, and I decided to act. She said it was great, and I felt like I was a real 15-year-old man. I thought it was the best day of my life.

We see different people, different ages, different emotions. The main rule here – do not keep your emotions in check, act! 

I hope you enjoyed the article, best smooching to you!

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