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The origins of the intimate relationship between two women lie in ancient Greece. In Hellas, it was believed that lesbian relationships were much more ethical, pleasant, and noble than one between a man and a woman.

So if your mind is still stereotypical, work on it! You leave in the beautiful world where there is no limits and boundaries for true love. Remember Cruel Intentions, Wild Things, La vie d’Adèle, and Jennifer’s Body movies? All of them depict one of the best lesbian kisses scenes ever. If you are looking for some inspiration, watch it.

With this article, you will learn whether the lesbian first kiss differs from the ordinary hetero-first-kiss from some Real Stories. So let’s get straight to the point!

  1. I was dating a boy for 2 years when I started to realize that I like that girl. After our first kiss with her, which was so marvelous, so gently btw, I just couldn’t ignore the fact that I liked her so much… like I’ve never felt that before with my bf… I broke up with him, and now my girl is with me 24/7. I’m not sure whether I’m bi or lesbian or lost-my-way-hetero. I just know that this girl makes me happy.
  2. Well, that was my best friend, we did it [kissed] for fun first, but later something changed between us… you know as if we started to love each other, not like just friends. That was embarrassing, that was so weird… but things happen, today we are an average couple.
  3. I always felt that maybe I’m a bisexual, but never thought about it seriously. When I met her, she was so charismatic and magnetic. That kiss I remember till these days (6 years passed) That was slow, soft and I felt like I’m melting, don’t know how to describe that. 
  4. We were neighbors in the university dormitory. We often had some fights because of the dirty dishes and so on. Once we started literally yelling at one another, she gave me a rocket, I was shouting at her, she was screaming at me, then we suddenly fell silent, looked at each other’s lips and there was a spark, some tension hung in the air, and we kissed. I felt like that’s so normal, I’ve never thought that I’m not like others.
  5. I was more than 20 and never had a boyfriend. It didn’t bother me cause I was busy studying and working. I went to the party (finally), and I met my current girlfriend. We had a scientific discussion of bioplastic, laughed at drunk people around and then that happened. That was my first kiss and as I found out later, her too. Love this girl till these days, she is my soulmate.
  6. I’ve always known that I’m not straight. But living in a small town, it’s hard to find a ‘friend’ of the same outlook. When I started my education in college in the city, I discovered that I’m really not alone anymore. That’s all, I met a girl, we were friends at the very start, them things went further, and one day we kissed. That was awkward for the first 5 seconds, but then gosh, actual goosebumps.  
  7. When I met my girlfriend, she was embarrassed even to hold hands, not speaking about kisses. I took the first step: I chose a deserted place and began to make explicit hints: I licked my lips, looked at her lips, smiled. The hints were not understood, and I had to take the initiative and kiss her first. I got closer to her, touched her neck, and did that. The kiss was very passionate. After, we had no problems with kisses.
  8. We both were in the synchronized swimming women’s team. Obviously, we spent a lot of time together, we shared all the fails and wins. That made us closer and that came out naturally: we were at the swimming pool, talking and laughing, then she suddenly got closer and kissed me. It was too fast but for us, that was ‘the moment’. Now we are dating and it seems to me that our swimming has become even better since that moment.

Well, I think that’s enough. Girls, I want you to remember that it’s okay to try to discover your sexuality. If you like girls, that’s great, go and kiss her! This was my mojo for this article. I hope you enjoyed it.


P.S. I’m very grateful to all the girls that shared with me their stories! Love you ❤

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