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It is difficult to imagine the emotional contact between a man and a woman without a kiss. However, there is a slight difference between how men and women perceive kisses. We decided to sift this question to the bottom, and here is what we found out.

Value of kisses

Modern researchers argue that women attach the greatest importance to kisses, while men can do without them at all. 

A group of sexologists from the University of Bremen, Germany, conducted a study in which 257 men and the same number of women aged 18 to 58 years participated. Subjects answered questions about the frequency of oral caresses, including kisses, during intimacy. 66% of women and only 34% of men said that they kiss with pleasure during sex. Also, among volunteers, 8.7% of women and 11.7% of men admitted that they never kiss during intimacy. In addition, German researchers found that 76% of women and 48% of men broke up with their partners just because they did not kiss well. Zero tolerance to bad kissers!

Men are not so bad

It is believed that men less than women seek true love, but this is not true. 66% of respondents said they were ready to kiss a frog for their beloved one. Can you imagine such self-sacrifice?

Men love to kiss before sex, and women after

Researches showed that men prefer to kiss before sex as foreplay; after sex, they would like to make a cup of tea or smoke, for instance. Women love after-smooching and cuddles. That’s their way of prolonging intimacy.

It’s all about the way we kiss

You have to try hard to persuade a woman to have sex with you, if she does not like the way you kiss her. That’s a fact. However, men still consider having sex with a girl who kisses not perfectly.

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What do they think about?

That’s not such a surprise, but men think about sex mainly when they kiss. But women, while kissing, think about how the partner treats them, what is the future of this relationship, and in general, is it worth going further. In general, women overthink sometimes.

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Eat and Kiss

Experts recommend not kissing when you are hungry. Especially if you’re a woman. The matter is that girls are always nervous because of the too growling stomach.

Scientists talk about the other side of an issue. When a woman eats, some aphrodisiacs open, and the desire and wild passion appear. So men, walk your girls to the restaurants first. 

Who does it better?

There are different men and different women. And for sure, there are men who love to kiss and know how to do it. But the best kissers are those who are turned on by kisses. 

Maybe they have more receptors in their lips. Blood supply may be better. And the substances that are secreted by kisses reach their brain receptors faster. These people kiss more often and, accordingly, do it better than others. So here the division is not for men and women, but for those for whom the kiss is a sexual stimulus, and those for whom it is not or is insignificant at all.

About history

In the Victorian era, ladies protected their reputation with pins in their mouth so that an accidental kiss would not happen in the dark. 

When Henry VI ruled England, kisses were forbidden at all. Even in Hollywood, only in 1968, the ban, according to which it was impossible to shoot a couple kissing lying was canceled.

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That’s all the facts that we wanted to share, hope you enjoyed! xo xo


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