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It’s possible even if you aren’t young Marlon Brando.

This article will tell you what men girls want and how to get a woman to like you and feel attracted to you. Believe us, your status and money, your appearance and pickup skills aren’t important. You can be an average guy and still win the hearts of gorgeous girls.

Live a full life

So, how do you get a girl to like you?

Living a full life is the basis you can build healthy relationships on.

And it doesn’t presuppose you should skydive every day, build profitable business and travel to Tanzania on vacation.

Find a hobby if you don’t have one. Plunge into it, become an expert ready to talk about cars/flowers/climbing/etc. for hours.

Use every chance to experience something new:

  • Visit interesting places that you haven’t been to.
  • Try exotic food or cook interesting dishes.
  • Get a pet.
  • Ride a bike, skateboard, ski and skate.
  • Do sports, go to the gym.
  • Go to live concerts and enjoy live music.
  • Learn foreign languages.
  • Go to museums, theaters, opera.
  • Go to nature: hiking, kayaking and climbing mountains.
  • Play bowling, billiards, board games with your friends.
  • Watch sports games at stadiums.
  • Learn to draw, sing, dance, photograph.
  • Take part in sports, challenges, marathons.
  • Read books and try to write books.
  • Play musical instruments.
  • Try extreme sports.
  • Take care of the garden, go fishing or hunting.
  • Study the Kama Sutra.
  • Do good deeds, help people, try volunteering.
  • ​​Open your YouTube channel or make a website.

Other people do that, you also can!

Why you need that: 

  • You aren’t boring. If you live a busy life, you are an interesting person. You saw a lot, you know a lot and are a great conversationalist. It will be interesting for girls to talk to you, to spend time with you as you won’t just sit and watch Netflix on every date.
  • You are confident. Confidence can be in-born or acquired. You can get it from your experience. And you get this experience only by living a full life. If you sit at home and play games, how can you get self-confidence? And as We said multiple times, confidence is sexy.
  • You can build healthy relationships. You aren’t fixated on a girl. Yeah, relationships are great, but you have your own life and that means you are independent. Not like an independent woman who earns a living, but like a man who doesn’t actually NEED this girl. That’s what women feel and consider attractive as it means you are capable of building a healthy relationship.
a traveling man
Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

Take care of yourself

Basic hygiene. Everybody has a bathroom and water supplies. Make use of it regularly. Your body should not smell. Your hair should be clean. Always. And don’t forget to check your nails!

You can use perfume, but not too much – perfume for men is usually quite intense. 1-2 sprays are enough. (btw, some of Antonio Banderas perfumes are just dizzying.)

And if you smoke, make sure you have gum with you.

A healthy body. An obese man is not a healthy man. And even subconsciously, it’s off-putting. Get in shape. But don’t fall into extremes. 6 pack abs are not necessary. But attractive. Make physical activity a habit. It’s also good for your mental health.

As for food, just don’t eat too much junk food and sweets.

Style. Yes, girls always pay attention to what you wear. But don’t rush to Gucci boutique. Simple jeans and a clean white T-shirt from H&M will be enough to look neat.

Why you need that:

Do we really need to discuss that in 21 century? Good-looking males are popular among females. Are you surprised?

Be initiative

Make the first move, and maybe the second and the third one – it’s how to make her like you.

Come and say “Hi” on the streets, in a line, whenever. You have nothing to lose except a couple of seconds.

Talk to girls. They won’t bite you. At most, you will get a cold face and “No, thanks”.

Ask her out to discuss her hobbies over a cup of coffee. It’s a casual date.

The next dates can be more “creative”, lean on something in common. If you both love photography, ask her out to a gallery.

Offer your help. Of course, it should be something not too disturbing, you are not a volunteer. You can help her move into a new apartment, drive her to her university with books, help her choose a new laptop.

Why you need that: 

Initiative people are transforming our world by coming up with new interesting ideas. These are b personalities who offer fresh solutions and undertake to implement them themselves. They know how to defend their interests and achieve their goals.

That’s the feature of a manly man, your animal magnetism.

Make use of herd mentality

Surround yourself with women happy to know you, to have you around.

Imagine a situation. You are in a bar with friends. If you have fun with your guy friends, you will probably look like a bunch of wild… you know. If you are in a company with both boys and girls, who happily laugh when you tell another cool joke, that seems more attractive. Other girls will think, “hmm, seems he’s a funny guy”.

So, interact with girls MORE. Don’t be afraid of them.

Why you need that:

The more girls you are surrounded with, the hotter you are in the eyes of others.

a party
Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

Watch the body language

Watch their body language. Does she cross her legs and arms when talking to you? Is she avoiding eye contact? In this case, she isn’t comfortable with you. Deal with it or leave her alone.

If she touches you when laughing, looks straight in your eyes, smiles, touches her neck or hair, she finds you attractive. You can make the next move.

Use body language. Forget about monotonous tone and eyes studying patterns on the floor. Look at her, try to be closer and touch her shoulder or hand slightly.

But remember about personal space when you get acquainted and on the first date.

Why you need that:

Psychologists have found that in the process of communication between people, 60 – 80 % of the message is delivered through non-verbal means and only 20 – 40% of the information through verbal ones.

So, WHAT you speak is not so important as HOW you speak. Remember that.

The success of your communication with girls directly depends on your body language. That’s a part of your charisma.

If you are trembling, stuttering and mumbling, you won’t get a girl to like you.

Show genuine interest and be a good listener

Ask her how her day was, if she ate well. Listen to her closely. Through that, you will find the way to her heart.

Actually, that’s the basic rule for building ANY relationship. Without it, you can neither be friends nor lovers.

Why you need that:

  • You can find something in common. Listen to her when she tells you about what she likes and what she did yesterday. You can find something in common and use it to continue communication.
  • Catch clues for the next date. Something she tells you can hint you at how to plan the next date.
  • Find new topics for conversation. If you have nothing to talk about, what relationship do you expect? Only casual sex.
a coupl holding hands
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Compliment more

Guy often forget to compliment a girl while it’s soo easy to do – you need to tell just a couple of words:

  • You look wonderful today! New dress?
  • I like your open-mindedness. It’s definitely something I can learn from you.
  • Smile looks good on you. Please, smile more often!

You see, nothing complicated. The main thing here is sincerity. Don’t use cliche phrases, don’t lie. Try to notice beautiful little things in her and then tell her about them.

Why you need that:

First, it’s pleasant to hear, her self-esteem will rocket. She will become more open and bold.

Second, when a girl sees that you like her, she will feel more attracted to you. That’s psychology, my friend.

Tease her a little

Girls love playing games. They love to tease you and love you teasing them.

Tease in moderation, otherwise, you are a jerk.


  • It can be a silly nickname. They should suit the context. Poo Poo, Coo Coo, etc.
  • Mimic her. But do that gently, with a smile on your face.
  • Treat her like a little girl. Wipe the sauce off her face, give a toy.
  • Tell her you can’t date her. “Oh geez, you like 50 Shades of Grey? You must be a pervert! I don’t need such a girl!

Why you need that:

Teasing is fun and it creates a romantic and sexual tension between you.

Don’t show negativity

If you often complain, if you notice all the faults of the world, if you are pissed off by slow service in a restaurant and aggressively show it, if you picture your ex like a crazy witch, you are not attractive.

Why you need that:

Positive people draw other positive people. You don’t want to get a depressive GF, don’t you? So, learn how to stay cool-headed and confident in any situation. And don’t blame the world for your misfortune.

Always be honest about who you are

It’s our last piece of advice on how to make a girl like you.

Be yourself. Don’t lie about important things.

If you lie about yourself, that means you are unconfident. And that will be clear to a girl.

If you don’t earn $200 000, don’t pretend you do. Got it?

Of course, it doesn’t mean you can’t strive to become a better version of yourself. Be honest with yourself and with people you bring into your life.

Why you need that:

Relationships can’t be built on lies. The truth will come out anyway. Anyway.

One day, she will wake up and realize that she doesn’t know you and leave.


As you see, to get girls to like you, you need to work on yourself first of all.

  • Be active and live a full life.
  • Keep yourself clean.
  • Dress well.
  • Take the initiative.
  • Surround yourself with girls.
  • Study body language.
  • Be interested in her life.
  • Compliment and tease.
  • Be positive.
  • Always be sincere and honest.

We hope we saved your time and “how to get a girl to like u” won’t become your usual web search.

Your Tune2Love ❤️

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