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Who doesn’t like Truth or Dare? Flirty dares for your crush can be a great option to spice up a romantic date. Or if you can’t meet today, why not play truth or dare over text messages? This is a very nice way to have a flirty conversation with someone you like. And… sometimes you get really interesting facts about your partner’s personality. 

In addition, good dares over text can be useful even if you have already known a person for a long time. Being married for years makes us so used to each other that we lose the precious feeling of being in love. Some truth or dare questions for texting can help you to know your partner from a new side.

So, how to play dares over text?

Well, if you think that this game can be funny only when you are in one room, you are not quite right. You can ask your partner to record a voice message or video to prove that he or she indeed did what you asked. 

And of course, if for some reason, someone of you really can’t or doesn’t want to do a particular dare, just change it. But to keep it exciting, agree that you can change it only once, for example.

truth or dare 1

Interesting questions to ask

  1. What is your romantic fantasy?
  2. What memory would you prefer to forget?
  3. What things about love would you prefer to learn earlier when you were younger?
  4. How many people have you kissed in your life?
  5. What was the strangest gift you have ever received for your birthday?
  6. Have you ever asked a stranger to give you a lift?
  7. Which of your birthdays do you remember better than others?
  8. Have you ever stayed friends with your ex?
  9. Have you ever tried to hide your face when your ex was coming into the room?
  10. Who was the worst kisser you’ve ever kissed?
  11. What would you do if I ate your lunch?
  12. Do you like it when your partner shaves down there?
  13. What is the sexiest body part of a woman/man?
  14. Have you ever used someone’s toothbrush?
  15. Have you ever cheated on someone?
  16. What can make you cry?
  17. What can make you lie?
  18. Have you ever hurt someone intentionally?
  19. What is attractive about me?
  20. Have you ever lost your temper because of someone’s actions?
  21. What are you afraid of?
  22. Do you prefer dating older or younger partners?
  23. What was the most important lesson you learned from your previous relationship?
  24. What would you first do if you became a boy/girl for one day?
  25. What was the most fearful situation in your life?
  26. What do you really regret doing in your life?
  27. What bad habits do you have?
  28. What was your strangest dream?
  29. Have you ever been caught telling a lie?
  30. What is your favorite trait in your own looks?
  31. What do you hate about your character?
  32. What was the most embarrassing situation in your life?
  33. What underwear do you prefer?
  34. Who is the most annoying person you’ve ever met?
  35. What country is the first one on your go-to list?
  36. Who was your biggest love?
  37. Have you ever been embarrassed by what you had to Google?
  38. If you had the money for everything, how would you spend your work time?
  39. Without who you can’t imagine your life?
  40. What body part do you dislike in yourself?
  41. Who is your favorite male/female celebrity?
  42. What is the strangest thing that you have ever done?
  43. What is your weirdest secret?
  44. What weirdest secret of your friend do you know?
  45. What is your favorite thing?
  46. Which thing do you really regret buying?
  47. Do you believe in magic?
  48. Do you believe in God?
  49. What is your favorite holiday?
  50. Have you ever done something illegal?

Funny and just good dares over text

truth or dare 2

  1. Send me the link to the last YouTube video you liked.
  2. Create a short love poem for me.
  3. Put on some red lipstick.
  4. Dance a sexy dance standing on one leg.
  5. Sing a love song and send it to me.
  6. Read aloud your latest email.
  7. Tell me who was the last one to text you a message.
  8. Send me the picture of yourself that you really don’t like.
  9. Shoot a video of how you dance without music.
  10. Forward me a screenshot of your WhatsApp inbox.
  11. Put on your clothes inside-out and stay like that for 2 hours.
  12. Shoot a video when you drink like a cat.
  13. Send your crush a flirty text.
  14. Mimic a celebrity and send a video of that to me.
  15. Tell a secret to a complete stranger in the street.
  16. Sing a song with a mouthful of chocolate.
  17. Show me your search history.
  18. Draw a picture of me.
  19. Do 20 squats mentioning my name after each.
  20. Talk to a random cat in the street. 
  21. Cite a paragraph of your favorite book.
  22. Tell people about me in your status. 
  23. List the names of your previous crushes alphabetically.
  24. Tell me about your first day in school.
  25. Jot down your goals for the next year. 
  26. Draw your dream woman or dream man.
  27. Write my name on your forehead.
  28. Tell me your secret.
  29. Move around the room on all fours like a dog.
  30. Ask neighbors to give you a dollar.
  31. Get to the nearest drugstore to buy adult diapers.
  32. Cover your eyebrows with jam. 
  33. Close your eyes and reach any product in the fridge with your hand, eat it.
  34. Lick a bar of soap.
  35. Eat something you don’t like. 
  36. Kiss your partner’s foot.
  37. Eat a bit of wasabi. 
  38. Drink a mug of beer at once. 
  39. Write 800 words of nonsense in your Facebook status. 
  40. Dance a striptease. 
  41. Gift someone you know very well a pair of fluffy handcuffs.
  42. Use lipstick to draw a kitty on your face.
  43. Dance with a broom.
  44. Wear a blindfold, and eat what your partner gives you. 
  45. Give me a body massage. 
  46. Sing a kid’s song for me. 
  47. Call a restaurant and book in Japanese. 
  48. Make me laugh with a good joke.
  49. Learn to dance the moonwalk.
  50. Draw your partner with your eyes closed.

So, we hope that these truth or dare texts will spark your imagination and you will get to know your partner better, or have a lot of fun playing.

Your Tune2Love ❤️

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