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Sometimes all we need is a superpower to form our words in a maximally productive way.  When we chat with our object of interest, a simple conversation can look like hard work. We don’t want to seem too thoughtless, also we want to show our affection and desire to be more than friends. So, we gathered several ideas about chat flirts that can help you start a conversation in the right way. 

Text conversation starters

Strong and healthy relationships don’t need a rush. You can seem desperate or obsessive if you demonstrate your interest to a stranger. But subtle comments based on details on the photo or other information from the profile can be a good solution. So, if you want to meet with a beautiful stranger from a dating site, you can use the following conversation starters for texting:

  1. Hey there! You are so cute!
  2. Hi! Do you like forward persons?
  3. Hi there! Your photo is amazing! What’s the place?
  4. Hello! You have good taste, I also like (put your common subject of interest, hobby, for example, contemporary art, jazz or red wine).
  5. Hi! Your profile says that you like (put the object). What do you think about a person who deals with it? 
  6. Howdy! I see that our interests are matching, I also like (put the object). What do you think, can we do it together someday?
  7. Hey, it seems you know how to have a good time. Do you want to tell me about yourself? 
  8. Hi! I need to warn you now: I’m a sweet tooth, so if you ask me on a date, I couldn’t refuse!
  9. Hi! I think you are too cute to not text me!
  10. Hey, your photo is so beautiful that I couldn’t resist and text you!
  11. It can be a miracle, but I see the future, our common future!

Pre-date texting

When you exchange messages, you can show that you like this person and want to ask her or him out. So, how can you do it?

  1. Your eyes and smile are so beautiful, I can’t wait to see them.
  2. We found a common ground, don’t you think so? To my mind, our meeting will be exciting, can we have some coffee?
  3. It turns out that angels are among us, and I see you there! 
  4. What do you think about a person who makes the first step?
  5. Do you like tacos? I can be your avocado, I’m just like it, cute and green!
  6. Hey, you look like my wife, if I had her!
  7. I can’t stop thinking about you! Maybe, if we meet, I will feel better? 
  8. I have a proposal: let’s skip talking about the weather and start flirting! 
  9. What do you think, what is the perfect place for the date?
  10. Hi, I should confess… you look pretty good!
  11. I think today morning needs some flirty messages to become a perfect one!
  12. I have a question for you: why do I keep thinking about you? 
  13. What will you say if I get you to a romantic dinner?
  14. How about some pasta or steak together?
  15. I think my friends will like you, I want to tell them about you.
  16. I know one amazing bar/restaurant/cafe that you can like. Can we go there together someday?
  17. What you will do at the weekend? I have one good idea…
  18.  Now, it all depends on your answer: cats or dogs?
  19. Sea Breeze or Irish coffee: what do you prefer for the brunch?
  20. It’s full disclosure: I like you and want to ask you out. What’s your decision?

Text after the first date

Congratulations, you have a date! You had a good time, so you should show it to your partner and make him/her feel special.

  1. When I’m with you, I feel like 18, but without acne and funny hair.
  2. Your new photo is so sexy!
  3. You turn my head like champagne.
  4. I’m lucky! I’m chatting with a wonder woman/ superman!
  5. You make me feel like at school prom!
  6.  I heard (put a nice romantic song) and immediately thought about you.
  7.  It seems unbelievable that I write flirty messages to such a hottie!
  8.  I would think about you until I fall asleep to see you in my dreams.
  9.  I’m not a gambler, but I feel like I won the love lottery.
  10.  If I was a UNESCO employer, I would say that you are a natural treasure.
  11. Of all the beautiful lines of your body, I can’t stop thinking about your smile.
  12. If you’d just know how beautiful you are…
  13.  Can you help me choose a new outfit? I’ll send you photos and you tell me what you think about it.
  14.  Do you like secrets? I have one: I can’t stop thinking about you!
  15. I think the manufacturer of my keyboard (smartphone) is Cupid! He helped us to meet each other.
  16.  You said that you don’t want to have children now. But you didn’t say that we shouldn’t try later…
  17.  You make me feel alive!
  18. I keep your picture in my heart.
  19. All I want is to be with you this evening…

You should be smart and creative to find the manner of flirty messages that your partner likes. We hope that our ideas inspired you for new ideas for chatting.

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