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We’ve already discussed differences in how men and women see kissing. If you can recollect, here is the article What Men and Women want from a kiss. Quite amusing reading!

So we decided it’ high time to explain to all the girls what most men do not love when they kiss with the girl or a boy. 

Biting too eagerly

When you are swept away by emotions and being deeply persuaded that men love when girls bite their lips (too much TV in our lives), you may not notice how hard you do this and overplay your biting attack. 

Yes, most men love slight bites during a passionate kiss, but how it often happens, we simply do not control ourselves well when we kiss a person that we like. If you prefer to avoid blood loss, you’d better watch your teeth, lover!

Too much teasing

The good tease turns men on, no doubt. But in moderation. First, it shouldn’t last too long — a minute is men’s maximum. Second, it shouldn’t be too contrasting. For instance, sending him your nudes and then telling him that you want to wait. Or kissing him and then run away. Though, some men would love it too. 

So if you do not know a person so well yet, just tone your teasing down a little. 

You do not touch him

With your hands. 

We love touching. There is nothing more pleasant when a person you like touches your hands, your neck, or face while kissing. So girls, demanding that from a boy, do not forget to do the same. Men also love it when you touch them while smooching. 

Too loud kisses

The sound of a kiss is natural and quite pleasant. But if a girl is carried away with her playing and make the kiss sound unnaturally loud, it distracts men. They do not understand what’s going on. 

So try not to ‘mmm’ and ‘ohhh’ during the kiss, do not leave your partner at a loss. 

The same rhythm

Any kiss has its rhythm and pace. Any kiss should be dynamic. And if it’s not so, men do not like it. We will explain. When you continually kiss his upper lip and once a second, put your tongue in action putting your hands on his shoulders — that’s not good enough.

Increase speed, focus on different parts of his body, use your hands actively. That is what men love. Do not make them get bored. Who loves it?

The Best Kissing Techniques You Haven’t Tried Yet will help you a lot!

Your hair is everywhere

Of course, your hairs are your accessorize, which can make men fall in love with you. However, your hair shouldn’t appear in your man’s mouth when he kisses you. 

Before the kiss, brush your loose strand of hair behind your ear. Believe us; some men go crazy when they see it. There is something charming in this movement. 

Distracting and talking

You are busy. Do not be distracted by some small things. It’s annoying. When a man kisses you, he wrapped-up by the process completely, and he wants you to do the same. If you break the contact to ask about the weather, things are bad. 

Your inactivity

Nobody loves passive partners. Otherwise, they have to do all the work. In addition, such a situation might give the impression that you are indifferent and not interested in him at all. 

Forget about shyness — show your passion.

Kissing ears

Most of all, men do not like a kiss when their lady’s tongue penetrates their ear. Such “smacking” is too slobbery and unpleasant, girls. So forget about his ears. Laps are another story:)

Telling how he should kiss

If you may notice that he uses too much tongue or does not try at all, you may want to correct him a little. That’s OK, but not in case you do it like a teacher. 

Do not use an edifying tone, do not make him feel humiliated. This is what guys do not like. Nobody likes! If you start treating him as if he were a student, and you are a teacher, his self-confidence will be destroyed with a single phrase.  

Just say that everything is perfect, he’s an amazing kisser and then suggest a few things you would like to try. Will see, in a couple of days, you won’t be able to get off your lips from his. 

Now, you are armed with knowledge. Now go ahead and kiss your beloved!

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