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One of the most sensitive parts of the human body is the mouth, lips in particular. That’s why, from time immemorial, a kiss remains the most proven physiological way of expressing affection and love. 

The touch of lips speaks of true feelings and emotions better than we can do with words. Kiss-care, kiss-deceit, kiss-tenderness, kiss-me-I-am-yours-forever, or kiss-marry-me… A kiss is the starting point for close acquaintance and a signal for separation.

If you want your partner to lose his or her mind, at the moment of a passionate kiss, demonstrate to your crush your desire in the body language with the help of touches and hot breath. In short breaks, you can whisper how much you want him or her. And now we suggest you move from words to deeds and try a few original techniques.

Shy kiss

The first spark is a harbinger of a great flame. It starts very tactfully; it seems that you practically do not touch each other’s lips—everything should happen as gently and slowly as possible. Do not rush things, and get your partner in full.

Cold kiss

How to kiss passionately? Play in contrast! Before closing your lips in a single rush, hold an ice cube in your mouth, and brush it on your lips until it melts. Such a trick with cooling will greatly invigorate a person.

Scarlett O’Hara Kiss

That’s an attack, a hurricane! This kind of rapprochement always requires an opening scene, even more—drama. Remember that canonical episode from Gone with the Wind, in which Clark Gable with a decisive gesture pulls his “victim” to him and hugs her very tightly, and she looks at him from the bottom to the right shoulder. The critical point is not to close your eyes until the very start of the kiss. The effect of surprise, play, and passion will be more convincing.

SOS kiss

“Dot. Dash. Dot. Dot.” Time to learn Morse code in the most non-standard and enjoyable way. Imagine that with a kiss, you need to convey an important message to your lover. For the “dot”, for example, you can take a quick and juicy kiss of lips, and for the “dash”— a soulful French.

Sweet kiss

To make the kiss unforgettable, it is enough to lick your lips, then sprinkle them with sugar slightly, and then offer your loved one to make his day a little sweeter. You can use other essences: cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, or honey. A flirty game with different tastes and new sensations is very exciting. The main thing is to make sure in advance that none of you two have allergies on the spices and sweets.

Aggressive kiss

No, it’s not at all necessary to stock up with a whip, handcuffs, and “50 shades of gray” as an instruction! Get ready to bite. At the moment of attraction, bite your partner’s lower lip and gently pull it towards you. Do not overdo it—blood loss is not your intention.

Wet kiss

Moisten your lips lightly with water so that you give your partner a pleasant feeling of warmth. Slowly, but surely move on with your tongue and enjoy the hurricane of bright and mixed feelings.

Magic Bubbles kiss

Is it a passionate kiss or still strange? Nevertheless, experts advise: squeeze your lips tightly and then open them abruptly. You should get a sound similar to a champagne cork coming out. The kiss will turn out loud and a little silly, but at the same time—very playful.

Philippine kiss or Love of Esquimau

A movement familiar to many from childhood is to rub the tips of the nose against each other. Its more mature version—its soft and sensual continuation is to rub the lips and then kiss for so long as if the whole Arctic winter is ahead.

Remember, practice makes excellence

Yes, you can’t argue with this—the more you kiss, the better you do it. So here’s a good tip: Kiss as often, as long and as passionately as you can. It is an experience that allows you to become a skilled master of kisses. 


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