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Have you ever watched “The Secret”? This is a curious film that claims that we can achieve everything we want just thanks to the power of positive thinking. Anyway, if you haven’t watched it, do it – that’s great food for thoughts. 

The Law of Attraction is the same power of positive thinking. It’s believed that you draw into your life what you pay heed to and what you direct energy to, regardless of whether you want it or not. 

The Law “reads” our vibes – created by feelings and emotions, whether they are affirmative or negative, at any given time, and returns them. It can give you only what you pay your attention and energy to. So focus on your desires, but not in the negative form (that’s important!). If you notice that you think in negative terms, just change your thoughts, redirect it.  

Yes, you can use this Law to find your ‘the only one’! There are some points to consider. 

Visualize your ideal special friend

Write a list of qualities that you want to see in him/her. Do not skimp, describe the appearance in detail: eyes, hair, height, physique.

The next point is a character: what qualities you want to see. And don’t be too serious – play!

You can also describe the material and family position.

Imagine it. Make sure that your thoughts, words, and actions do not contradict your desires

You should start living as if you already met an ideal partner. When you can create and maintain this reality, you will attract the reality that you want to attract.

There is an example for you.

One of the teachers who starred in The Secret, Mike Duley, in his audio course “Managing the Universe and Attracting Miracles,” tells the story of a woman who wanted to attract her ideal partner.

She described in detail those qualities that she would like to see in him, visualized him, but the ideal man did not appear in her life.

Once she put the car in the garage, and she was visited by the thought: there is no place for the car of her ideal man! She cleared the garage and began to park her car on the side, and not in the middle, as before.

Then she opened the wardrobe and there made room for his clothes. She began to sleep in her half of the bed.

When she told this story to Mike Duley, her ideal man sat next to her.

When you act as if you have already received what you want without worrying about how it is realized, you create a space for fulfilling your expectations. By this, you send a very powerful signal, show your confidence in the Universe, and it realizes your expectations as soon as possible, moving along the path of least resistance.

Chuck negative thoughts

Finding your perfect match can be challenging (if not impossible) if you focus on loneliness and other negative feelings. 

Can you listen to love songs without sadness and self-compassion? What about sweet couples in parks?

Such negativity only convince you that you live in the absence of your unicorn. Feelings of desolation, sadness, and pity build barriers and emotional blocks that prevent the Law of attraction from sending you life gifts. If you want to attract a partner, you must turn these negative emotions into happiness. Only then,  the Universe will notice you.

The following methods will help you turn your negative emotions and fear into positive emotions and thoughts so that the Law starts to act according to your desire.

  • Instead of feeling lonely and isolated, feel loved. Be happy instead of being sad and sorry. We know it’s hard.
  • Use the power of gratitude, watch romantic films, and listen to love songs; this will add pure joy to your heart. Be grateful for the inspiration they bring to you to attract the attention of the Universe.
  • Use affirmations that a soul mate will enter your life at the right time, along with the belief that he or she is already here, this will create a powerful message to the Law so that you can see results. Don’t just wish it through affirmations. Know that this is true. Feel grateful that you have this knowledge.

Visualize and vivify your activities

Claiming and visualizing that your ideal partner is already in your life is a powerful and effective tool, but this is not enough if you do not make it a reality for you, as if you already got what you want. Visualize the activities you are doing together.

Now is the time to “vivify” the activity that you have visualized. If you have visualized picnics in a park,  have picnics there. If you had an intimate romantic date with your unicorn, somewhere in a restaurant, go there. You can take a friend with you or share a picnic with your family.

Love yourself

That’s probably the most important point of the whole article. Your first question to ask yourself, “Do I treat myself the way I want other people to treat me?”

If you do not love yourself, deprive yourself, sacrifice yourself, the Law of Attraction will give you even more of this in life. You block the flow of positive energy, which is love, joy, prosperity. 

You need to be happy now, love yourself, fill yourself with love; then you will easily give love and respect. And according to the Law, you will attract people into your life who will love and respect you.

Focus on what is beautiful in you, find good qualities in yourself, think only about them, and every day you will find them in yourself more and more, and more and more you will love yourself.

Guess what will happen next?

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