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Though it hurts badly, a broken heart is not a monster under your bed. It is nothing like falling from a great height. It is not equal to diving without oxygen to the bottom of the ocean. But, it does hurt so much as if your life is going to end. 

But, let’s give it a second look. A broken heart makes you sad and exhausted, but there is nothing to be afraid of. A broken heart is a part of our reality. Love ends, and we start returning to the times when it was still alive. We think a lot, analyze, and drive ourselves crazy.

After this insane period, we learn lessons. We become aware of who we are. Then we start thinking less about the past and about the person with whom we shared everything. We start looking to the future and feeling optimistic about it.

Such situations help us understand what people we want to see in our lives. We learn what kind of love we deserve.

Have you counted the number of “starts” in the above paragraphs? That’s right; every broken heart is not the end. It is a starting point. These tips are just right to make this start easy!

1. Stop communication with your ex

It is difficult but indispensable. Otherwise, how to start life from scratch if you are constantly looking for support from him or her? Can you stay with him or her just friends after everything you experienced? Sure! But for relations to become purely platonic, you need to take a break. Calm down and get rid of his or her slightest presence in your life. Remember how naughty and hot you were before!

2. Allot a week for yourself

It’s a good idea to forget about all the prohibitions and restrictions for seven days. 

Do you want to sob? Don’t restrain yourself! 

Want a cake and ice cream? Take a bigger spoon! 

Do you miss heart-breaking melodramas? Watch them the whole day long, sipping wine from the bottle! 

Your friends will certainly understand and perhaps support you.  

3. Write about all the bad things you had together

When the heart has not yet healed, it is easy to begin to idealize your past together. Do not do that. Better sit down and write down everything that was wrong in the relationship. Focus on the negative—on the shortcomings of your ex. Whenever you want to go back, reread what was written. 

4. Trust the opinion of your close friends

A break is always a blow to your ego and self-esteem. No matter how confident and self-sufficient you are, somewhere out there, deep down in your soul, an ugly little thought will hatch, “Something is wrong with me!” Before the accumulated inner insecurity finally strikes you, ask for friends’ help! They will find weighty arguments in favor of you and prove that now you are even more charming and attractive than ever before! Do not succumb to self-flagellation! Believe your friends.

5. Train

It’s great when close friends help. But don’t get passive! Go to the gym or visit a fitness club. Go jogging or exercise at home. After a few good workouts, you will feel better and, on top of all, become more attractive. And you will no longer need any consolation.

6. Revive and regenerate

It’s impossible to feel sexy without taking care of yourself. Take off your junk and wash your head. Go for a spa procedure or a massage session. Make a new hairstyle and manicure. Change your makeup and buy cool fresh clothes. You will be surprised at how light your walk will get. It’s much easier to be confident when you look good.

7. Dance

You may not be ready for a new relationship yet, but you should definitely remember that your ex is not the only man or woman on the Earth. Don’t waste life on despair. Instead, have a good time on the dancefloor—that is a place where you can have some fun and fool around, forgetting about everything in the world! If you don’t feel like going out, turn on the music louder at home and let the bits lead you out of depression. 

8. Plunge into work

Perhaps due to the lack of time that you previously devoted to your partner, you had to sacrifice some of your ambitious plans, goals, or hobbies. Now you are free. So, create, invent, try! Schedule every second of your day and leave no time for a bad mood.

9. Chat with new people

Flirting with a pretty stranger is what you need. It is clear that you are not up to romance now; you still need to recover. But some things must be done because it’s like medicine. Just try to be honest with people. Describe your situation, explain that you’re not yet ready for a serious relationship and just looking for a companion to have fun.

10. Write good stuff about yourself

Jot down your key advantages. You can write a complete story or just a list of characteristics. Do it for yourself. Focus on your natural talents, beauty, strong character, and achievements. Forget about unnecessary modesty as there are no judges to evaluate your words. Once you are ready, reread your lines whenever you need to cheer yourself up!

11. Shop and party around

Good shopping can at least temporarily make you think more positively. Do you know what the most popular and effective depression treatment is? Small gatherings with the closest friends in the nearest bar! Laughter, handsome bartenders, alcohol, music, dancing, and intimate conversations sometimes mend broken hearts much better than the most expensive psychotherapists. 

Get your heart together as it’s stronger than you think! Good luck!


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