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How to become an ideal husband? This is the question most men face some time after the wedding. Most often, this question arises after quarrels with their honeys, when they begin to demand attention and love for herself.

Find common hobbies

Your wife is your friend, first of all. Make the time spent together more productive by finding a new shared hobby. Latina classes, learning of a Chinese language, or rock-climbing—something that will unite you and make you closer.

Stay in touch with your friends

Men who often hang out with friends actually do their wifes a favor, scientists from Germany claim. The researches showed that spending time with friends means reducing stress. It even helps to cope with diseases. Moreover, researchers at Cornell and Chicago Universities found that men who stop communicating with close friends are 90% more likely to suffer from ED than those who don’t.

Avoid boredom

Try to refresh your relationship. Go to dates, flirt with each other, make your sex diversified. You can even change your appearance and surprise your spouse—do whatever it takes to get rid of boredom.

Hire a babysitter

And go on a date! If you have children, having time for each other solo is a challenging task. The cost of babysitting services can be only twice as much as the cost of dinner, but in the long run, this will certainly pay off. Consider this an investment in a romantic relationship between you.

Quarrel a little

A good quarrel can save your marriage, but suppressing your feelings can be devastating. Those who held back their anger passed away earlier than those who wholly expressed their opinions and resolved the dispute peacefully. Always show your feelings but respect her personality as well. Find compromises, and you will continue to enjoy your romance.

Turn off your gadgets

We live in times of techno miracles that allow us to do amazing things. But technology can weaken our relationship. Marriage and the Family examined the use of cell phones. It turned out that the quality of relationships and family happiness decrease with the growing usage of gadgets! Especially if you spend more time on Instagram than with your wifie. 

Support her career ambitions

Your darling is more likely to feel fulfilled and self-confident if she makes a material contribution to the household. Your wife also wants to realize her potential and be independent. Support her.

Compliment her more often

A man should not be shy about telling his wife how marvelous she looks or smells. Remember when, at the very beginning of your relationship, you showered her with compliments? Yes, keep on!

Share duties

According to an investigation made by the University of Michigan, on average, a husband creates an additional seven hours of homework for his wife every week. If you take on a share of household responsibilities, it will lead to true family harmony. Your wife will appreciate you more. And that’s what you are striving for, right?

Share your thoughts and feelings

Being a good husband does not mean that your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not a priority. Openness is a vital component of a good marriage. Share your feelings; tell about your small insecurities. This way, you show that you trust your spouse completely.

Send a message when you are apart

Text messaging is a fantastic way to show your sweetie that you think about her now. When you are at work, send your darling a message that you can’t wait to come home and kiss her.

Kiss her every morning

Kisses contribute to intimacy because they increase the level of oxytocin while reducing the level of stress hormone. And by the way, men who kiss their wives before going to work live longer. That’s a fact.

Say WE

Couples who say “we” are better at coping with various life challenges, less stressed, and more positive than couples who use separate pronouns such as “I” and “you.” This way, you subconsciously realize that you are not alone. 

And the most important point of the article is to love her. Love her sincerely, and your wife or girlfriend will think of you as of the most caring and loving person on the Earth!  


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